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Transit of Guru (Jupiter) and Tula (Libra) rasi
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Man at times wonders about the state of world after say, 100 years. Astrology is mainly concerned about the quality of life than the material attributes. Vahana yoga in astrology which originally meant bullock cart, cannot be extended to car, two wheelers, ships, airplanes etc., in astrology, there are very few literature, which looks to distant future and beyond. Revelation by John and Nasturdum's Predictions are well known. Nadi granthas of India also have some mention of future developments. Kalagnana by Narayana Muni and 'Kalajnana' by Bharmendra Swamy give glimpses of the days to come. Despite scientific advancements & changing life style, the man remains the same in his relationships, ambitions, reactions etc, Further, he is MAINLY concerned about his individual future and the interest in the future of the world, and his nation is truly for temporary curiosity. Just for fun's sake, he wants to know the out come of an election or a cricket match a bit in advance and he his much concerned with neither the result nor the predictions.  A renowned lady who once defeated the computers in calculation had just turned to be a professional astrologer. She is very wonderful woman who has a lot of memory power and does all the horoscope calculations just in a second. When her Richmond Circle apartment in Bangalore was robbed clean, she was in Delhi. A Women's magazine commented that the astrologer did not know her own future! Unlike other magazines that criticize astrology and yet carry astrological predictions, this magazine does not carry any such thing. It spreads a message across. Similarly, astrologers who do not completely believe in astrology or his methods, his abilities should not practice. If I discover one day that this subject is a complete guess work, I should stop practicing astrology and should tell my clients of the latest discovery I have made. I should not resume practicing for a few coins. this magazine believes in one thing and puts it into practice. Hats off!

A doctor knows the trouble spots in his body, for he has advanced knowledge of the body parts and its functions. Similarly, astrologer too knows the fate of himself and his family members. The lady astrologer in Richmond Circle too knew. Just like the doctor who cannot avoid his end or his diseases, astrologer also cannot avoid some. Doctor takes precautions for his sickness; likewise, astrologer will also conduct remedial measures in time. Yet, astrologer is no God! He is only a stenographer! He can interpret the future, make certain corrections but cannot completely change his own luck.

One Sri (name does not matter) was a good astrologer and purohit in 1979. Quite suddenly, he lost his eldest son who was getting good salary and was a hope of the family. The old astrologer (at that time 68 or so) stopped practicing astrology even after 2-3 months. I knew one of his sons and he implored I should talk to Sri. The old astrologer asked me, "Is astrology a mere guess work? By practicing astrology was I fooling myself and others?" and sought an examination of the chart of the dead person. I found the death combinations by sudden accidents, fire, lightening etc., (he had died of electrocution) in the chart and Sri agreed to my findings. He too had seen the very same combinations earlier particularly when he was matching a girl's chart with his son's as well as in other clients' charts. But, due to infatuation he misread! After several hours of talking, he resumed his normal duties of astrologer and priest. What a great man he was - he had refused to practice when his own faith in the subject had vanished. Rationalists think that all astrologers are cunning and are bent upon to cheat others!

When an astrologer tries to judge his own or his kith and kin's charts, his discretion gets tarnished due to personal involvement. This is the reason for one astrologer approaching another seeking second opinion. I have many learned astrologers in my client hood. Not that their knowledge is least, but they find good quality in my services.

It does not mean for all small things astrologers rush to other astrologer. He can see his future better then others obviously. Knowing what is going to happen next, he would be composed. Whether one knows his future or not, whether one consults his astrologer or not, he should lead a life with equilibrium, nothing should be too much.
सुखदुःखे समे कृत्वा लाभालाभौ जयजयौ। ततो युद्धाय युज्यस्व नैवं पापमवाप्स्यसि॥ श्लोक ३६, सांख्ययोग, श्रीमद्भगवद्गीत  "Treat Success-failutre, profit-loss, happiness-sorrow with same perspective and get ready to fight.  By doing this, you will not sin" stanza 38 of Sankya yoga, Srimad Bhagawat Geeta. Knowing future trends of events prepares you to take on the obstacles squarely, whether you are an astrologer, a person who believes in astrology or a statistician.

Some people think astrologer can totally immune them from planetary influences. ಗ್ರಹಗತಿಯ ತಿದ್ದುವನೆ ಜೋಯಿಸನು ಜಾತಕದಿ| ವಿಹಿತವಾಗಿಹುದದರ ಗತಿ ಸೃಷ್ಟಿವಿಧಿಯುಂ|| ಸಹಿಸದಲ್ಲದೆ ಮುಗಿಯದಾವ ದಶೆಬಂದೊಡಂ| ಸಹನೆ ವಜ್ರದ ಕವಚ ಮಂಕುತಿಮ್ಮ|| - ಮಂಕುತಿಮ್ಮನ ಕಗ್ಗ, ಡಿ.ವಿ.ಜಿ.  Mankutimmana Kagga by DVG is regarded as the equipvalent of bhagavadgeeta in Kannada. DVG says, "The planetary moments have already been defined, the astrologer (priest) can not change that. There is no way to escape (from its influence), patience is the shield made of diamond (have patience)"

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