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Hevalambi nama samvatsara Ugadi
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Of late it has become a fashion to call most of the subjects as science. Obviously, it is an attempt to make the subject relevant to the present day wherein we have lots of scientific developments since last century. For example your purohit says the 'achamana' (process of sipping some amount of water from the palm taking God's names before one starts eating) has a scientific reason that it will soothe the throat. And he would argue, "Our ancestors were not fools, they have developed all these customs with a scientific view". If the throat is dry, automatically you will drink some water. I am not be letting the process of 'achamana' - it is a holy process of remembering Almighty God before one starts eating. But, with all these pseudo scientific thoughts thrown in, it looks more ridiculous!

Twosome and awesome

Two Scientific astrologers discussing  intricacies  of ayanamsha -  somewhere in Chennai, Hyderabad or Cuttack!

If you had made your horoscope in 70s, you would have noticed on the letterhead that the consultant was a "scientific Astrologer". In 70s, a new system of astrology came into circulation. Let me tell you Maharaj, it was 'old wine in new bottle'. The principles were already propounded in Satyawarthi Nadi. Thanks to the founder's marketing skills, he called it 'scientific system', criticized old time tested traditional system. His followers were called 'Scientific Astrologers' of the day. Long long ago, a team of budding scientific astrologers under the leadership of their master went all the way from Hyderabad to a conference in Cuttack.  They presented their scientific way of horoscope analysis. They talked low of traditional astrologers and ancient sages. One retired judge, author of many books on astrology, gave a fitting reply and concluded, "Practice astrology for thirty years and then come up with your thesis but not with one year study over the horoscopes of your family members!" In yoga also, there have been new avatars. You may find many schools of yoga in various names from to powerless yoga. There has been scientific attitude in yogabhyasa also. The traditional Veerabhadrasana was given a revolutionary name of ROCKET ASANA by a friend of me in his book. He runs a successful yoga school. Perhaps in in next few years, he will invent more asanas of that kind like Helicopter asana wherein one will stand straight and circle right hand like the fan of the helicopter. The result that can be attributed would - in most likelihood - be that one gets more confidence by concentrating on the 'tara loka' represented by circling of hand overhead. I wish to suggest him to incorporate CONCORD ASANA in his course, where the person stands straight and blast off his gas! Retention of body waste is bad for health, as per Ayurveda and Yogasutras. In case, it is done in a Board meeting, it gives immense energy to the performer (of course, at the cost of others!). There is good future to you too, my respected reader. Take some pages from Patanjali Yogasutras or Hatayoga Pradeepika. Tare them into small pieces, add large quantity of distilled water and shake well. Behold, now you are the founder of a NEW YOGA SECT!

By God's grace, if you had run away from the house in your younger days, you could boldly proclaim that you had spent those precious years in the Himalayas! You will have a great following in any Metros in India and in the US. Yoga is a way of exercises and relaxation. Same are the night club joints for. You will surely be a great philosopher, management Guru of all Gun and Gold dealers if you introduce yoga into night clubs and boardrooms. You should patent at the earliest or in these days of scientific development in yoga field your life time opportunity would be lost. You see, anything Indian is catching up more relevance in present day society. Take care not to mention the name of Maharshi Patanjali in your yoga sessions (though he had supplied paper pieces for your distilled water flask) for it would reduce your charisma! Let's have a go with the meaning of sciences, its branches. Applied science (exact science) is the one, which mainly depends on observation, experimentation-like physics. Pure science is the branch that depends on self-evident truths like mathematics. It also means study of a science branch without practical application. One studies pure math in M.Sc., while another studies applied math in automobile engineering. Systematic and formulated knowledge is also known as science - like moral science and political science. Vedabhyasa, purohitya, yogabhyasa, nyaya (law), nritya (dance) and many other subjects fall into this category. If one wishes to call astrology a science (that is in the terms of what is defined today as science-until the definition changes), he is justified on this ground. We should stop looking at our heritage, values and culture through the eyes of westerners. Let there be any scientific reason for achamana, shraddha or not, it is my way of life, my samskara, handed down for many generations. Maharaj, there is no scientific formula for loving mother's kiss or your little son's hug. Everything in life need not have to be expressed in terms of science! How do I express my love of nature and my devotion to God in acceptable scientific terms. Is it  madness to feel such things which evade any scientific explanations?

Hevalambi nama samvatsara Ugadi

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