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Mahatma Gandhi lacked proper statesmanship. I strongly feel walking is good for health and the city buses have made the people lazy.  If I burn the buses after the passengers got out on their free will(!), would it amount to violence? If damaging government properties is violence,  so is burning of Manchester made cloth!  British were a democratic country, having their courts, rules and regulations. In such a circumstance, non-violence was suitable.  If the Indian soldier thinks for a minute that the enemy standing is his brother (or was his brother prior to 1947), in his weakest moment he would loose his life. If the iron man Sardar Patel was not there,  we would still be staging relay hunger strike in front of all 565 royal palaces in the hope of changing their hearts, that they join Indian Republic. Non-violence is not a means to fight terrorists, militants and animals. If Mahatma Gandhi were to be alive today, as usual he would have declared a hridaya parivartana for such people and fasted some more days and by the time terrorists would have killed many! Non-violence that worked against the British did not work against Mohammed Ali Jinnah, fanatic Muslims and equally mad Hindutwa forces.
Mahatma Gandhi was earliest leader of Congress.   Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose had became frustrated with the lack of momentum in the independence movement. Both were at  loggerheads and aired their differences in the public. Subhash Chandra Bose became Congress President for a second term in 1939.  Mahatma Gandhi did not fight the elections but his nominated  candidate Sri. Pattabhi Sitaramayya was defeated. Mahatma Gandhi commented "His victory is my defeat." Unhealthy environment within the party made twice elected Bose to  resign. It is the universal truth that Gandhi s are not fond of positions. Indira Gandhi imposed national emergency not because Allahabad court verdict went against her but due to failure of internal security!
An investigation published by The Caravan in January 2020 reveales that up until his final days, Godse was listed as a member in records kept by the RSS of meetings that took place long after he was supposed to have left the organisation.  His family has also said that he had never left the RSS. Godse in his first deposition in Marathi climed that "I remained active in Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh."

In 2014 Hindu Mahasabha began attempts to rehabilitate Godse and portray him as a patriot. It made a documentary film Desh Bhakt Nathuram Godse for release on the death anniversary of Gandhi on 30 January 2015, which was not released.  In May 2019, BJP's candidate from Bhopal, Pragya Thakur, called Godse a "patriot" but apologized later.
Mahatma Gandhi was an antique lover. He wished to reverse India back by several hundred years. Mahatma Gandhi's dream was Gramarajya and Ramarajya. Ramarajya is the one where the voice all, even insignificant person is heard by the ruler. If Gandhi would have been around, we would be living in grams (villages) eating plenty of grams (pulses). We could have been the weakest country and our soldiers would eat nuts and drink goat's milk! Self sufficiency (that is what Mahatma Gandhi meant by Gramarajya) is good but not opening our windows for the wind of industrialisation blowing every where would have made us yet another Burma.  But, Bose believed in  socialist principles with an industrialized economy. He was more inclined towards Soviet Union.  If Bose had steered India towards Independence, India could have been a rich but communist country. Mahatma Gandhi appreciated Veer Savarkar's work for the down trodden class.  When Veer Savarkar met Mahatma Gandhi,  they had the following discussion: Mahatma Gandhi said, "We should not use the word untouchables but call them Harijans".  Veer Savarkar said, "Since, we worship Hari and we all are harijans. Cast system is a blemish on Hindu society, it should be removed". Mahatma said," Caste system is good, it is the pillar of Hindu religion". 

Manu Smruti says, "Burning lead should be poured into the ears of a Shudra who listens to Vedic chants". When an animal is our G(C)ow mata, how can a person in all likeliness be untouchable? Veer Savarkar, a great visionary saw a country where there is no sudra, brahmin and everybody is a Hindu. But Mahatma Gandhi wanted Harijans to be there and be treated likewise forever!  Abolition of slavery is different from giving concessions to them. During the second world war, Gandhi supported the British and made many Indians to join Imperial Army.  Yet, he was not able to extract any tangible gains for the sacrifices the jawans did for the Imperial rulers.  This was a fanciful idea of Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi mixed religion with politics and yet wanted independent India to be secular! If he had believed in secular principles, he should not have sought mileage by starting Khilafat movement in 1920-22.  Turks themselves abolished Caliphate in 1924. Gandhian idea was to unite all the Muslims against British. This Muslim unity went out of his control!