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When I asked a friend why he reads Times of India, he could not come up with any reply at all! He had not thought the reason. Similarly, the believers in astrology may say, "I simply believe", "That it has worked earlier", "it may perhaps help"," What to do? We have to believe something or other!" This indicates that most of us do not make thinking - be it for astrology or against astrology!

Danial Cohen, a skeptic says the following about astrological consultation: - "In a sense astrology does work. Most of those who visit astrologer end up feeling satisfied. All of us need concern, somebody who we can confide in, who can take a second look at ourselves. Astrologer relates the failures to mysterious forces in universe. Thereby relieves the guilt. He flatters the character and of course this character description will be made to suit all! Who is not pleased with this sort of session? Also, he offers reassurance when the mutual support, concern in modern days are scarcely found. Actually, the planets are but excuse for the session. All the related talk about signs, ascension, aspects, ownership is to cut an image of authority. Horoscope is but smoke screen simply to distract your attention. It is better to go to an astrologer and seek advice than no advice at all. Some of us just need another person to listen. On the other hand, astrologers who make particular marriages, prevent some projects because of the planetary positions would be providing disastrous advice. Unfortunately, the astrologer does both the things".

Qualitative Predictions and Potential Remedies

There is a sloka in Sanskrit (I do not remember exact words and source) - "When a sanyasi who has given up all desires of life meets an astrologer, he asks whether he gets salvation. There is no surprise if I am found at the astrologer's door step, having so many desires and aspirations!" The description by Sri Daniel Cohen considers the client as a fool who craves for concern, a fool who wishes to throw the blame of his failures on some planets. The actual consultation will not be like that at all! The client will place the chart and keep quite, awaiting astrologer's opening talk NOT DISCLOSING ANYTHING ABOUT HIMSELF. Astrologer should make analysis of his potency, character, weaknesses his family problems, financial condition etc., etc., inch by inch. He would start talking ONLY when he is satisfied with the astrologer's credentials. Astrologers use reasoning and so without considering the aspects, position, ownership and such arguments, he will not blindly talk on. It is not a smoke screen. On the contrary, the astrologer would be happy if the client knows some astrology and he understands the reason behind his arguments! Character analysis is nothing but a testing tool in the hands of the client to test whether the astrologer is good at his subject. He knows his character better than anyone else!

What the client wants - not only in India but world wide - is to know whether the future is good or not? What are his choices? How to plan to over come the problems? Whether this selection of a girl/job/partnership etc., is beneficial. What remedial measures like reading the holy books, recitation of slokas, mantras or wearing of some precious stones he should undertake? These questions are based on dwelling into the future and NOT CRAVING for some understanding. This is the MAIN reason for astrological consultations.

An astrologer - who merely dwells on character analysis, who is unusually polite, is not frank, who gives large doses of sympathy to the client but does not offer guidance - will not survive in the business long!

Placement holds the key!

Bhagawan Sri Adishankara bless us all

Qualitative Predicitons & Potential Remedies

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