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Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesAyurveda does not recognize existence of microbes, which means causative relationship is not found between the cause of illness and cure and as per established science, the cure is a mere 'coincidental'. To expose ayurveda, the skeptics have to study the cures attributed by its practitioners. In astrology too, the scientific community does not recognize the causative relationship between planetary movements and human affairs. The astrological claims should be scrutinized individually to prove that invalidity of claims and a single "disproof" would be inappropriate. No such elaborate experiment is made. Nevertheless, scientists frequently take a dig at astrology like the Director of a Microbiology Dept. who talked low of homeopathy, as the  pills he swallowed did not work! One skeptic says, "such a research is impossible as astrologers are adept at coming up with new claims". This is but escapism. Just because all the safety locks are being broken, the manufacturer is not disheartened - instead, he improvises the old locks! Some skeptics throw big sums as challenge money. The questions they pose are impossible to answer even by experts in the field i.e. those bearing of gender of the native, the longevity etc., there are incurable diseases like psoriasis, and AIDS. Should we declare the system of medicine as fake? Such challenges will not work, but an open minded dialogue between experts and the skeptics will surely help.

Human life span is very much limited. To gain full knowledge around us we learn from the experiences and expressions from men of previous generations. No scientists would waste his precious time to verify already found facts like electron mass, but would base his new hypothesis on the same. Similarly, astrologer also uses the passages handed over by the ancestors. One Srilankan skeptic said, "Blind belief in astrology on the ground that Newton and Carl Jung believed is as absurd as drinking urine as a curative measure on the ground that Morarji Desai (former Indian Prime Minister) did so!" When the subject calls for a serious discussion, such filthy, uncalled for remarks are offensive to any decent mind.

Skeptics firmly believe that they are enlightened mass and term others' beliefs as blind. One rationalist of Bangalore says, "Even if you shout at the top of your voice, that you have personal experience where the predictions came true by 100%, we can not take it. The claim has to be tested and endorsed by rationalists". See, how the rationalists override the individual testimonials! Anyway, it was Desai's water plant, he had full liberty to do whatever he wished to with the product. Unlike the rationalists, he never called on the nation to follow him!

In their mind, there is no God, no Shastra (scripture) and Truth (following of). They believe, for creation there is no other reason than mere union between man an woman"

--- Sloka 8, Divasura Sapadvibhaga Yoga, Bhagawad Geeta.

In the world nothing is certain but death and taxes! -- Benjamin Franklin.

Much of the wisdom of one age is folly of the next.-- C. Simmons.

Placement holds the key!

Bhagawan Sri Adishankara bless us all

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