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CONCENTRATION, RELAXATION & MEDITATION  - My friend who hails from an orthodox family of priests had forsaken his daily duties of pooja, sandhyavandana etc., and went to learn spirituality from a German music-guru. This happened due to ignorance of his heritage. Hinduism does not harbor enmity against any beliefs. More

DIABETES MANAGEMENT THROUGH YOGA -  It is not necessary that one should all the asanas but should select whichever suitable to them, depending on time available, age and body ductility.  It is imperative that all the asanas ( minimum of 5) should be repeated three times. More

PRANAYAMA - METHODS & PRACTICE - Pranayama should not be done more than 15-20 minute a day at a stretch. The stomach should be empty. The nasal channel should be clean and clear. In the beginning one should condition the respiratory organs. These exercises are called 'swasa sudharana'. These can be practiced for a month or so. More

YOGA GALLERY - Most of the people have not come across 'real yoga' due to their ignorance.  They are impressed by certain schools who adopt very easy ( rather silly, as not supported by classic postures or a classic posture over simplified).  In this page you come across only classic asanas. More

Placement holds the key!

Bhagawan Sri Adishankara bless us all

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Vikari nama samvat Ugadi


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