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Transit of Guru (Jupiter) and Tula (Libra) rasi
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leo simhaLeo (Simha) man is the an event manager. He likes to be in the center stage. He has attractive physique with broad shoulders. He throws back his head while laughing aloud. When he smiles, he shows off all his teeth. Yes, he has a good dentures. He has a tendency to go bald in mid 40s on the temples and on front side of his head. He has a knack to deal all the people and is a successful man in bringing peace deals when it needs to rebuke both the parties. He sounds a bit harsh in such dealings. He is ambitious. Leo (Simha) man is not a think tank, but would pick up the words of knowledge and will pass an expert. He is a consignor of arts and crafts. He likes gold ornaments, rather the color of gold! He is very much orthodox but he recognizes the others' view points also until he is respected. Since he has a great control over his mind and body, to express his devotion to God, he would take up many vrata s (penances) involving hard rules like fasting. In any yagna, yaga or rudrabhisheka, you can recognize the simha born with piercing eyes, sharp nose with great precision in his pronunciation leading the purohits. I know one Leo who stood on one leg for a complete day to appease God. He is much impressed by oratory and polite mannerisms. He is not bothered about the meanings of mantras but is fond of pronunciation. He is fond of reading and is a good photographer also. He is a successful high ranking official and not a mass leader. He has an ambition to enter politics, but should be satisfied with an official status. He has good lot of generosity and does not make a show of it.

He is not a spend thrift but accounts for all his expenditure. He is very wise in his investments and also has multiple sources of income. The professions most suited for the Leo born are: banking, finance, management, administrative services, photography, and ornament making. His love for his children exceeds his love towards his wife. It does not mean he likes all the children! Leo does not care for money but wants to exercise his authority. Even then, he becomes moderately rich. He takes risks and enjoys chance games, but he is not a gambler. He wants to be ring leader. In 1988, I came across such a ring leader (yes, he was - by his profession also!). When we were discussing astrology, the wild cubs around us made terrific noise. With a monosyllable shout, he made them to shut up! Not only human beings, even the animals seem to obey the orders of a Leo.

Leo (Simha) man has a lot of digestion power and is an expert cook. He has tasted many dishes across the world. Also, he can sustain the pangs of hunger for considerable time. He is very calm and cool and is not provoked easily. He reserves energy for pursuing his aim instead of being misled to do many things at the same time. He takes interest in all his friends and remembers them throughout his life. He would not pay much interest to wealth and so he treats all the people same. He enjoys good health. Since he has a dominating personality, it is difficult to live with this person due to his craze for cleanliness. He dislikes slowness but unfortunately his wife would be quite opposite of this. He is over optimistic unlike his wife. The married life would not be up to the mark.

There was a Leo, I know of, who was very friendly yet commending. Unfortunately, he did not get his promotion while his junior diplomatic Gemini got. Leo suddenly turned against the administration and created so many problems to his bosses as well as to his subordinates. Finally, he became alright when he got the promotion. The negative simha born is anti-establishment, if he happens to receive harsh instructions from others. In such circumstances, he would become a pain in the next to his employer. At your subordinate, he is intelligent but head long. He will be watching to catch you red-handed doing mistakes. It is better to take him into confidence than ignoring. Leo does not want to ponder a long time on a file but disposes off very quickly. This tendency leads to awkward moments in his professional life. He should avoid 'spot decisions'. He does not want to bow down to anybody, even to God. There is no total submission to God. As such, he would take remedial measures, advice of others even medicine when he falls to the ground, totally defeated. Instead he should learn to heed timely advice of his elders and well wishers. There will be some friction in the office always. He should not stoop of to low level of 'teaching a lesson' to his opponents!

The description above would be prominent if moon is in the middle of the sign. For complete analysis of character, future trends, suitable gem stones an personalized approach based on horoscope is desirable.

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