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kanya (virgo) personlaity in greater detailYou find a Virgo (Kanya) man behind executive desk in any university, a bank or accounts organization. He has diplomatic attitude. He mingles with all yet is push full in is planes. He is extremely intelligent with excellent memory power. He looks younger than his age. You will be pleasantly surprised to know he stood first from kindergarten to his last examination. He has good track record in his job also. He loves arts and literature. His voice is melodious yet distinctly feminine. I have come across a Virgo (Kanya), a collector of all magazines and news papers. He has great collection dating back to pre independence era - day wise. Virgo man would purchase anything colorful and attractive without thinking twice. He is great asset to any salesman. Similarly, when he is on the other end, he will not leave you until you make a purchase! He has a business talent and the very moment he meets you, he would judge whether you are the perspective buyer or not. In case he decides negative he will not waste words on you. There as one Virgo (Kanya) lecturer who would mingle with all the ladies and teach them rangoli, sweater patterns and cooking. But, his own house hold found it difficult as he would always be in the kitchen giving instructions to his wife! When he teases you with his well chosen words in his soft voice, you feel the electric shock! Yes, he is in the habit of doing this quite often for he has picked up the news. He is a gossip monger.

He is very understanding, sympathetic and also helpful once he comes to know you. He has sacrificing nature also. He is very much devoted to his wife and children. He would not tease his kith and kin but would defend them against other gossipers. If there is a good news, just put a word to this gentleman and by lunch time even MD would know it! He is too much talkative. At times, he would disclose what he should not have; he would correct himself by telling off tangent lies!

The professions that suit most are: journalism, library science, any science subjects (like physics, chemistry) marketing, administrative services. Whatever the profession he takes, he would acquire great power and status in no time. He has a saving mentality - rather money easily flows towards this man. But, he is always in the habit of taking loans. He is prone to the diseases affecting stomach, skin and nerves. He enjoys perfectly happy married life. He would be selling off his vehicles for a loss to acquire the new brands in the market. Here is a Kanya born, the eldest son of a second world war veteran. When his father passed away in Ghana, his mother was suffering tuberculosis. He had a troubled childhood. He got ordinary education. He could not settle in his life despite having talent. His younger brother helped this virgo to get a job. He also conducted the elder brother's marriage. Whenever there is a financial requirement, the younger brother stands by even today. This is a negative virgo - who takes a long time to settle down. He has undergone all sorts of modern yoga classes and talks hours on of what he learnt. This man know much but has done little in his life. Virgo thinks in the matters that do not concern him directly but is slow to decide his own!

There is another man who was running many money spinning chit funds company. Due to his mentality of believing everybody, he incurred heavy loss in life. Name any new money spinning business, in his business days there were only 3 possibilities: he was in that, he is in that or he will be in that! A negative virgo lacks prudence in his investments. Finally, the wife told him not to do any business and she would run the family! Now, the wife runs a milk booth with a wet grinding machine. My virgo friend does entertain the clients with his talking skill and in the spare time both husband and wife wash clothes and utensils together. He has a lot of patience and takes efficient care of his children. Despite all these, he enjoys a perfect marital happiness. He generally worships female somya Goddesses (like Mahalaxmi and Saraswathi). He is not much of spiritual person but recites many slokas and mantras. He has good co-operation from his brothers, friends and neighbors. His teasing and gossiping habits are protective mechanisms, if he does not do these little nasty things, due to over burdened worries, he may suffer a nervous problems.

The description above would be prominent if moon is in the middle of the sign. For complete analysis of character, future trends, suitable gem stones an personalized approach based on horoscope is desirable.

Placement holds the key!

Bhagawan Sri Adishankara bless us all

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