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At the start of the month, Ravi is in mithuna rasi and moves to kataka rasi on 18th of July. Kuja transits in simha rasi in the entire month except for the first day. Budha in mithuna in own sign till 8th July and from 9th to 25th transits in kataka. Thereafter moves to simha rasi from 26th. Budha is  combust from 1st to 14th of the month. Guru and rahu continue their transits in mesha rasi while shani is retrograde in his own sign, kumbha. Ketu transits in tula rasi for the entire period. Guru in mesha entire month. Shukra in kataka till 7th and enters simha on 8th.  Shukra is retrograde from 24th July to 3rd September, 2023.
Rasi wise forecast for July, 2023

The month has celebrations and successful contacts with impressive people and upbeat profession in the first half. You can purchase properties, vehicles and gold during the first half. But is almost impossible in the second half. There may be a tax or ban on transactions in the second half.

There is more good during July than you expected. But you should avoid anxiety and tension. You may suffer a sense of 'being left out' in most happening areas in profession. But it is not so - you are expecting that all should stand in line and salute you.

Except for excellent financial conditions the rest of the concepts are bad or worse. You are able to enjoy life due to affluence - so get dressed properly and attend parties, functions. Take up a hobby or watch preferred old movies or read an half finished book on a rainy day. This way you will be able to let the bad days pass by and still stay in one piece!

A mixed month. You should guard your health properly as you are exposed to over strains. You should see to your limits when in sports field. Over enthusiasm will cause severe bodily discomforts. Property matters go very well in the first half. You are likely to purchase properties and gold. Your long standing dreams come true. Finance is not at all a problem during this entire month, thanks to shukra.

A great month with some adverse events. The progression goes on very well. You will get promotions, success and awards during this second half. In the entire month, there is purchase of costly things. Yet, due to ketu in 2nd house you are needlessly worried about finances, considering your need in next 10 years!

An excellent marital life. A great professional life. But from 9th to 17th the good treads in profession are held back. From 18th, you have great days in the office. Though you may have ready cash, invest matters will not proceed well. But there is great progress in purchase of properties like house/flat/land from 8th.

It is not exaggeration that hell has broken loose during this month. Fortunately, it is not on all days. First eight days give you fabulous money, the unexpected. In the entire month there are no financial troubles. Relationship with bosses is good till 7th and this is the time to approach to put your claims or seek a favorable transfer.

There is windfall of fortune from 9th July. There is income from various sources which you had simply written off. It could also be inheritance or court settlement. The progress of children is excellent.

Matchless growth of wealth and it starts from 8th of July. You will purchase all costly consumer items you cherished. This is not connected in any to property matters or investments. This month is for spending and amusement.

In the second half of the month, you have considerable progress in profession. You have immense boldness and also sudden help from unexpected corners. In the mean time, some trusted friends and relatives move away from you!

Life is truly a balancing act! At times when you feel loosing balance, you need to tilt left and right to remain steady. Do not be carried away by swings of fortune but try to establish a stable rostrum.
Mother's health is not good in the second half. In the entire month, you exhibit strong reservations against you children. However, you are happy for their progress in fine arts and financial prowess.

In the meantime you are not happy with them as they ignore physical fitness. In the first half you should be careful with your friends - your frankness may snap the relationship. The period from 18th to 25th is good for investments in bonds and mutual funds. You have excellent health in the entire month. Marital life has some vexation due to ketu in 7th.

Not a favorable month. However, second half is better. The is good income during the first half and you should be wise to utilize this to tide over the remaining days of month.
There are some problems related to sleep deprivation and anxiety. Expected loans do not come in time till 17th of the month. Agriculturists and sports persons have problems - expected amount of success does not come. There are minor clashes with your mother and also some financial strains. You are required to put more efforts and hours in work. However, you are not happy as it does not take you anywhere. You should have patience. Under any circumstances, you should not try to change you job unless and until you have another clear appointment order.
You will be sufficiently given importance and you need not flinch nor do a bird dance! You have courage and skills and when it comes, you can surely do better than others.

There are no financial strains in the entire month. You have sufficient funds to spend and save. There are many get-together parties and picnics thanks to shukra. You boss is very strict and despotic person, you feel but he is the one who shapes you for any challenges in life. This month is not a good time for investments.There are minor resentment about children.
Rest of the area of life except for money matters are not good. Restlessness, humiliations, anger with family members, lot of work like helping others and getting blames when things go wrong. Not a good time to purchase anything even a small package on Amazon! Be patient in office and do not looks your cool.
Marital life has ebbs and tides but it does not cause strains at all. Love and hate relationship with peers, elders and your father. There are good people around to give timely help and advice. A period of companionship, many friends come calling. It is very pleasurable while the events go on and thereafter somehow you have some resentment.
Many people of this sign get married and settle in life. You have ample funds to invest, save and spend. Loans and advances are available for long term investments. Consider acquisition of land properties as shani is favorable in 6th in own sign. The snag in your engine is presence of rahu in 8th. This disposes you to cuts, wounds and accidents. As guru is also in the 8th, there is no big harm. Caution is required while driving. Listen to warnings, suggestions and hints of elders and fellow travelers. The accidents are not related to rain or water directly but may be due to skidding surfaces.
Relationship with you boss is strained in the first half. There are always concerns regarding children. Short tempered arguments with spouse and children are quite frequent. Be careful about allergic reactions, insect bites and canine attacks.
Loans and advances are available but the application gets held up. You are prone to cuts and wounds during the first half. Do not be in a haste and do not try your skills in unknown areas like changing electric bulb. There is lot of work like site inspections, branch inspections, workshops and trainings which are tiresome. Pray Lord Ganesh for strength and smooth progress in job.
Yet, you tend to loose your temper with them for small reasons. A good month for artists and creative writers. The amount will be utilized fairly well in wealth making schemes. Be careful to invest in secured institutions, ketu in 11th causes temptations!

Even if you want to purchase gold or vehicle, it is not possible as you are half hearted and also the item you want is not available at this minute. You are full of courage, it is the time to take challenging examinations or take an enormous tour around the country. Marital life is not up to the mark. You are prone to cuts and wounds during second half. A bit of caution is required and nothing more because budha in 8th, a benefic position will safeguard you.
Yet, you should be very prudent in your spending. There is good progress in profession in the first half. Partnership is bad from 9th and it becomes even more dreadful from 18th. Also, you are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse ravi, kuja and budha. However, shukra in benefic 8th will give sufficient safety. It is better to recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra during this month.

There are worries regarding mother and some properties. Students suffer some setbacks. There is also mild amount of professional frustration.
This is the main feature of the month. This will ensure, you will sail through the troubles.

Marital life has some problems due to relatives and finances. You should be careful in making purchases, be minimal at all times. There are concerns about investments in the first half of the month. Despite hard times, you are able to hold your head heigh due to shani in own sign over your rasi and also benefic rahu in 3rd.
Well, you have good days regarding health, settling your dues, professional progress, hard working nature. But when it comes to settling your score with opponents, stay calm and wait for even more good time! You are able to purchase costly things and domestic articles during the first week. Relationship with children is upsetting from 8th of July, but you can not do anything about this. Till 7th, you have excellent relationship with your children. Your sluggishness is blessing in disguise, you are able to tune phase of life!
There are problems related to properties during the first half of the month. Relationship with your mother and close relatives is very bad - even the mention causes loathing repulsions. Ketu in 8th causes frightful dreams.