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The Universal Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

My favorite: The Universal Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Astrology, numerology, palmistry, tarot and sampling survey etc., are but ventures to unlock the future. Astrology, numerology and palmistry as well as tarot have something in common. In numerology also some planets are given a number. In palmistry also we come across mounts named after the planets. But all together numerology and palmistry are not the same as astrology. For example in numerology, 1 represents scepter - raja danda i.e. authority, 3 represents brain, 4-gold, 5-lion 6-throne, 8-serpent and 9-eyes. This methodology is from a famous Hindu scholar in numerology. Cheiro (Count Luis Hamon) gave certain number to the planets like 4 for Uranus, 7 for Pluto. Though extra-saturnine planets are used in mundane astrology even in India, for the prediction of natal chart, these planets are not used as they take a long time to move from one sign to the other. This means throughout a man's life one may have these planets in the same house or one house next. In palmistry we have lines of life, fate, head, heart, union, intuition etc. Tarot cards are similar to the cards used by ancient Indians selected by a Parrot ('Pakshi Shastra'). In a deck there are 78 cards putting together major archana, minor archana, and court cards. The cards are classified in major archana on numbers 0 to 21. Minor archana has wands, pentacles, swords and cups. Further the court cards are page, knight, king and queen. These appear in all the minor archana like queen of pentacles. The cards in major archana are description of certain pictures like tower card, death card, strength card. In the complete set of 78 cards, only three are having a resemblance to stars and planets called star card, moon and sun card.

How to approximate the age on lines?Numerology, palmistry and tarot are different entities by themselves. The numbers in numerology do not aspect each other. Though one can make many combinations with numbers, in numerology, the numbers are reduced to base numbers 1 to 9 by simple addition. In tarot also, the cards merely describe a situation and even if one selects 12 cards (representing 12 houses of astrology) there is no aspect, conjunction. But, the permutations and combinations of 9 planets and 12 houses in mind bogging. In numerology there are only 4 yard sticks: - density number, directional number, predictive number and the year number. In palmistry, the tools are :- 8 mounts (i.e. two of mars), 6 major lines and the rest are stars, cuts, islands, squares, triangles formed by these major lines and minute lines (called influential lines). Astrology has more tools like aspects, conjunctions (yoga s), several divisional charts, time-scale (dasha-bhukti), and transit of planets across moon sign, annual horoscopes etc., It does not mean the quality of results that one gets from numerology or palmistry or tarot cards are less than perfect.  The en result obviously depends on the person who uses the tools! It is possible a man having many tools may not be able to use them. And the man with limited tools may use them effectively. In Sanskrit, there is a single word for 'tools' and 'perseverance' - sadhana. By this perseverance one may invent his own tools. So, perseverance is much needed in any field. As these subjects are not interdependent, it is not possible to peruse all at the same time for each one will take at least 10 years to master. If he were another Albert Einstein, he would have learnt one more subject profoundly. When you come across a futurologist who is "astrologer -neumoro-palmist, graphologist, namologist, tarot and face reader, tantrik, etc., etc.," be on guard as it is possible he has mastered none! A parrot picks up a picture card of some incident from the epics similar to Tarot. But tarot reader lives in five star hotels and is hosted on all TV channels while parrot- reader is on the pavement opposite to the star hotel!

Placement holds the key!

Bhagawan Sri Adishankara bless us all

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