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TULA person is in any news paper office doing fantastic editorials or in a court room as an advocate of judge. He is medium built and is good looking. He is bestowed with keen observation power. He reads in-between the lines. Of course, he is a fast and voracious reader. He comes up with interesting passages where the author has contradicted himself. As an art critic he is impartial.  If Libra (Tula) man is not in judiciary or journalism, suppressed and as he would dig an old rule position of 70s to reject your bill or to impose some recovery! More
VRISCHIKA person swings his legs side ways or shifts his weight sideways while walking. This won't look awkward. His eyes are focused He looks eye to eye, is very courageous and venturesome. Vrischika (Scorpio) man is very religious to the core and does not alter his views. He lacks the talent in arguments and finally winds up saying, "you are good at talking but I am not able to convey my thoughts, though I firmly believe I am right." I know of a lady who is 46 now. She got married at the age of 18 years. She thinks she is a perfect lady and all the arguments in her house are due to her husband only and that she has not done any mistake on a single day even! More
DHANUS person is tall and moderately built, talking fluently in various languages about philosophy or any such technical subjects. He seems to have profound knowledge who talks with authority. He enjoys the party though he is selective in whatever he eats or drinks. He has a knack to solve the problems quickly and regarding the problems he can not solve, he will not fret - has the courage to live with that! He takes slow and cautious decisions when he thinks his stand may harm others. He puts on a pot belly during his middle ages that refuses to go off despite his regular exercise. He is a sports man - likes sports and also has many past times. Actually, he takes the life itself very sportive. The failures do not deter him. Immediately, he sets to examine the reasons and is back in the arena again! More
MAKARA person has donated those bells and fluorescent lamps in the temple! Also, you wondered how rich he could be to give such a large donation. Meet my friend Capricorn (Makara) - who has done such a great deed! Not only here, even to his old school he has given some colorful momentous. He has made sure his name is displayed on them prominently. So, if you want a donation or a personal loan praise the Capricorn for his generosity. He is very calculative and does donations only if it helps to improve his good will. But once you take a loan or help, do not turn against him as he looks quite harmless. Believe me, he is a venomous cobra. He does not tolerate such back biting and if he sets his eyes on you - you are finished. More
KUMBHA person in any public functions. When you visit a library or a forum for certain social cause, you find him at the center of the gathering being appreciated by everybody. He is the person behind the scene. He does not want to waste his precious time in gambling or drinking or partying. If it is an official party where he heads the delegation, he is not at ease, but keeps up the dignity of his employer. Prestige and dignity come first to him. He is of medium built. He sways his head sideways or looks at a remote object while in conversation. He does not have any peculiarities you can find at the first sight "Like a turtle", you would realize later on, "he hides more and more" More
MEENA person wants to enjoy the party but is uncomfortable when more attention is paid to him. He is very moody and is full of imagination. His dreams are simple ones desiring his own well being. He is quite harmless and if hurt by others he would lock himself and cry to his heart's content.   If he has every thing in life, he would prefer the tragic songs (of course he is a good singer) otherwise, he prefers comedy. But, he is the one who does not read crime section in News Papers. He believes in humanity and argues that only little percentage is 'misguided' and the News Papers over play to make moneyMore
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