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Transit of Guru (Jupiter) and Tula (Libra) rasi
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Most of the rationalists hold that astrologers speak eloquently and also ambiguously. Speaking eloquently or ambiguously will not solve the problems of the client. The judge is never impressed by lawyer's vocabulary, mannerisms, intonations but by substance only . Whatever that comes out of lips will not carry any weight. The words should come from the heart with great concern for the client. To imbibe life in his words, the astrologer should follow austerity measures like satya (speaking truth), ahimsa (not hurting others), asteya (not stealing), aparigraha (not taking bribe and brahmacharya (doing pooja, dhyana-following brahman). Vakchaturya (gift of speech) is always appreciated in any field - be it politics, medicine, marketing. Vakchaturya is nobody's asset - there are good speakers as well as parrots who repeat 'borrowed' ideas in both sides!

Vamachara (black magic) is not respectable by Hindu satwika standards. Spirits, demi-gods are invoked to know the future. Acquiring any supernatural power will throw the person off guard . I have come across four tantriks who earned a lot of wealth and fame but 3 people suffered untold miseries. Only one person, who lives for certain ideals and helps the needy is a successful man. He too has severe health problems due to action of his enemies and in this case, his own guru turned into his enemy! Astrology has nothing to do with black magic. Astrology (jyotishya) is a branch of vedas. Specific rules are established by observations spread over generations. Most often we come across people who gained little knowledge by study of a couple of abridged books. These people with insufficiency, venture to give predictions. It is driving a bus having a two wheeler license. Like arangetram, the independent practice license should be obtained by the Guru. These people jump into conclusions based on their 'feeling'. This they call, "intuition". Also some astro-neumoro-palmist-face reader-graphologist-cum-so many (God knows how they mastered so many, when each takes a life time!) claim to possess intuition. A long distance driver also says he was saved due to this.

The center of the brain in between eyebrows is called 'ajna chakra'. Mind uses senses like sense of smell etc., to come to a decision. The input is analyzed with reference to stored experiences to take a decision. This is called reasoning. If I am cheated in a situation, when I encounter the similar one, I reason out and be careful. At times, without these, ajna chakra comes to a conclusion and this is called 'intuition' just as  micro organisms 'see' even without eyes! Intuition can be defined as 'immediate apprehension by mind without reasoning'. Further, this extra sensory perception comes to surface quite suddenly and disappears also. Till my 17th year, I would experience earthquakes and train accidents during my sleep. The next day, the very same picture would be in front page of newspapers. This experience ceased abruptly. One of my friends looses accuracy though all his predictions are 'clearly' seen through intuition.

When one is at his wit's end, the intuition plays a role. It would come without awareness. The driver steered the vehicle to safety preventing an accident but afterwards he could not explain his timely action. I had predicted to certain client would have a fracture (which came true - I was told later on). I could have said any thing represented by the same planet and sign, significators like: asthma, glandular disorder, paralysis, rheumatic pains, bone related disorders, deafness, constipation or even cancer. There was no inadvertent hint that he was a rash driver! Actually, he was a very cautious driver and the fracture happened while stepping down the stair case in a hotel. It was by thinking process only I decided on the problems represented by the planets, signs etc., but without my knowledge, I had pinned to the exact one. Like this, intuition plays a role at the end of the tunnel. One can not simply predict anything and every thing just because he 'feels'. In that case, why one should study astrology at all! There are some people who claim to have a super power to solve any of your problem by the gift of God 'liberally sprinkled' on them. These Upasakas (like Vagdevei, Durga) etc., claim to see the future through intuition. The upasana one makes (whatever the purpose be) is very personal. One does not disclose what he talked to his wife last night even to his dearest friend. In any pooja, after pradakshina namaskara, prarthana is offered silently, as it is highly confidential. In those worst days, I used to make charts for my fellow astrologers too.  Even a ten rupee note was hard to come by, in my worst days.  And there were astrologers who could not make proper horoscopes! One such astrologer would enter into a polite discussion on the chart I made for him and he used to rely my answers to his client! I knew this,  but even ten rupees he gave, would go a long way for me!  One day, he told me the secret of his success.   He said,  in 1990s he had done 'shavasadhana'  (a tantrik procedure which is performed on dead a body) in a remote village in Kerala, to gain intuition. Since many years, particularly all the days in 1990, I used to see this man in the bus stop. That time I did not know me. Leave it at that, I had a good laugh! An astrologer is supposed to know the truth and speak the truth. How can a liar command over thoughts and speech?

Hevalambi nama samvatsara Ugadi

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