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Transit of Guru (Jupiter) and Tula (Libra) rasi
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taurus vrishabhaVRISHABHA (Taurus) man fights back like a bull when provoked. He has lot of patience and such occasions are very rare. He is well dressed and fashionable. An old English professor of this sign suddenly became fashionable, combing his almost bald head, wearing jeans and he started translating Omar Khayam after his retirement.  Taurus likes eating well. Vrishabha (Taurus) man is fond of emotional movies and music. He is a great collector of fashionable items and is impulsive in his purchases. He is very possessive and takes care of his belongings. He keeps his desk speck and span. He has artistic talents too. He is very handsome and intelligent in business. He does not take much interest in religious matters. He worships Mahalaxmi, Vishnu and other such Gods for getting material benefits. He is a respecter of tradition and elders. One Taurus man used to give all his income (Rs.150 in 70s was a good amount ) to his mother to maintain the family. His sons and daughters are very lucky as he passes on good wealth to them. He improves upon his ancestral wealth. Till middle ages he has one or the other problem and is very happy after that. Taurus has lot of endurance. One man tried hard to drive younger Taurus brother out of the household in 50s. With a lot of adjustment, the younger Taurus managed to live in the household and won the property. He is inclined to pleasures of life but not at others' cost. He does not rob others' money nor hurt others. Well, money is tempting, really. If others give money, he does not refuse. Some small benefits like a calculator, diary or a small bribe would please him a lot! Suppose he is transferred to other office where his illegal perks are less - he does not resent.

A young vrishabha boy wanted to become a skin specialist. The reason he gave was : 'to make money". Now, he is a skin specialist indeed and has earned a lot. For every step in his life he thinks in terms of material benefits. He implements his dreams in a methodical fashion. One of my uncles wrote an estimate for his elder brother's marriage as 2 ruppes-4 annas-10paise in his 5th class grammar book! (I fond this entry when searching for old books in the attic). He has accumulated a lot of wealth.

Vrishabha (Taurus) man is always in search of happiness. He is likely to fall in love early in his life. Many come out of it - either successfully or with hurt ego. But some Taurus men become withdrawn like Devadas - ruining complete life. He should be careful about the opposite sex due to his own weaknesses. His drinking habits should always be under control. There lies a danger for Taurus. I have seen only one person who has come out of drugs.

Vrishabha (Taurus) man is prone to the diseases that affect blood contents like glucose, albumin etc., Diabetes is his inherited property! Most of the Taurus people suffer either retention of salt, diabetes, or thyroid malfunctioning. He is immune to other infectious diseases. The professions that suite him most are: arts, cinema, banking, textiles, animal husbandry and medicine. As an employer, Taurus man does not hesitate to spend out of his pocket to entertain the staff. Once a project is over, he boots the expenditure of the party. Similarly, if there is a kick-back, he shares with his staff. Live and let live is his policy. As an employee, he is very artistic works slowly to perfection. He has a lot of memory power. You should take care that he would not elope with your secretary! Quite often, you may find him in parks, hotels with your lady staff. Women can not resist his charm and men can not ignore his presence - smart, cool and smiling! He is devoted to his family, otherwise. Yet, the wife should be careful of 'the other woman'. He is generous and helps a person to get rich. If you have 2 lakhs and need one more, he would readily help you out. But, if you want a small loan for fuel, he would not!

The description above would be prominent if moon is in the middle of the sign. For complete analysis of character, future trends, suitable gem stones an personalized approach based on horoscope is desirable.

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