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Is all I want to say to you,
De do do do de da da da;
- The Police, famous Pop Band

My skeptic friends find fault with me for everything I do or say!..........

If I use only 9 planets- they say, I do not keep pace with the latest discoveries of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto or Sedna, the new planet.....

If I use the other extra-saturnine planets, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, he would shout, "You have deviated from Brihat Jataka which recognizes only nine planets"......

I have learnt a lesson:

Rationalist is always right, and I am always wrong  whatever I do or say! 
The crucification of Jesus Christ is viewed in the same sense. The need for Mahatma was over and he went back from where he came from. Similarly, the aspiration of people of the nation gives birth to Avatar purushas like Lord Krishna, Rama Prabhu, Jesus, Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.). Others born with Mahatma became his followers depending on their abilities. The date and time of birth describe the bearings in time and the geographical locality describes the space, the environment for the growth of a plant or animal.  But there is the third dimension, the potency, the will power of the organism and that is the poorva karma - the cumulative effect of the past births.  Astrology is concerned with the time and space but it does not have any tool to measure the quantum of poorva karma. 

Gajakesari yoga indicates possession of vehicles. A person born in the USA has private plane. The person under the same combination in the African countries would own a bicycle. Similarly, the same yoga gives slightly different results in the times of war or prosperity of the nation. Patra (vessel) indicates the status of parents, native's will power. Mere birth in elite family gives good footage to the individual. Richman is indeed blessed as all the adjectives are for him!
The basic factors with which the astrologer makes the chart are: time, date/month/year and place of birth of the native. When twins are born, there could be a difference of 20 minutes between them (wherein the chart will totally change) or 2-3 minutes. The rasi, navamsha and most of the divisional charts will remain the same. One has to make minute calculations to find out the similarities and differences between the twins. The cuspal mid points should be considered for the same. The principles are already laid down in Satyawarthi Nadi. As I said earlier, the charts for the persons born on the same date, month, year and time as well as the place would remain the same. Rationalists ask why only one person has become Mahatma Gandhi and does it mean nobody was born in Porandar on that day.                 
There is this basic misconception of astrology. Astrology is not deterministic. The person born at the same time as of Mahatmaji would be having the same positive, negative traits and ambitions etc., There are also other influences in addition to planetary influence. In Sanskrit there is a saying that the son-in-law is the 'dashama graha' (the 10th planet) for like other planets he too would trouble! Desha (nation/country), Kala (time- the nation is going through like war, famine etc.,), Patra (status of parents, native's capacity, will power) also play major roles in the native's life. Full view of the causes a person's sufferings is listed in the "Navagraha Japa Sankalpa". When the news of death of Mahatmaji's assassination was received, Jiddu Krishna moorthy (a great Indian philosopher) remarked, "It isn't that someone has killed Mahatma, it is you and me".
The Greeks did not simply believe as Babylonians did  - in the future as decided by the stars. There is the Greek saying, "astra inclinant, non necessitant" (Stars incline, do not determine). The Hindu philosophy advocates the same. Karma yoga of Bhagawad Geeta does not make one careless in life but makes him detached from the fruit of the deeds. The man born in rich European countries under the similar planetary combination will have financial problems in million dollars while a man in India would have in lakhs. But their quantum of worries, tune of the suffering would remain the same.

Remedial measures like gem stones, conducting Pooja or japa for the planets, recitation of mantras, worship of mantra and taking heed of the advices of elders and well wishers will also result in differences between two identical charts. The dasha-bhukti (current trend) analysis would indicate what sort of time machine is waiting for you and where it is going to take you. It is up to you to board the same or not!