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Qualitative Predicitons and Potential RemediesThe data from which the horoscope is drawn are: time, date-month-year of birth and place of birth. If these factors are the same for two individuals, then the life incidents, characteristics, longevity etc., should be the same. The experiments conducted by my rationalist friends involve examination of twin horoscopes to know astrologically whether the two lives are same or different. Skeptics in India can think only of this 'twin birth theory'. They cannot go further than this. But the rationalist thought in India has so much advanced that one rationalist professor from Mangalore keeps a challenge - if an astrologer cannot prove its validity, he should become a slave in the professor's house. If I become a slave in the rationalist's house or rationalist in my house - it does not make any change to the world at large. It would be a mere personal victory. We should exchange thoughts and not blows or should not become domestic servants of others! To deduce astrological validity, one should eliminate all the other criteria, which may lead to the same conclusion. The twins share similar DNA structure and it is no surprise if they are same. If the babies are born at the same time and place to two women out of a same man, babies will inherit different DNA structures. This is too rare phenomenon. To show they are very smart, the rationalists - (may be a high school drop out or a biologist at CCMB, Hyderabad - anybody who has studied any branch of science, for that matter with a true drive to be more scientific, at the cost of scientific temper) - try to dig at the astrologer with a twin birth case!

The best method to examine would be to take 'astral twins' i.e. babies born to different people (where DNA are dissimilar, naturally) at the same time, and place. It should be noted here that astrologer merely uses the calendar to trace the position of heavenly bodies. The birth details need not be in dd-mm-yy format, it could be shasti of sukla paksha, budha vasara, chitra masa of prabhavanama samvat. Astrologer makes a map with degrees minutes and seconds of planets, nodes and also ascendant (the portion of zodiac rising at the eastern horizon). The planetary positions remain the same (as it is the angle subtended to the planets from the center of the earth) all over the world at the given time (say, GMT). The time is expressed in Standard time of the country. The charts having same positions of planets, nodes and ascendant (lagna) could be taken wherever the birthplace be - be it Mangalore, Manchester or Melbourne. This way the experiment can be expanded to include various countries, cultures, social set ups. Further, we can go back into history to locate the personage having same planetary and ascendant configurations. Such a study should indicate the pattern of events, feelings, individuality, etc.,

During my practice spread over more than a decade, I am in possession of horoscopes of astral as well as biological twins from various social segments and countries. There, I find glaring similarities in the natives' mentality, familial problems, financial front, professional problems etc. For instance, one is a rich man having many mining ventures in Bihar, wheat mills in Punjab and also automobile and petrol dealership in Bengal. Yet, he has fear of losing in life, is tense & nervous and very religious. He depends on his brothers (it is a combined family where this native is an elder brother) to manage his ventures. He has widowed sister, is divorced and remarried. Though he is stinking rich, there is always a feeling of poverty! He is very stingy and his employees find it difficult to work with him due to this. Another astral twin is a government babu, drawing merely 35,000 rupees a month. He too is divorced and remarried. He always quarrels with his family members (has many sisters, brothers etc.,) but he does not have any widowed sister but has family problems. He is also very religious man. He suffers anxiety, uncertainty and takes tranquilizers regularly. He too is eldest in the family and gets some amount from his brother in USA. It is a regular source of income to him. He is also stingy. There is no possibility that this Bihari rich man has met this Andhra man (who has never ventured out of his state) . So, these two do not have any mutual influence other than the planetary influences on them. An Indonesian has financial problems running into lakhs while an Indian having similar combination in his horoscope has also financial problems but running in thousands. But, both have severe constraints on their purses. A 30-year's old man has the same mentality of another person who is 75 now. They have not met at all and any influences of mutual friendship should be rules out. The events in their lives also look most similar. The only common factor is that they have similar horoscopes. If any skeptic makes a faithful enquiry, he has to take up astral twin horoscopes spread over many countries and generations. Indian skeptics know only to repeat what's already said particularly in the West. In mid 80's I used to read a rationalist magazine from Kerala to gain an insight to rationalist thinking. Seeing same articles again and again, I gave up. I may take up subscription again in perhaps 2080, and may find new articles and new thoughts!

Placement holds the key!

Bhagawan Sri Adishankara bless us all

Qualitative Predicitons & Potential Remedies

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