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Transit of Guru (Jupiter) and Tula (Libra) rasi

During  2017....


Sample case studies are showcased here for your perusal. The product may vary depending on astrological concepts, the exhibits do not confirm that the actual reports will have same number of pages.  As the analysis is done manually, every product will be different from each other, as every human life is!  Case studies are given here to show how the horoscope is analysed.  For obvious reasons, the identity of the client, birth details etc., are concealed.

Waiting period for Service A01- The durables: Seven Days from the date of confirmation (acknowledgement) of order. Waiting period for remaining services: One month from the date of confirmation (acknowledgement) of order.  For better appreciation you may mention background of question and about your life like time available, languages you know to read etc.,

My humble services are available only to those who are having difficulty in life though they have been leading a righteous life. In the event of problem arising of misdeeds on the part of the native like punishments imposed due to bribery etc., I hold that the punishment the government itself is the remedial measure! Questions on longevity, lottery, stock market, racing, gambling, sex of unborn child, the other woman complications are not taken up. I hold that the divine science of astrology should not be used for filthy benefits for money sake.

The techniques used in the prediction have been developed spread over 35 years of practical experience. I may at times, deviate from soft wares and make a different chart. Every chart is double checked to rule out human error in casting. At times, I may deviate from the popular methods, adopt a different method. This is NOT a blog or a forum for discussion. NO DISCUSSION WILL BE ENTERTAINED REGARDING AYANAMSHA USED, HOW IT IS DERIVED, WHY CERTAIN DIVISIONAL CHARTS ARE NOT USED, WHY THE CHARTS MADE DIFFER FROM ANY SOFT WARE etc., UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES, clients may seek clarifications of their doubts and NOT clarifications on technical details. Clarifications on the analysis can be had within 25 days from the date of receipt of the report. The amount quoted is towards a particular service and is NOT retention fee for whole life time! After the period of 25 days, Author is not obliged to answer your queries.

Please go through FAQs  and  Terms & Conditions before placing order. To view sample reports which are in pdf format right click on the link and select 'open in new window' or 'open in new tab'.  You can make payment using your credit card through secured payment gateway provided by PayPal (overseas payments) or PayUmoney (payments within India).  You can also transfer the amount to the bank account through internet banking. After making payment, please click here to fill the birth details.  Right click on the link and select  'Open in new tab', 'Save target as...' or 'Print target'. Please consider the environment - do not print unless essential.

Durables view  
Bird's view of the horoscope-General view  
Bird's view of the horoscope-Special view  
Bird's view of the horoscope-General view  
Predictions for next 5 years-Special view 
Predictions for next 5 years-General view 
Predictions for next 10 years-Special view 
Predictions for next 15 years-General view 
Predictions for next 15 years-Special view 
Predictions for next 20 years-Special view 
Predictions for Full life-General view 
Predictions for Full life-Special view 
Annual Horoscope Prediction view 
Report Mahalakshmi view 
Report Jyestalakshmi view 
Report Griha view 
Report Kutumbakalaha view 
Report Saraswathi view 
Report Children view 
Report Arogya view 
Report Annarogya view 
Report Sevashula view 
Report Nyayarthi view 
Report Vivaha view 
Matching of charts view 
Report Dharma view 
Report Development view 
Report Abroad view 
Prashna view 

Hevalambi nama samvatsara Ugadi

Shani in Vrischika

Shani in Dhanus

Navagrahas - Overture
Transit of Guru in Tula rasi Graha sankalpa

Who am I? - Makara or Bakara?

Mantras for Ravi
Mesha Personality Mantras for Chandra
Vrishabha Personality Mantras for Kuja
Mithuna Personality Mantras for Budha
Kataka Personality Mantras for Guru
Simha Personality Mantras for Shukra
Kanya Personality Mantras for Shani
Tula Personality Mantras for Rahu
Vrischika Personality Mantras for Ketu
Dhanus Personality

Rigvedeeya Sandhya

Makara Personality Devata Mantras
Kumbha Personality General mantras
Meena Personality Classical texts
Why do people believe in astrology? Meditation
Can death be predicted? Diabetes Management
Specialty  of  Indian  astrology Pranayama
Is astrology a science? Yoga Gallery
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Does an astrologer know his own fate? Twins & validity of astrology
Why the chart is made for the birth time? Matching of horoscopes
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Social relevance of astrologers Astrology, numerology, palmistry & tarot
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Combustion & its implications What to look for in a gem stone?
What is the time of birth? Shanti kriyas for planets
History of astrology Reincarnation & salvation
Yantra (talisman) - does it work? Idolatry 
Purusha suktam Science, philosophy & arts in ancient India
Freedom of expression Holy see did not see!
Vakchaturya, vamachara or intuition Morality, courts, men & media
Shraddhanjali Republic  Day
Christmas Laughing Buddha
Ganesh Chaturthi Deepavali
Eid ul-fitr Ratha Yatra
Planets in scriptures More mantras
Remedial measures Worship of planets
Shivarathri Sri Ramakrishna  Jayanti
Rahu & ketu in Kataka and Makara  

 Qualitative Predicitons & Potential Remedies 


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