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Qualitative Predicitons and Potential Remedies

As reported by Kansas City Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, Joyce Jillson (who normally charges $200 per chart) was unwittingly tested by TV reporter, John Stossel in Nov.1988 on his live program Good Morning America. Jillson was supplied with birth information (which was all she requested) and Stossel distributed a copy of the reading she gave to 20 students in adult education class . Each student thinking they were going through their own personalized charts remarked, it was very accurate. By this Stossel declared ,"It is a hustle, and you make money by writing general things everybody believes is about them."Jana vignana Vedika, a rationalist organisation conducted such a experiment.  Everybody is a mixture of both good and bad but in different proportions. Every body can be said to be leader - of the house hold (if he takes his wife's permission to say so!), the town or even the nation. The main accusation is that the 'personality 'described by astrologer is general in nature and astrologers get through well!

press note


1) The test note, general in nature, was not based on astrological principles. It is not clear whether such note was made by an astrologer or what zodiac sign he was describing!

2) 27 out of 30 students (aged 13 to 16 years!) found the note accurate. 3 out of 30 (10%) students were cool headed and had some better idea of their individuality! The sample survey is small and it does not represent all the segments of the society.

3) Individual views of class IX student should be respected. Yet, it occurs that a simple one time experiment would not be fool-proof to her. She has rather jumped to conclusions in a hurry.

4) Rationalists conduct the same experiments, 'with much the same conclusions' - several hundred times!

A boy in his younger days thinks his lines are so perfect and with a bit of practice of 1-2 hours he can excel Picaso. A girl thinks, if that little bit of shrillness is avoided she can be the next Lata Mangeshkar! This power of positive thinking does not electrify their lives as an electric current requires negative charge also! If a bunch of students is taken for such a test, it would be just as the one we came across. Would a matured man not tell the astrologer on the face that the analysis was a buff? Further the character may also undergo changes. Have not we seen people who say they were very bad and changed their life style? Does not one think of his abilities - whether he should take up the managerial job or field work?

There are other technical problems also. People are confused with their zodiac signs. One does not know whether he is gemini, cancer or leo. The position of sun is taken for arriving the sun sign. There are two systems-sayana (western) and nirayana (Hindu method). For instance, 21.3.04 to 20.4.04 is Sayana Aries (mesha) whereas 13.4.04 to 14.5.04 is nirayana mesha (Aries). The predictions based on sun signs follow either of the two. Nirayana means, a certain amount of angular placement (ayanamsha) is deducted from the visible positions - as the earth falls back by 50" per year. Suppose one is born on 21.4.04, he would be in Taurus in western system and Aries in Hindu method. Suppose one is born on 13.4.04, it does not mean he is in Aries. Sun transits into mesha at 17:46 IST. If born at 17:40 he is still a Piscean! In other words, it is not so easy to ascertain your sign - you should have a birth chart. You can not blame astrology based on the news paper predictions for your sign. The MOST EFFECTIVE way in personality analysis is to depend on moon sign (rasi the placement of moon). Moon takes 2 1/4 day to cross a sign. These are reckoned by stars - Ashwini etc.,

Generally speaking, the person born in Kumbha rasi is philosophic in nature. Does it mean that there are no jail birds born in this sign? Does it mean all Taurus people are employed in Hotels, Night clubs and Banks? Just because we have a leader we can not say he is born in Mesha. He could have been born in any other sign, with influence of kuja, ravi, guru, shukra or shani on rasi or the 10th house.

The character analysis is done by a Banker on your loan application with the help of your bank account. The employer desires to know your personality as in the office from the former employer. The perspective father-in-law does many more things-talks to friends of the boy, in the office, his parents and tries to know all the things he wants. So, it is not correct to depend on only rasi for complete analysis of personality. Whenever I see a man counting some 50000 rupees, I am tempted to grab the money and run away! With great difficulty I resist myself - in the fear of being caught and forced to give astrological consultations to my fellow beings in jail! In public speaking, one has to refer to himself that way and address the audience as Maharaj (though the last Maharaj on Air India has also disappeared). You see, that's how I keep my teeth in-tact!

One will not grab the cash bag of others though he may wish to, due to the strength of character which is represented by the lagna. So, just like the perspective father-in-law, the astrologer should look into the 2nd house, 10th house, 5th house, lagna, rasi for EXACTNESS of assessing the character and there are no short cut methods. If the predictions given in the news papers do not work for you, do not dismiss astrology. The deduction of personality, or any prediction is an art where every aspect, association, status( like own house, exaltation etc.,) should be taken into account. The human astrologer grows and grows with lessons he perceives every day. But the computer astrologer who works with a click of a button has only artificial intelligence and he never learns! If you take a computer reading of the chart, there is a pit fall. Computer can not relate the results keeping into account the other concepts like Desha, Kala and Patra (nature, time and the capacity) of the client.

I do not use any computer software to deduce the results and as such it is not the same computer generated personality analysis. It is not like the 'fit-anybody' sort of ready made garment. THE PERSONALITY ANALYSIS AND PREDICTIONS WOULD BE DONE EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU.

If you are learning astrology or reading a couple of books for curiosity, do not take it for granted that the character described in any of the books would fully reflect you. The medical student in the beginning relates all the symptoms of diseases on themselves and go wrong. So, in case you are interested to learn and experiment then do take up various charts and until you gain sufficient ground DO NOT VENTURE any analysis for yourself or your family members. One more important thing is that do not try to learn the divine subject for the sake of material gains like influence or to gain a way to others' hearts. Money may come or may not. Most of the astrologers are not rich! There should be study for the sake of knowledge only.

The description given below  are based on rasi (moon sign). Rasi is the position of moon in nirayana horoscope.  The portrayal would be prominent if moon is in the middle of the sign and is subject to change depending on influence of other planets. Yet, as the quality of canvas can be identified beneath many layers of painting, there is an ingrained personality for each rasi. For complete assessment of your character, future trends, suitable gem stones etc.,  an individual evaluation of the horoscope is desirable.  

Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesMesha (Aries) : Has robust movements and loud voice. He is very jovial and seems to be very happy. He is always meticulous in his planning. He will not say, "I do this", but would say, "Let's do this", even without your consent. He is forceful and will make you say 'yes' for his plan! He is fond of eating various hot dishes but eats very little. His dress is up to the mark, keep with the present trend. He unnecessarily frowns his eyes or cranes his neck to give an impression he is interested in your talk. He does not talk about himself and does not indulge in flattery. If somebody has praised you in his presence, he would not tell you immediately but waits till the whole story emerges. More

Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesVrishabha (Taurus) : Fights back like a bull when provoked. He has lot of patience and such occasions are very rare. He is well dressed and fashionable. An old English professor of this sign suddenly became fashionable, combing his almost bald head, wearing jeans and he started translating Omar Khayam after his retirement.  Taurus likes eating well. Vrishabha (Taurus) man is fond of emotional movies and music. He is a great collector of fashionable items and is impulsive in his purchases. He is very possessive and takes care of his belongings. He keeps his desk speck and span. He has artistic talents too. He is very handsome and intelligent in business. He does not take much interest in religious matters.  More

Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesMithuna (Gemini) : You find a perfect Mithuna (Gemini) man in any general knowledge competitions. This man has a tendency to remember to many bits of remotely related facts making his own 'keys' to commit them to memory. He is a walking general knowledge bank. Rarely, we come across a mithuna born having specific knowledge! His knowledge is superficial. He is 'jack of all and master of none'. By firm commitment to learn a particular subject, he can confine his always wavering mind and become a successful man. Even then, within the subject he has selected he often drifts.  Mithuna (Gemini) man is a tall and slim man at the beginning. He would put on weight easily towards middle ages and should constantly guard against obesity. More

Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesCancer (Kataka) : He is out form the nursery rhyme 'chubby cheeks, dimple chin'. He has a double chin. He is very imaginative and rarely tries to make his dreams come true. The imagination would be in form of a hypothetical situation. In happy mood, he imagines good situations and enjoys like what he could do with a million rupees if he chances upon a lottery. When in bad mood, he imagines the worst circumstances like being harassed by the employer, suffering dire poverty etc., His mood always changes. He has a vivid imagination and narration skill and so, is a successful story teller. His talent comes to surface in early childhood. More

Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesSimha (Leo) : Is the an event manager. He likes to be in the center stage. He has attractive physique with broad shoulders. He throws back his head while laughing aloud. When he smiles, he shows off all his teeth. Yes, he has a good dentures. He has a tendency to go bald in mid 40s on the temples and on front side of his head. He has a knack to deal all the people and is a successful man in bringing peace deals when it needs to rebuke both the parties. He sounds a bit harsh in such dealings. He is ambitious.   Leo (Simha) man is not a think tank, but would pick up the words of knowledge and will pass an expert. He is a consignor of arts and crafts. He likes gold ornaments, rather the color of gold!  More

Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesVirgo (Kanya) : You find a Virgo (Kanya) man behind executive desk in any university, a bank or accounts organization. He has diplomatic attitude. He mingles with all yet is push full in is planes. He is extremely intelligent with excellent memory power. He looks younger than his age. You will be pleasantly surprised to know he stood first from kindergarten to his last examination. He has good track record in his job also. He loves arts and literature. His voice is melodious yet distinctly feminine.  Virgo man would purchase anything colorful and attractive without thinking twice. He is great asset to any salesman.  More

Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesTula (Libra) : You find this Libra (Tula) man in any news paper office doing fantastic editorials or in a court room as an advocate of judge. He is medium built and is good looking. He is bestowed with keen observation power. He reads in-between the lines. Of course, he is a fast and voracious reader. He comes up with interesting passages where the author has contradicted himself. As an art critic he is impartial.  If Libra (Tula) man is not in judiciary or journalism, suppressed and as he would dig an old rule position of 70s to reject your bill or to impose some recovery!  More

Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesVrischika (Scorpio): He is in a sports stadium or in a religious function. He is fond of both. He has good appearance but has a strange habit of throwing his legs side ways or shifting the weight side to side while walking. This won't look awkward His eyes are focused He looks eye to eye, is very courageous and venturesome. Vrischika (Scorpio) man is very religious to the core and does not alter his views. He lacks the talent in arguments and finally winds up saying, "you are good at talking but I am not able to convey my thoughts, though I firmly believe I am right." I know of a lady who is 46 now. She got married at the age of 18 years. She thinks she is a perfect lady and all the arguments in her house are due to her husband only and that she has not done any mistake on a single day even! More

Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesDhanus (Sagittarius) : Quite frequently you will come across a man tall and moderately built, talking fluently in various languages about philosophy or any such technical subjects. He seems to have profound knowledge who talks with authority. He enjoys the party though he is selective in whatever he eats or drinks. He has a knack to solve the problems quickly and regarding the problems he can not solve, he will not fret - has the courage to live with that! He takes slow and cautious decisions when he thinks his stand may harm others. He puts on a pot belly during his middle ages that refuses to go off despite his regular exercise. He is a sports man - likes sports and also has many past times. Actually, he takes the life itself very sportive. The failures do not deter him. Immediately, he sets to examine the reasons and is back in the arena again! More

Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesCapricorn (Makara) : When you visit a temple, you wondered who donated those bells and fluorescent lamps. Also, you wondered how rich he could be to give such a large donation. Meet my friend Capricorn (Makara) - who has done such a great deed! Not only here, even to his old school he has given some colorful momentous. He has made sure his name is displayed on them prominently. So, if you want a donation or a personal loan praise the Capricorn for his generosity. He is very calculative and does donations only if it helps to improve his good will. But once you take a loan or help, do not turn against him as he looks quite harmless. Believe me, he is a venomous cobra. He does not tolerate such back biting and if he sets his eyes on you - you are finished. More

Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesAquarius (Kumbha) : You can not easily trace an Aquarius (kumbha) person in any public functions. When you visit a library or a forum for certain social cause, you find him at the center of the gathering being appreciated by everybody. He is the person behind the scene. He does not want to waste his precious time in gambling or drinking or partying. If it is an official party where he heads the delegation, he is not at ease, but keeps up the dignity of his employer. Prestige and dignity come first to him. He is of medium built. He sways his head sideways or looks at a remote object while in conversation. He does not have any peculiarities you can find at the first sight "Like a turtle", you would realize later on, "he hides more and more". More

Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesMeena (Pisces) : He wants to enjoy the party but is uncomfortable when more attention is paid to him. He is very moody and is full of imagination. His dreams are simple ones desiring his own well being. He is quite harmless and if hurt by others he would lock himself and cry to his heart's content.   If he has every thing in life, he would prefer the tragic songs (of course he is a good singer) otherwise, he prefers comedy. But, he is the one who does not read crime section in News Papers. He believes in humanity and argues that only little percentage is 'misguided' and the News Papers over play to make money!  More

Placement holds the key!

Bhagawan Sri Adishankara bless us all

Qualitative Predicitons & Potential Remedies

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