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Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesOne gentleman told me, he was doing 'social service'. Those days he had taken to heavy drinking and also had started to pester his wife for extra money. With lot of persuasion, he was convinced that he was actually a vagabond and wife beater! Now, he has given up so called 'social service' (running behind politicians) and owns a successful small scale industry. He is happy, he met me at a crucial time of his life.  In British Raj, the employees in the Indian Postal Service were exempt from Income tax as the govt. considered their profession as 'service'. The colored service (armed forces) is exempt from professional tax. A suit can not be filed against Postal Department for the delay as they are rendering service to a large geographical area. 'It is not service, if certain salary is received'- some would say. IAS, IPS, IFS are services in the sense the selected men are trained 'to serve' the Republic. Of course, some of them turn out to be British Babus later on. Very rarely you see an officer who cares for a humble citizen. Some officers think, their boss is either a minister or another big tie wallah. They do not realize their services are to a common man walking bare foot on a hot summer day. I do not refer to such callousness as service.  Maharaj, the other side of govt. service is corruption. The officials who follow this practice give examples of some law-makers or some other high officers who swindled in crores and that their thousand is nothing! The example of an auto driver who returned $2000 (his 20 months' earnings) to the tourist- is deliberately brushed aside. He refused the gift saying it was his duty. You see, auto driver lacked worldly wisdom! One need not know all that are in the scriptures. In school days did not we read parables from the Gospel? Did not we pray, "Lord give us the daily bread....('Don't mention all these, I feel crying' said one of my friends). We picked the evil while growing up.

There is another 'very honest' club trying to dig at others. One should take a lesson from the auto driver. It is the duty to be honest and there is nothing to be proud of. Everybody is a blend of good and bad - like coffee and chicory. Perhaps, the man we call most corrupt has all good elements but this is only a small black spot. I may be a man of filth having only honesty as a plus point!

Society needs many people - from street cleaners to town planners. Thieves, murderers cannot claim to 'serve' as they are anti-social. Swamijis, Acharyas, Preachers and astrologers are also needed for healthy development. Maharaj, just because one Jadi-bhooti wallah played tricks, should you dispense all ayurvedic medicines? Practice of astrology, preaching, conducting yaga etc., are not prohibited in the Indian Constitution. As long as these are not banned by an Act of Parliament, both astrologers and the client hood are within the ambit of law. My sympathies to the rationalists - you have to wait for many many years for such law, sir. If the society does not need astrologers, it would simply relegate them to the dust bin as it did to some unused alphabets without seeking any opinion by any bearded or bare foot men.

Placement holds the key!

Bhagawan Sri Adishankara bless us all

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