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Transit of Guru (Jupiter) and Tula (Libra) rasi
During  2017....

At times, it may seem that I do not agree with any agreeable thoughts! You may think, I have a strange habit of finding a small stone in a good delicacy. On the contrary, I like some people - one with oratory skills, the other with knowledge, yet another with his love for God. I do not call any one a 'special messenger' or 'the only enlightened soul'. I have been in the field of spirituality, philosophy, yoga and astrology since my childhood and have met men of good quality. As I appreciate some gurus, I distaste the gullible swamis, tantriks, magic and miracle babas and simplified yoga maharajas.  Names are not important but the nature of man kind. I present my thoughts  - that you, the learned reader may form a considered opinion. Articles on Astrology    Miscellaneous Articles     Yogabhyasa

Do I have luck in sports, should I take it as my profession? Will I get due recognition & success in my field? Should I change my profession? More

Predictions for full life - Special: This report covers: Predictions for full life span based on dasha-bhukti from the date of placing the order, based on bhava, rasi divisional charts and sub lords. This report has analysis of bhuktis of present dasha and thereafter analysis of dashas. Effects of transit of Saturn, Jupiter, rahu and ketu across moon sign for present dasha. Suitable gem stones, if any. Remedial measures like recitation of mantra s by the native himself, shanti kriya to be done by the priests, if any. You can send two questions for brief analysis under this scheme.  More

Is there any way to improve my health? Am I going to be a chronic patient?  How to avoid or control the same? One doctor says surgery is needed but the other one said medicines are enough...More

Should I change the job?  Or continue in the same job? When is my promotion? My Junior has been promoted. And has become my problem! My boss humiliates me too much in presence of staff.  I wonder when these problems end? More

Sample case studies are showcased. As the analysis is done manually, every product will be different from each other, as every human life is!  Case studies are given here to show how the horoscope is analysed.  For obvious reasons, the identity of the client, birth details etc., are concealed. More

Your attention, please: My humble services are available only to those who are having difficulty in life though they have been leading a righteous life. In the event of problem arising of misdeeds on the part of the native like punishments imposed due to bribery etc., I hold that the punishment the government itself is the remedial measure! Questions on longevity, lottery, stock market, racing, gambling, sex of unborn child, the other woman complications are not taken up. I hold that the divine science of astrology should not be used for filthy benefits for money sake.

Mission Statement:  I do not intend to exploit your anxiety, worries, guilt and your social standing for my own benefits. Hence, I sincerely pray God - whatever good I foresee should happen a THOUSAND FOLD MORE and whatever bad I see should never happen.

॥ओं क्रां क्रीं क्रौं सः भौमाय नमः॥ ਓਂ ਸ਼ੁਕ੍ਰਾਯ ਨਮਃ| ਓਂ ਸ਼ੁਚਿਯੇ ਨਮਃ| ਓਂ ਸ਼ੁਭਗੁਣਾਯ ਨਮਃ| ଅର୍ଧକାଯଂ ମହାଵୀର୍ଯଂ ଚଂଦ୍ରାଦିତ୍ଯ ଵିମର୍ଧନଂ| ସିଂହିକାଗର୍ଭ ସଂଭୂତଂ ତଂ ରାହୁଂ ପ୍ରଣମାମ୍ଯହଂ|| Mantras in various Indian languages

Quality happens only when you care enough to do your best

5th & 9th indicate salvation

Articles on Yogabhyasa: Meditation, Diabetes management; Pranayama and yogasanas.  More

Worship of Kuja yantra wards off  evil effects of kuja and improves quality of married life. Worship of Kuja yantra should start on Tuesday. The mantra for kuja should be chanted on Tuesday morning. The worship any graha yantra is similar to worship of other Hindu Gods.     More

Where is my little girl?  How long have we to wait for her? How many children are in my horoscope? I have been married for last 7 years and no children...       More

||ಓಂ ತ್ರ್ಯಂಬಕಂ ಯಜಾಮಹೇ ಸುಗಂಧಿಂ ಪುಷ್ಟಿವರ್ಧನಂ| ಉರ್ವಾರುಕಮಿವ ಬಂಧನಾತ್ ಮೃತ್ಯೋರ್ಮುಕ್ಷೀಯ ಮಾಮೃತಾತ್||   ઓં બ્રાં બ્રીં બ્રૌ સઃ બુધાય નમઃ|| কেতুং কৃণ্ৱন্ন কেতৱে পেশো মর্যা অপেশসে| সমুষদ্ভিরজাযথাঃ| Mantras in various Indian languages

Predictions for next 5 years General : This report covers: Predictions for the span of 5 years based on dasha-bhukti from the date of placing the order- based on bhava and rasi charts. Suitable gem stones suggested. Remedial measures like recitation of mantra s by yourself, shanti kriya to be done by the priests, if any. You can send one question for brief analysis under this scheme.   More

I want to pursue MBA or law. Can you suggest which way to go? Next year is crucial where I have to take up a project. This will give a foreign assignment and campus placement. How is next year for me, study wise? I am fond of  IAS. Will I be good at that?  More

Rigveda sandhya vandana,  Do yantras work? Shanti, Purusha sukta and other miscellaneous articles of common interest.  More

When will my marriage take place? How is the married life? What is the nature of my life partner? Any doshas like kuja dosha in my chart? Any remedial measures needed before marriage?   More

Mantras for all navagrahas (nine planets) in  Sanskrit, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Oriya, Punjabi, Gujarati and English scripts to facilitate easy reading..  Mp3 files  illustrate the pronunciation. More

Transit effects of guru, shani, Rahu and Ketu.  Your Personality; Matching of the charts; Combustion of planets; Does astrologer know his own fate?  Inaccuracies in Panchangas and many.  More

Namaskara sloka, peedahara stotra, gayatri mantra, beeja mantra, kavacha, avahana mantra, asttottara shatanamavali and shatanama stotra for all the planets. More

నీలాంజన సమాభాసం రవిపుత్రం యమాగ్రజం| యామార్తాండ సంభూతం తం నమామి శనైశ్చరం|| രോഹിണീശ: സുധാമൂര്തിഃ സുധാഗാത്രഃ സുധാശനഃ| വിഷമസ്ഥാനസംഭൂതാം പീഡാം ഹരതു മേ വിധുഃ||  ஓம் ஆங்கீரஸாய வித்மஹே ஸுராசார்யாய தீமஹீ| தந்நோ குருஃ ப்ரசோதயாத்||  Mantras in various Indian languages

"You have rightly said that I will have a permanent address in Shukra bhukti - I do not own a house or flat yet, but planning to own one in 2010 or so....." "I have learnt Gayatri mantra from your website......" "Most of the predictions come true.... More

Potpourri of services to suit everybody's needs -  from $ 12 USD  TO $ 225 USD. No automated reports.  Every report is tailor made. Qualitative Predictions & Potential Remedies

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Hevalambi nama samvatsara Ugadi

Shani in Vrischika

Shani in Dhanus

Navagrahas - Overture
Guru in Kanya Graha sankalpa

Who am I? - Makara or Bakara?

Mantras for Ravi
Mesha Personality Mantras for Chandra
Vrishabha Personality Mantras for Kuja
Mithuna Personality Mantras for Budha
Kataka Personality Mantras for Guru
Simha Personality Mantras for Shukra
Kanya Personality Mantras for Shani
Tula Personality Mantras for Rahu
Vrischika Personality Mantras for Ketu
Dhanus Personality

Rigvedeeya Sandhya

Makara Personality Devata Mantras
Kumbha Personality General mantras
Meena Personality Classical texts
Why do people believe in astrology? Meditation
Can death be predicted? Diabetes Management
Specialty  of  Indian  astrology Pranayama
Is astrology a science? Yoga Gallery
Mundane astrology What are the skeptics up to?
Does an astrologer know his own fate? Twins & validity of astrology
Why the chart is made for the birth time? Matching of horoscopes
Ever increasing scientific temper Transit from moon sign and vedha
Social relevance of astrologers Astrology, numerology, palmistry & tarot
Prophecies in scriptures & practice of astrology Was nobody born on that day?
Some more planets in outer orbit Pralaya - Dooms Day
Inaccuracies in panchanga Placement holds the key
Combustion & its implications What to look for in a gem stone?
What is the time of birth? Shanti kriyas for planets
History of astrology Reincarnation & salvation
Yantra (talisman) - does it work? Idolatry 
Purusha suktam Science, philosophy & arts in ancient India
Freedom of expression Holy see did not see!
Vakchaturya, vamachara or intuition Morality, courts, men & media
Shraddhanjali Republic  Day
Christmas Laughing Buddha
Ganesh Chaturthi Deepavali
Eid ul-fitr Ratha Yatra
Planets in scriptures More mantras
Remedial measures Worship of planets
Shivarathri Sri Ramakrishna  Jayanti
Rahu & ketu in Kataka and Makara Transit of Guru in tula rasi

 Qualitative Predicitons & Potential Remedies 


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