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"If you are in a war, kill, kill and kill
  Otherwise go back to the hill"
I thought a lot to coin above message for modern man, busy as a bee chasing material wealth and past fifty - desirous of quick philosophy and moksha and hence bent upon reading whatever brief Bhagawad Geeta possible!
Long ago, one of the officers of a local office, invited Srimanji to deliver a lecture on Bhagawad Geeta. Srimanji had just attended a departmental course for big officers in Pune, Delhi or elsewhere. Bhagawad Geeta was the main subject of his course. Srimanji touched many irrelevant topics. And oh, finally opened up his treasure of Bhagawad Geeta. He said, " sukha duhakhe saami kurutwa (सुख दुहखे सामी कुरुत्वा) by which he meant  " सुख दुःखे समे कृत्वा" and then said the same line again but next lines were lost in space. Finally he said, "sukha duhakhe saami kurutwa etc., etc.," When he came to "Shraaddhavan labhate ghanam etc., etc., I left the gathering.
This is what is going to happen, if I have one gram of knowledge and try to give you one kg of knowledge!  One can not do this all the time. I can not hoodwink myself! - The guilt, the hollowness and false pretense hit hard in the heart. There is no harm, one need not be an expert to talk about - if we talk few words which we are sure. Consider this: the examination is for three hours only.  The lectures for this examination is for 180 hours and your preparation is for 360+ hours.  If it is so, you do well in a three hour examination. Do not go for two lined Bhagawad Geeta Commentaries when you have a jar of honey in your hand!
There are such 700 two lined slokas in Geeta and there are more than 45 bhasyas (commentaries), prominent among them is Sri Shankara Bhasya. How long do you clean your car? You will not do it in 2 minutes but enjoy cleaning for 2 hours. Grab your copy of Geeta and start. You are educated and can make your own progress, in your own phase and style. I bet it gives great pleasure - just like cleaning your car for hours!
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