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At the start of the month, Ravi transits in kataka rasi and on 18th enters his own sign simha rasi. kuja transits in  simha till 18th and thereafter in kanya rasi. For the entire month budha is in simha and is retrograde from 25th August. Guru and rahu continue their journeys through mesha rasi; however, guru is not afflicted as the distance between guru and rahu is considerable.

Shani and ketu continue through kumbha and tula rasis. For the entire month shani is retrograde but in his own sign. At the start of the month, shukra is in simha and in retrogression enters kataka on 8th of the month. It should be noted that shukra is retrograde till 4th of next month.
Rasi wise forecast for August, 2023

Your plans to purchase vehicles, gold or dwelling house, go on well though in the first half, the government policies will cause some setbacks. Relationship with your relatives is not up to the mark in the first half but it sees considerable improvement in second half. Students have good days in second half.

Lot of gallantry, sports, friends and change of house or job make this month special. There is a promotion but it involves some undefined working area which does not fall in your comfort zone. There are problems related to mother and close relatives as well as children, particularly in second half. Agriculturists have one or the other problems. Friends come calling during the first half.

A promising month for properties, successful ventures, wealth and most helpful friendship. The month begins with some financial strains and rifts in the family which runs till mid august. There is good help and support from your friends, particularly for journalists and sports persons.

A month where many things go wrong and some may be irreversible. However, the joyful component of the month is finances. An excellent financial situation; income comes knocking from various sources. It is not just monthly income.

This month is about achieving intellectual success, religious and spiritual progress. You are lucky, prolonger disputes, court battles are settled in your favor. You are conferred titles, awards etc., Those who submitted their thesis, receive doctorates now. You are very generous and help many people. You will get a promotion and somebody as revenge makes it a transfer to a far away place! There are friends who you can depend on. Those of different culture, religion and unrelated to you, come to your side while your own men avoid you like a stray dog!

Marital life has ebbs and tides and within this range has stability. This experience binds you well. During the first half there is restlessness, a sense of anger and many losses. During the second half, you are pressured to give results in the work place. There are no severe strains in finance but from 19th, it is a bit difficult to balance. You are more argumentative and this may land you in trouble. Though you have sufficient money, you are not able to invest.

In the first half, you have great inflow of wealth. You will purchase gold, central government bonds, mutual funds etc., Your long cherished dreams come true. Professional life is excellent.

For every step ahead, you have to put lot of efforts - there is negativism inside also. You are easily discouraged. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse rahu but a bit of caution will be enough to avoid such episodes. You can make investments till 7th August. Financial uncertainty always haunts, even when your pocket is full. There is also a fear that your own relatives may abandon you. You can not imagine such a life. There are reasons for such worries but you apprehensions are far fetched.

A great month of promotions, elevations, awards, wealth and social importance. People in fine arts, finances and banking have more good things lined up. Income and wealth expected from many sources. If you are in finance division be careful of your role from 8th of August. You are not happy with your children, you want more and more progress. Nevertheless, you are happy too - they are promising and there is slow but steady progress.

Marital life is good, you are more skillful in dealing with your superiors. Pleasure trips abroad are seen during first week. Many people of this sign get married this month. Pimples, boils, acne bother you much.

Till 18th of the month, you are pitted against the most horrid boss and you think you are doomed. A crestfallen fellow, you deem every thing has ended. It is not so, the fellow recommends you for a promotion during the second half.

Good progress of children. You are very happy with them. However, some arguments due to generation gap cause sudden anger.

A month that has great financial gains. You will realize written off dues, arbitration awards and inheritance. This is in good measure and most of it is in the form of shares, bonds and funds. This is more during the first week of the month.

First half of the month is good, mainly in professional matters and finances. You are prone to cuts and wounds from 19th August due to adverse ravi and kuja. Rest of life has large patches of tedium; days seem to drag on infinitely. At times you are full of courage and that gives away to fear; Some times you are friendly and enjoy being a socialite.

In the first half, you have some severe misgiving with your children. You are worried about investment matters. You wish to check the honesty of your fund manager! You are gripped with fear of an imaginary impending disaster. There is no reason for such burdening concerns. Entire month has professional advantages.
In the first half, the faculty is very strict and disciplined; this causes some frustrations. You can expect good news related to children in the first week of the month. Despite this, your relationship with children is unpleasant in the entire month due to adverse kuja and budha. If you are planning for investments, bank deposits and land properties, it is put off due to reasons beyond your control. Marital life is not up to the mark, ketu is in 7th from your rasi.

You can expect good professional growth from 19th of the month. You are unnecessarily bothered about your status in society and will go on asking all your friends of what others think of you! You are given to frustrations and anxiety due to rahu transiting over your rasi. However, guru in there is able to impart tranquility to some extent.
There is some restlessness, low feverish feeling towards the end of the day. But next day before you decide to see a doctor, you are alright. At times, you overplay your generosity and land in trouble. Students have horrible time ahead, they need to be calm and composed. Most of the people of vrishabha rasi since long has professional problems. Fortunately, shani is in his own sign in 10th and rest assured you are not likely to loose job - in ordinary circumstances. Do not challenge, do not make ego centric comments. You should not quit unless and until you have another firm job order in your hands.
But do not take it for granted, budha is adverse 3rd causes feuds with some existing ones. You should be careful and skillful in avoiding conflict zones. You seem to pick up quarrels! Entire month is excellent for money matters and all kinds of property transactions. Shukra in benefic 3rd in first week gives parties and association with elite class.

It rains gold coins for the rest of the month. You are religious too and with some reluctance you will keep few coins for social causes! Marital life is excellent and many people of this sign get married. You should be slow and careful in financial matters - read the small print to avoid tricksters. You should check feasibility of investments - HUDA approved plots are not available for sale on moon yet!
In the first week, it can be termed as big wind fall. You are always troubled of what people think of your. Relationship with close relatives is very bad in second half. Friends are always on your side, if your need from 19th of August. There are sports, trekking and jolly good trips. Students do well but are easily confused at the eleventh hour.

There is lot of work in the office. Ensure you get suitable credit to impart training. Do not share all your trade skills in the name of knowledge transfer; that you should not be discarded by the year end. You are undergoing some changes in your life, life style and body. It is painful, shani transits in astama position. However, you are reactivated and discover a new life. You should not loose your temper with your co-workers. If you are purchasing properties, vehicles or changing the house - ensure you do not have any legal encumbrance or bad occurrences at the site.
This was already in the pipeline but you did not know. And it required this 'hard to please' man' s commendation. Wealth matters are great from 19th.

Relationship with your close relatives and mother in particular is not pleasant. It is better to stay away from any property transactions. You should be more sensible in your relationship with your co-workers and subordinates lest they mount plots against you.
A good man never lets grief get the upper hand. The mountains are calm even in a tempest.  ― Mahakavi Kaalidaasa 
Expected benefits, court judgments and arrears of benefits do not come - they are not against you, it comes with some unfavorable conditions. Relationship with higher officers and peers is not good. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to electric shocks, glass pieces, shiny objects and vehicles. However, as shani transits in his own sign in favorable 3rd, no serious problems are seen. It is like an electric bulb exploding when you try to replace but then you have stepped back in time! There is no danger and you should recite ravi gayatri mantra, minimum 21 times during the first half.

You are likely to be insulted in public. So, keep low and postpone public presence. Do not enter into arguments and controversies in the entire month, particularly second half. No matter whatever happens you are focused and adamant with lot of raw courage. You are slow to react to any situations and that saves you.
You should ensure you will make proper declarations and pay consequent taxes and dues; otherwise government gets angry and imposes penalties in addition in the second half. Marital life is not up to the mark. There are one or the other issues with relatives and mother in particular. You are very cryptic and brief to express and this leads to misgivings with relatives.

Mild amount of professional frustration runs in the back ground. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse ravi in 7th and 8th as well as kuja in 8th. However, budha in benefic 8th reduces such possibility. Students have setbacks. Attempts to purchase dwelling house, vehicles or gold does not work. It is better to recite ravi and kuja namaskrara mantras during this month.
At times, you get into angry mood with the same people. A taxing month, holding to yourself is very difficult. You should try to be calm and cool; that helps in metal and physical well being. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day.
Finance is good from 8th of August. You will be able to purchase whatever you want and enjoy life.

You should indulge in your preferred books and hobbies. The time is good to take up meditation, yoga and kundalini. You may discover some hidden talents in you and venture out to parallel universe! This way you can minimize the fear complex.
फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः। को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना॥              
"With the help of planetary movements, mortals can only give indications of what is to happen; who else other than BRAHMA can tell with certainty as to what will definitely happen"  - Phladeepika.