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meena (pisces) personality in grater detailMeena (Pisces) man wants to enjoy the party but is uncomfortable when more attention is paid to him. He is very moody and is full of imagination. His dreams are simple ones desiring his own well being. He is quite harmless and if hurt by others he would lock himself and cry to his heart's content. One woman was in the habit of going alone to a beach and cry! If he has every thing in life, he would prefer the tragic songs (of course he is a good singer) otherwise, he prefers comedy. But, he is the one who does not read crime section in News Papers. He believes in humanity and argues that only little percentage is 'misguided' and the News Papers over play to make money! Meena (Pisces) man jumps to the conclusions very fast often making mistakes. If he is not given a good friend or secretary, he will not come to any conclusions at all. He experiences a lot of difficulty to start the conversation even with his close friend after a gap of a month. He is very religious, does pooja, bhajans and visits temples but he does not like meditation - he is afraid of introspection, meditation and isolation He is orthodox in his thoughts but would like to dress in strange cloths to surprise others. One Sharma sported a religious cap on Ramzan! He is a jack of all and master of none. Yet, with a lot of dedication to a single subject, he could acquire good command.

He is timid and does not venture any thing alone. He is very much attached to his wife and children. Given an opportunity he does not mind to date with his secretary just for fun as well as to surprise others. He believes in personal freedom and such things happen only when the other party takes a lead. Suppose his wife turns up late on day from her office, he creates a lot fuss. He will shout at her, demand an apology and finally appeals to her not to do that again, as he intensely loves her with liters of tears in his eyes! He wants his wife to play a role of dominating person and reassure him. Without such reassurances again and again, he can not grow in his life. He depends on very much public opinion. If the teasing due to his adventure with secretary is too much, he takes transfer to some other place to start a new life.

Meena (Pisces) man is fond of history and romantic novels. He is not steady with his friends. He is not attached to any one except his family members. One divorcee had expressed with a mutual friend that she would have been happy had she married this Piscean. Meena born though he came to know about this and also he was undergoing some misunderstandings with his wife, stayed within the marriage. He likes cool drinks and lacks self control and is carried by the company he has. He should not be in the company of alcoholics and should never try habit forming drugs. One young married lady had got into the habit of sniffing kerosene and she had to take medical  help to quit!

Meena (Pisces) man knows many stories from mythology and can talk hours on. He lacks the analytical ability and so such stories may entertain as he is an expert in weaving stories. He can live with limited income, but if the pay is increased, he would spend it all. Due to this, he is persistently on small loans. He is very law abiding and god fearing. Overall, he lacks self-confidence. In his early days, he used to skip his examinations pretending stomach pain. Unless required, he will not take up responsibilities at all - he is an escapist.

Being romantic, well before marriage he would have a fascination for a young girl. One rich boy had taken fascination for a lambadi (nomadic) basket maker. He wanted to run away with this girl but he never ever proposed. His father shifted to a new place. I met this man in his early 50s and he said, "Whenever it rains first time after summer, I remember my first love."

As a boss, this man totally depends on you. And before that he has hand picked the trustworthy people. You can not depend on this man when you get a memo from the headquarters, as the chicken-hearted man would be busy saving his skin! As an employee, he can do routine things to perfection but whenever some unforeseen challenge comes, he is baffled to his bones!

The description above would be prominent if moon is in the middle of the sign. For complete analysis of character, future trends, suitable gem stones an personalized approach based on horoscope is desirable.

Placement holds the key!

Bhagawan Sri Adishankara bless us all

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