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The asanas demonstrated in the following pages, though seemingly difficult to perform, can be perfected by anybody with consistent practice.   Performance of difficult asanas will not be sufficient - it becomes a mere monkey business, if other directives are ignored! The directives yama (abiding by divine laws), niyama (following healthy habits), pranayana (breathing exercises), pratyahara ( to receive proper food and thoughts), dharana ( concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi ( a stage in dhyana when one is lost in mediation) are imperative.  Most of the people have not come across 'real yoga' due to their ignorance.  They are impressed by certain schools who adopt very easy ( rather silly, as not supported by classic postures or a classic posture over simplified).  In this page you come across only classic asanas.  One should drive the body to its limits, of course within the given environment and should not be satisfied with 'easy to do' things, in any fields of life.  Over simplified postures do not serve any purpose - just gives the satisfaction that he is doing something called 'yoga'. If your intake is 500 calories and spend only 50 in doing some asanas, can you expect any remarkable improvement in health? 

5th & 9th indicate salvation

Mukta hasta shirshasana

 11th house shows developments

Ekapada urdhwa dhanurasana

2nd house well disposed gives balance of mind

Urdhwa padmasana

lagna lord good gives good health


moon in 2nd gives flexibility

Upavishta konasana

8th lord breaks your back bone

Tringa mukhasana

nataraja gives composure


tittibhasana strengthens your hands


yoga gives stability of mind

  Ekapada galavasana

3rd house represents extremes of body

Bhuja peedasana

12th house represents hands and legs

Ekapada koundinyasana

12th gives secrecy

Supta konasana

sani in2nd gives bad tongue

Supta kurmasana

meditation helps to lead a contented life.

Ekapada uttana muyurasana

4th lord gives comforts

Ardha baddhapadma paschimootttnasana

qualitative predictions


potential remedies

Dwipada koundinyasana

astrological consultations


confidentiality assured             

   Baddha konasasa

down to earth rates


Chandra dasa gives good finance if in a good house.


Chandra badly placed causes mental disturbances and drunkeness.


Kuja in the 3rd may not give any brothers or sisters.


Budha in the 5th twin children or the native looks after others' children too...


Guru in the 10th makes him help others.  Alas, he does not rise in profession.

Urdhwa prasarita ekapadasana

Chandra as a bad significator gives loans, ill health and service problems.

    Padma mayurasana



Rahu in the 11th dangerously disposes the native to make doubtful investments.


Ketu in the lagna gives unmanagable curly hair or premature grayness.


Mesha born is always full of energy, but suffers tension for no reason at all.

Ekapada shirshasana

Vrishabha man is fond of scents, flowers, vehicles and all.

Ubhaya padangusthasana

Mithuna man is Jack of all trades, well master of some!

Parivruthyikapada shirshasana

Kataka man is generally moody and a woman is most difficult person.

Ekapada rajakapotasana

Simha native does not want to take orders from others...


Tula man or woman are cool and composed yet lively. 


Vrischika man is hard to please but dependable.  


Hevalambi nama samvatsara Ugadi

Shani in Vrischika

Shani in Dhanus

Navagrahas - Overture
Guru in Kanya Graha sankalpa

Who am I? - Makara or Bakara?

Mantras for Ravi
Mesha Personality Mantras for Chandra
Vrishabha Personality Mantras for Kuja
Mithuna Personality Mantras for Budha
Kataka Personality Mantras for Guru
Simha Personality Mantras for Shukra
Kanya Personality Mantras for Shani
Tula Personality Mantras for Rahu
Vrischika Personality Mantras for Ketu
Dhanus Personality

Rigvedeeya Sandhya

Makara Personality Devata Mantras
Kumbha Personality General mantras
Meena Personality Classical texts
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Shivarathri Sri Ramakrishna  Jayanti

 Qualitative Predicitons & Potential Remedies 

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