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Transit of Guru (Jupiter) and Tula (Libra) rasi
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aries meshaMESHA (Aries) man has robust movements and loud voice. He is very jovial and seems to be very happy. He is always meticulous in his planning. He will not say, "I do this", but would say, "Let's do this", even without your consent. He is forceful and will make you say 'yes' for his plan! He is fond of eating various hot dishes but eats very little. His dress is up to the mark, keep with the present trend. He unnecessarily frowns his eyes or cranes his neck to give an impression he is interested in your talk. He does not talk about himself and does not indulge in flattery. If somebody has praised you in his presence, he would not tell you immediately but waits till the whole story emerges.

You can trust Mesha (Aries) man - he can keep your secrets locked. He has a lot of friends (rather acquaintances) but will not share the secrets. He should consider you a trust worthy person to disclose his secrets. He dislikes to talk about his problems and avoids meeting your eyes, when he talks about his problems but does not go into detail. I know an orthodox Roman Catholic who never confided in the  church. The very thought gives him depression. You should listen to him and that's all. He is capable of solving his problems and he does not need your guidance. He only mentioned his problems because the load was very heavy to carry!

Being very aggressive and fast, he finishes off the day's work well before closing hours. In his hurry, he does not check minute details. He is very ambitious and plans in greater detail. In the late 70s cassette players were very costly. One mesha decided to purchase a record player with his limited income. In anticipation, he purchased so many cassettes of his favorite singer. My God, when Mesha (Aries) man purchased the record player, he would not let anyone touch it! He has a territorial feeling and dislikes sharing his desk with others. Under any circumstances, you should not ask  for his car. A mesha girl in Margao had to give her gold ring to a known friend as this friend wanted to show the pattern to her goldsmith in Panaji. The ring was not returned to mesha girl that evening. She grew panicky and told this to everybody in the office. Of course, the ring was returned next morning. These two friends did not talk to each other then on. Mesha born suddenly jumps to such hasty conclusions. At times he creates awkward situations in the office, unmindful of what others feel.

Mesha (Aries) man is medium built and attractive but not imposing. He takes you along with his plans. Mesha is hard to please. He will not praise you very easily. Also, Aries man proposes last when he thinks he may miss the bus. His love is stable and he is a familial man. His sense of beauty is good. Often he selects a beautiful girl with some specialty. He is a sports enthusiast. He would be in the field playing cricket or as a supporter of his team. He could not keep in form for long due to frequent changes in his life style. He is a lover of convention as well. He does not have much analytical power and believes if the topic is vehemently presented with great oratory. He should be careful - he may be tempted this way. Though he is frank and outspoken person, he likes to keep himself abreast with information and is a good receiver of gossip. But he will not spread or originate any gossips. He reads only news section and skips editorial.

Mesha (Aries) man is a religious person and would take up vratas with hard rules like fasting. He intends that such vratas should be brief so that they would not hamper on his regular activities. He would select a guide book on the Bhagawad Geeta instead of going through the original. Similarly, he would go for a crash course on religion and yoga conducted by a modern guru. He anticipates appreciations or atleast nods. He always prefers to learn from a guru in human form, physically there to observe and nod in affirmation at his progress. The professions most suitable for mesha born are: teaching, railways, mathematics, chemistry or physics (the exact sciences), policing, fire brigade, military, construction engineering and martial arts. He is equally good in accounting organizations.

Mesha employee over reacts to the situation and is the cause of heart burns to his boss. He is hard working, takes the responsibility. He can not be relied when work load is more. He cracks under pressure unless some cajolery and sycophancy are used. Mesha person changes his stance for a benefit. One mesha boss lashed out at the company in front of his subordinates. The subordinates found a messiah in him who would improve the working conditions. Mesha boss met the MD and conveyed his progressive ideas quite softly and came back with assurance that MD would look into this next year! Since he found that MD may recommend him for next promotion, he changed sides and got away with that! There was one engineer advisor to the government. He was a very learned man, but he would not go into details of the file. When the Minister calls him to explain an intricate point, he would meet the Minister even without throwing a glance at the file! His motto was: 'Convince; if it is not possible, confuse'.

Mesha (Aries) man has good understanding with his children though he is very strict. His talent, value will come to light late in life. He is prone to diseases in middle stomach and feet. If the ascendant is very weak, he is prone to the nervous tensions. In such a condition, he becomes jealous and quarrelsome. Negative Aries is over optimistic and gives into chance games, gambling and dubious investments. He looses his temper with his children easily. He allows his relatives to interfere in his family matters, damaging peace and hormone in his household. A negative mesha born is prone to accidents due to rash driving.

The description above would be prominent if moon is in the middle of the sign. For complete analysis of character, future trends, suitable gem stones an personalized approach based on horoscope is desirable.

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