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Sri M.R. Aiyar was such a great personalitySome people inspire you through their thoughts and actions.  They are called 'Pratah Smaraneeya' (The person to be remembered when one wakes up).  The very thought of them will make you happy. Sri M.R. Aiyar was such a great personality.   Sri M.R. Aiyar passed away on 14th June in his age of 74th year.  Born in an orthodox family of Palghat Aiyars, he was a self made man.  After his graduation, he had to work in his father's law office as they had just migrated to Mumbai. His mother, in those days was not keeping good health. Mother's medical treatment and to conduct marriage of his younger sister were his aims in those days. He had to shoulder the familial responsibilities at an young age.  With whatever little time, he completed his LLB. He had his initial appointment in State Secretariat in Mumbai.  He would recall, "There was no looking back, for next 6-7 years there were no annual increments but promotions!" Changing from job to job, finally he landed with IBM in those days of first generation computers. When his family astrologer and close friend Sri P.S. Aiyar passed away, he was searching for a competent astrologer.  Sri M.R. Aiyar had gone through several books of astrology, both modern and classical works and had commendable knowledge in astrology. He was satisfied with none of the people who claimed to represent Sri P.S. Aiyar in Mumbai and in Kerala. He made few enquires and found me a fit person to replace Sri. P.S. Aiyar.  As he put it, " You have all the qualities of a good astrologer  concern, knowledge, discipline and devotion  I found in my friend P.S. Aiyar. Like P.S. Aiyar, you too do not change your attitude for the sake of  fame and money." Sri P.S. Aiyar had seen good days and bad days.  His magazine was forced to close with losses.  He had to shift from Maharastra to Kerala towards his retirement. He had many VIPs like central ministers, owners of big business houses, film producers in his client hood but never  did any name dropping.  He would even criticise such people in unflinching words.  The villager who had lost his buffalos and had only few rupees  with him was given the same attention that was given to a central minister the previous day!  Being very close to  Sri P.S. Aiyar, he had told me several incidents reflecting concern, kindness and other high qualities of Sri Aiyar. Yes, I adore Sri P.S. Aiyar very much.  In due course, I was consulted by some family members of Sri P.S. Aiyar which I call a great honour. I do not think I am equal to Sri P.S. Aiyar in any way, but it is true I have good qualities of Sri Aiyar to some extent. When you adore great men, you will get some of their good qualities  without your efforts!

Biological twins have same time of birth and parenthood.  When the same astrological combinations prevail in two charts, they are known as astrological twins.  Sri M.R. Aiyar and I have several such combinations and that is the reason for the great understanding between us.  He is senior to me by many years.  On many occasions, he would tell me that he too had undergone the same situations and would enlighten me.  He was the source of my strength. Death is but changing the dress for the soul.  I do not believe I am here for the first time.  I was here since long and would be here and so my friend Sri M.R. Aiyar. We enact different roles depending our the aspirations.  The time had come for Sri Aiyar to get down from the bus, when my stop comes, I too would get down from the bus.  We meet again somewhere else, some other time as we belong to each other. Yet, as we associate a soul with a form and a name it is truly difficult to recover from the shock of demise of those we like. Sri M.R. Aiyar is survived by his wife, two sons, daughters-in-law, a grand son and many admirers. Let God give strength at this time of need to his family and friends.

देहिनोsस्मिन्यथा देहे कौमारं यौवनं जरा। तथा देहान्तरप्राप्तिर्धीरस्तत्र न मुह्यति॥ [श्लोक:13, सांख्ययोग:, श्रीमद्भगवद्गीत] "As the embodied soul experiences childhood, youth and old age in this body, so also  it obtains another body; the steadfast man is not perplexed from this phenomenon."- Sloka 13, Sankyayoga, Srimadbhagawadgeeta.

Placement holds the key!

Bhagawan Sri Adishankara bless us all

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