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During November, 2023 ravi transits in his debilitation sign, tula till 17th and enters vrischika on 18th. Kuja is in tula at the start of the month and moves into vrischika his own sign on 17th of the month. Budha is in tula rasi and transits in vrischika rasi form 7th November and in dhanur rasi for last three days of the month. Retrograde guru continues his transit in mesha rasi. Shukra is in simha rasi for first three days and is debilitated in kanya from 4th to 29th of the month. Shukra moves to his own sign tula on last day of the month. Shani continues his transit in kumbha rasi and assumes direct motion from 4th. Rahu is in meena while ketu is in kanya rasis, respectively.
Rasi wise forecast for November, 2023

Like meena rasi persons, you too have marital problems and you are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents during the first half of the month. But your situation is far more better. You have stable success in your wealth ventures. You are able to purchase lands, tools and secure funds. Loans are available for all development purposes, if and when you need.

But ensure you do not go on EMIs for all the fancy things. Anxiety, humiliations and marital problems keep you awake. Expected amount do not come in time; nevertheless there are so financial strains. Health becomes a problem, if you indulge in excess in pleasure hunting and cast off fitness regimen.

A new relationship in life and/or business is in the offering. Even if you are not thinking about love or partnership, you're in for a surprise. You should recite kuja and ravi gayatri mantras, minimum 21 times a day each during first half of the month, to avoid cuts and wounds.

A good month of prosperity. Marital life is good in some respects and not up to the mark in some concepts! Overall, you are able to enjoy the ebbs and tides! Some person from past may come on the stage and cause emotional issues, secretly. A new love affair or perhaps a rekindled affair is at hand. You are heading for a promotion, increase in monthly income during first half. But this does not change the nature of job or the job itself.

Sports persons and agriculturists have good days to come. There are no financial issues; you will spend more than needed carelessly on your children and hobbies. Be prudent if you are parking funds for future needs; ensure total safety. It is better to record all the financial transactions, as you are likely to forget to clear or claim return of hand loans. You require to put lot of hard work in the office. You are not able to change your job.

A mixed month of good and bad. Second half is better than the first half. There are some issues related to investments and welfare of your children that bother you in the first half. You should exercise patience with your children. You expect promotion, good posting during the second half. Professional success is just around the corner. You may be concerned that the support and help you want from your father, peers and well wishers buy it won't materialize. Do not bank on any loans - either the application is withheld or your entitlement is considerably reduced. You are not able to make any costly purchases, such purchases are put off. Relationship with elders and parents is not fine.

You should not yield to gossips and sudden surge of feelings at the work place. There are some issues for your unhappiness from close relatives. There are no financial strains, if you manage carefully. You should plan at the very beginning of the month. Students have lot of discouragement.

Lot of money, windfall of fortune. You spend them all and again it rains! Friends visit you from 7th and keep you busy. An enjoyable month. Time to explore new investments, new ventures and new places. Well, that is it on the bright side. You are about to enter a period of peace and happiness in your relationship, career or life in general.  You will find a way of handling difficult circumstances with calm confidence. 

The dark side of the month related to setbacks in property matters. Bitter quarrels with mother, family members and close relatives. This is not a good time to purchase properties. Students have horrible time. You should be careful in investments matters. Better still is to postpone. Strained relationship with children.

You are at the centre of happening in the office. Keep some trade secrets, do not tell more than needed (in the name of knowledge transfer!). Otherwise you are used as a spring board by others till your spine breaks! Consider long term plans for purchase of high value land, insurance or make long term changes in your lifestyle.

A excellent month of wealth and enjoyment. Yet, the monthly finance is a bit low. You have to plan your expenditure with prudence. There is also low esteem as you draw comparison with others. There will be purchase of costly things from 18th. Pleasure trips, marriage, and new job for some. You have to give up something in order to move on. Pray God you make wise choices, at right time. 

Due to outstanding luck, your long term pending dreams will come true. Time is not good for students. They should not get into arguments with their teachers, particularly in second half. There will be pilgrimage to holly places or your will attend a seminar that brings changes to your life. There is stability in marital life. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse rahu in 8th. You should recite rahu kavacha, once a day during this month, to avoid cuts and wounds. 

A very good month when prosperity dawns on you. Many people of this sign will get married or settle in life. There are good jobs, foreign assignments and all the success. You will purchase all the items you require like vehicles, gold and house. However, this is not the time to make investments in banks. You are keen to spend on enjoyment of life. Loans are available for such purposes. You will improve health and court battles are resolved.

Entire month has tensions and anxiety for no reason. You should control your temper; you should not impose your fondness for cleanliness on others. Be tactful than frank in relationship issues with close relatives. You have a tendency to talk a lot and land in trouble. Towards bed time, you should not think of financial planning, lest sleep will evade.

The month is a blend of good and bad events; however, the undesirable events weigh more. You expect great success in life, good amount of wealth which is due to you. But a fraction of that comes during this month. You should patiently wait for the good time; it is just round the corner. What you most want at this time is some joy and pleasure in your life, perhaps a holiday in the sun to re-charge your batteries.  

Anxiety, sleeplessness, troubled bowls, headaches are quite common. It seems you are stalked against the odds. Old enemies and competitor resurface. Despite all these problems, you are able to purchase an old house, barren land or make investments for these. If you have not done these already, consider taking shares in fertilizer companies. Relationship with your mother has not improved and take care you are not trapped by close relatives in property partition. You should be kind to your children and control your temper. A good news around children or the conception or birth of a longed-for baby.

Life goes on but not not well. The situation is better compared to vrischika rasi persons. For dhanur rasi, happiness is spread across many areas of life briefly. Life is not boredom, you need not seek a holiday trip. Happiness comes to you at no extra cost! There is good amount of inflow during this first week and you should be able to spread it across the field for the entire month.

Success is just withheld due to vedha to ravi and guru. Professional frustrations are running in the background. One or the other domestic problem will make you loose your temper. Not a good time for purchase of domestic property. You should ignore the fears and enjoy doing nothing. There is no vedha for adverse shukra in 10th.  Be very cautious about relationship issues in the office. People you trust, you admire may make fun of you!

There are professional challenges, though we can not say problems till 16th of the month. You see brand new potential in yourself; opportunities must not be ignored; taking up a challenge or not may affect the rest of your life - as indicated during the month of November.

You will enjoy success and enjoyment for past efforts, events will pick up a pace.Hyper activity, increased work load, shifting the office or repairing a bad situation calls for your special delegation. It is not that you are punished this way; this will pave for future developments in profession. You will not see when results when the situation goes on. But from 18th, it sure happens. You will come to know about this elevation on 7th of the month.

You are able to purchase gold, make investments after 7th of November. The trend goes very well from 18th. There is all round success in life. However, you are not able to purchase house, domestic properties or household appliances. Relationship with elders and mother in particular is very bad. Students have very hard time. Though there is lot of money to spend and enjoy life, you are prudent to park some funds aside, shani though in adverse 2nd is in own sign. There is lot of respect from co-workers and friends for the work you do in the office. You are regarded as one of the gurus in the field.

Remarkable professional progress and inheritance are the specialties of this month. You will get all the success, recognition and promotion from 7th of the month and you will enjoy the new authority from 18th. Court settlements come in your favor. You will realize old dues, get inheritance that is to say, some unexpected but substantial amounts from 4th of the month.

Marital life is so-so only. Friends are nowhere to be seen. Even if you have sufficient amount, you are not able to spend, you have a fear that makes you save more.  You feel pessimistic and fearful that your hopes will be dashed. Horrible dreams, a fear that you may loose everything haunts as ketu is in 8th. Before going to bed listen to some classical music to calm your fears.

Most of the planets are in adverse positions and guru who is benefic in 2nd is incapable as he yields to vedha. Budha who is benefic for first six days and last three days, is also under check. You can not expect much good in coming days. If you do not swim, you sink. Just keep your head afloat for the time being. Marital problems, cuts and wounds as well as health issues bother you. You  have frequent mood swings. And benefic chandra now and then gives lighter moments! Things may seem tough and confusing but stick with it, if you feel it is right for you; do not submit yourself to whimsical mind. If you are up to a new secret plan, quite unexpected possibilities will flash in your mind.

You may suffer insults and may be subjected to some humiliating circumstances during the first half. You should be extremely careful regarding cuts and wounds from 7th to 16th of the month. Finance is towards the end of the month. You are keen on saving for a dry day. Relationship with elders, higher officers is strained. Partnerships do not take off well. You should recite kuja and ravi gayatri mantras, minimum 21 times a day each during this month, to avoid cuts and wounds. Attend to only routine duties and avoid public appearances.

Friends come calling in the second half. Trekking, long journeys and sports keep you occupied in the second half. That all are good, some friends fall apart from 7th of the month. Be tactful that you are not drawn into conflicts. Play the role of peacemaker. Finance is not up to the mark (except for the first week, when it rains gold coins) due to adverse ravi and kuja. Promotion is possible.

It's your time for success, joy and happiness. You will feel confident and full of vitality. It's a time to celebrate with friends and loved ones, perhaps enjoy a well-earned holiday, a time of pleasure, You are able to clear old long outstanding dues to consolidate your position. Avoid sudden anger with your spouse. You are unnecessarily worried about your looks.  
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