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Transit of Guru (Jupiter) and Tula (Libra) rasi
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December  celebrates the  birth day of Jesus, the messenger of God. Jesus lived for the ignorant and underprivileged masses.  He never promoted himself.  He died at a very young age due to his religious beliefs and preaching.  He never tried to impose himself.  He suffered  under the clutches of vested interests of his time.  Thomas Jefferson says in his book that known as Jefferson Bible, "His parentage was obscure; his condition poor; his education null; his natural endowments great; his life correct and innocent. He was meek, benevolent, patient, firm, disinterested, and of the sublimest eloquence. Like Socrates and Epictetus, he wrote nothing himself". On the contrary, all the learned of his country, entrenched in its power and riches, were opposed to him, lest his labors should undermine their advantages; and the committing to writing of his life and doctrines fell on unlettered and ignorant men; who wrote, too, from memory, and not till long after the transactions had passed. According to the ordinary fate of those who attempt to enlighten and reform mankind, he fell an early victim to the jealousy and combination of the altar and the throne, at about 33 years of age, his reason having not yet attained the maximum of its energy, nor the course of his preaching, which was but of three years at most, presented occasions for developing a complete system of morals.  He corrected the Jews, confirming them in their belief of one only god, and giving them jester notions of his attributes and government. His moral doctrines, relating to kindred and friends, were more pure and perfect than those of the most correct of the philosophers, and greatly more so than those of the Jews; and they went far beyond both in inculcating universal philanthropy, not only to kindred and friends, to neighbors and countrymen, but to all mankind, gathering all into one family, under the bonds of love, charity, peace, common wants and common aids.  (The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth).

Now a days, it has become a fashion to cast doubts on the life of the messengers of God.  Jesus never said not to marry!  What is unbecoming of the messenger, if he had married?  Lord Krishna, Sri Ramaprabhu were married.  Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was married.  There is no tangible reason why His teachings should be disdained if he had married.  Jesus said, "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them". (18:20 Mathew). Jesus does not belong to a nation,  nor sect of people.  He belongs to the whole world.  It does not make any difference, if Jesus had come to India or not.  When we pray, He is here among us.

By such movies like Da Vince Code and  books like Aquarian Bible, one should not be diverted from the teachings of Jesus, who preached love of God and mankind as Chitanya mahaprbhu did.  I do not mean you should not be exposed to the thoughts expressed in the movie and some versions of the Bible.  These provide alternative view to history.  But, these should not undermine your trust in the Holiest of the Holly man.  यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत। अभ्युस्थानमथर्मस्य तदात्मानां सृजाम्यहम्॥ श्लोक 7; ज्ञानयोग, श्रीमद्भगवद्गीत "Dear Arjuna who is born in Bharata clan, when the order of religion is lost and irreligion prevails, I take birth". Sholka 7, Gnanayoga, Srimadbhagavadgeeta.

Hevalambi nama samvatsara Ugadi

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