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Plava naama Samvat  [12.04.2021 to 01.04.2022]
फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः। को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना॥
- फलदीपिक
"With the help of planetary movements, mortals can only give indications of what is to happen; who else other than BRAHMA can tell with certainty as to what will definitely happen"        - Phladeepika.
In the lunation chart for Plava naama samvatsara, we have lunar conjunction in 11th house, the house of success, wealth and cure. In the last two years, the lunation was in 9th which signified religious and patriotic sentiments. Lagna rising at the start of the year is vrishabha and lagna lord is placed in 12th house. There will not be any remarkable growth in the year. Many qualified people will leave motherland for employment abroad. Budha is 6th lord placed in 12th, aspecting his own house. There will be greater control over covid epidemic. Transit of guru in 8th shows many difficulties to complete plans.  But it also ensures low mortality rate. Effective medication and vaccination made from costly metals or vegetable extractions will be found. Also, only certain rich class or people with lifestyle disorders will be affected. Even then there is greater control over the outbreak. There will be multiple small health issues related to skin and stomach, perhaps due to over use of disinfectants. This may be affect effects of chemicals. We used DDT against mosquitoes for a long time, it was too late when we realized it was bad on us also. Or due to over exposure to chemicals cleaners, we have lost immunity for other skin and stomach disorders. Guru the 8th, 9th and 12th lord in the foundation chart aspects 3rd bhava madhya in mithuna of foundation chart. Lord of lifespan aspecting another house of lifespan is good.  There will be surge of casualties as guru is 8th lord but this will eventually lead to health.  Travel and tourism will increase and this is the clue that the epidemic will decline. Further transit of guru in meena his own sign from where aspects the 3rd house from rasi (eventually kanya houses 6th bhava madhya) shows almost complete recovery from the epidemic. The transit of guru in meena removes any residual psychological fears wile the transit of guru in kumbha physically limits the epidemic.
Oxytocin (known as hug hormone) causes social bonding, empathy and joy in social behavior. Distancing, face masks, closure of cinema halls and tourist spots can not go on forever. It is against evolutionary principles. These are purely temporary necessities.  I am a die hard optimist - oxytocin can not be put down. Earlier influenza epidemic began in February 1918 but ended in April 1920.  We had forgotten of Spanish flu till his brother came up on the scene. Some of the lung material were extracted from the bodies of victims of Spanish flu - the virus was but dead wood!  Some experiments were done to bring them back to life for research purposes.  There is no life in them (if Wuhan has not made a copy of DNA!) Recovery of permanent kind without sanitizers and masks begins with the transit of guru into meena rasi (14-Apr-2022). Virus looses the venomous teeth and effective procedures are established during late July to early September, 2021. By the time guru comes into kataka rasi (19-Oct-2025), Mr.Carona will be totally dead - kick him, pour water on him, remove your mask and spit of his face; Do not be afraid, he will not come back to life!  (say, for next hundred years!)

Financial position is good and there is mobility; tourism picks up again. However, country is not open in large scale for international tourism. Educational institutions start functioning normally. Construction activities and domestic market will buzz again with zeal and confidence. There will not be child mortality and intellectuals will not cause snags to the government. Strangely, the influence of government, its ideology and ambitions fade away; opposition has some say in the matters of governance. Since 7th lord is in lagna, aspecting his own 7th house, opposition parties are able to grow new leaves. Yet, they are under the shadow of the ruling party. Results of some state elections are due on May 2nd. Opposition parties are able to eat away certain bastions of ruling party. The results show that ruling party can not be replaced, opposition is not match to BJP. Also, BJP can not estimate Congress as a party nailed to the wall. BJP starts fearing the Congress. To replace ruling party, they should be like ruling party and being different does not work.  Due to transit of shani in 7th but in own sign in foundation chart, opposition takes many years to grow, say 20 years !

The situation in Jammu and Kashmir improves significantly and is irreversible. Government is able to take other parties along. Despite this, certain sections within Hindu realm accuse the government being Manuvadi. Government is forced to do away with certain sick units. There is good co-operation between big brothers and neighbors.

Some central ministers and judges are caught red handed in some wrong doings and opposition parties heap blames on the government. There will be some changes in central cabinet. Religious issues are still major concerns for the government. Judiciary takes over the role of executive several times. At times, it would come strongly in support of government and at times it becomes a noose to the administration. But in over enthusiasm to reform,  judiciary takes different view points and attracts resentment from several sides. Shani as 10th lord in 10th in own sign assures stability of government and its long term policies have everlasting effect. If the opposition party wants to take the reins, they should be like the ruling party. There is no criticism to government policies, this does not hold water against majority mood.
During Plava samvat, a solar eclipse on 10.06.2021 (in the star mrigasira) and a lunar eclipse on 19.11.2021 (in the star kritika) occur in vrishabha rasi while a lunar eclipse on 26.05.2021 (in the star anuradha) and another solar eclipse on 04.12.2021 (in the star jyesta) happen in vrischika rasi. Due eclipses in vrishabha rasi there will be financial strains on the economy. There will be some banking scams and many of the government schemes will flop. There may be some human rights issues, migratory issues that cause misgivings about the government. The media and opposition experience strangulation. In the world scenario, the prestige of the country has a blot due to its wrongly implemented rightful policies. The eclipses in vrischika rasi result in infantile mortality, scams in universities, education standards being eroded. You will come across many street venders with Ph.D. Indian Ph.Ds will not be able to secure entrance in foreign universities and jobs. The eclipses in vrischika cause severe alienation between the partners in the ruling government. The ever tormenting neighbors have upper hand, a situation for combat exists but is effectively diffused. On the occasions of eclipses, people born in vrishabha and vrischika rasis particularly born in the stars kritika, anuradha and jyesta should take up recitation of mantras for ravi or chandra (as the case may be) and their ishta daiva during the eclipse, no matter whether it is visible in the country of their residence or not. Whenever the eclipse occurs on the birth star, in the 6th or 8th from your rasi, remedial measures are called for - whether the eclipses is visible or not. They should recite mantras for ravi or chandra depending on whether it is solar or lunar eclipse. महारुद्र महाकाळ कालभैरव राहु तथा केतुग्रस्त ग्रहण विपत्विमोचन सकलश्रेष्ठ होम (or whatever homa with an impressive and fanciful name!) is not needed at all. I sincerely hope you are not carried away by TV forecasts on eclipse days.

The Navanayaka phala, Aya, vyaya, raja koopa, pujyata are mere numbers without description and differ from panchanga to panchanga, depending on vimshottari or asttottari methods. However, panchanga shravana gets great deal of interest in astrology! In Andhra and Telangana, ugadi is state sponsored event with panchanga shravana, ugadi pachadi et al. Kannada people - when will they ever learn? Panchangas are basics but they are not whole of astrology.