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Quite frequently you will come across a man tall and moderately built, talking fluently in various languages about philosophy or any such technical subjects. He seems to have profound knowledge and talks with authority. He enjoys the party though he is selective in whatever he eats or drinks. He has a knack to solve the problems quickly and regarding the problems he can not solve, he will not fret - has the courage to live with that! He takes slow and cautious decisions when he thinks his stand may harm others. He puts on a pot belly during his middle ages that refuses to go off despite his regular exercise. He is a sports man - likes sports and also has many past times.
Actually, he takes the life itself very sportive. The failures do not deter him. Immediately, he sets to examine the reasons and is back in the arena again!  He is well versed in shastras, ancient as well as modern languages but is conventional. He speaks and writes only respectable language and does not indulge in slang. When he speaks, you will have to be equipped with a dictionary, so rich is his language. He is a poet himself and at a drop of hat can recite many poems. He likes his culture and holds such strange views that may seem to be outdated or flawed in present day world. He adores his culture but does not use much discretion in his beliefs. He loves all the people and likes to buy peace even at his own cost. The more he struggles, has challenges in life, he will flourish more. If there are no challenges, he is reduced to an ordinary man. He is very generous and does not make a show of it. When he borrows an idea or mentions a quotation, immediately he would give a word of praise to the author. Fond of sweets,  he likes fresh air, exercises and a lot of traveling, particularly to places associated with health benefits. He is a god-fearing and religious man and any profession of fair play will suit him. Legal profession, sports, publishing and educational professions suit him most. He does not loose temper very easily.

As your employer, he is most professional person. He believes in team spirit and has systematic way of doing things. When he conducts an important conversation on phone, he might have already written his part of dialogue. I came across such a Managing Director. He is not oppressive, but gives you full freedom, but you have to reach to target he sets. Suppose something seriously goes wrong, he is ready to forgive and forget.

As a subordinate, he is a pillar of your office. He does not meddle in others' affairs. Quite steadily he will move up and there is no wonder, if he sits in your chair later on. He keeps a distance from the gossip mongers and those who have a bad mouth. He is a bit talkative and he can keep only ordinary secrets with him. If a very confidential matter is told to him, he can not resist to mention at least to his identical friends for he wants to study the matter with others' view points!

He does a lot of pooja, bhajans and is a member of several clubs of reputation in the city. He is very orthodox but he believes in others' freedom. He is very humble to his praises and meekly refuses to accept. He is lucky in life as most of his problems are easily solved. He is always in a hurry to finish the projects well ahead of time. He is always inclined to study philosophy, occult subjects and also acquires great maturity in these subjects. He is always restless but appears cool and comfortable from out side. His mind is always full of projects and schemes. He thinks and responds to the surroundings. If you ask his opinion about some obscure political event in the nook of Africa, you will discover he has made 'a thinking' about that and you never know whether he is worried about his daughter's delayed marriage or he is 'making a thinking' about unification of Korea. At times he will go back into history to analyze how a culture was formed. Also, he gets appreciations for his timely quotations. When it comes to sports, he refuses to accept the defeat of his side and argues vainly how the opponents chanced upon the victory. He is the supporter of Mohan bagan or his favorite cricket team or a political party through thick and thin.
A negative dhanus (Sagittarius) man is a hypocrite. He steals others' ideas, books and boasts that he is a great author. He is always a copy cat and used his intelligence to copy than to make originals. One fellow of this rasi stooped to such a level that he collected money for his father's funeral rites while his father was alive. Another one married the daughter of a colonel posing as a  highly placed official in Defence Ministry. One man underwent family planning operation for the sake of few rupees before his marriage and as the same was not disclosed before his marriage, it ruined (obviously) his marriage. So fool hardy he was. It should be noted that all these three men were very religious, would visit temples regularly, were extremely intelligent and spoke many languages fluently.

As he takes very failure as a challenge, he is a great asset to the organization. He will not come up with false prestige issues, but will put up a brave face and works hard to improve. Even if the company is not doing well, he does not quit but for the sake of good old time, will stick to his company at any cost. For him, the human relationship is more important than salary. Though he seems to be not so intelligent in making money, he surely enjoys a life of comforts. Live and let live is his golden policy. If he in the retirement age, he would talk pointless about himself. He always recreates a scene from his past and goes on for half an hour with ' Maine bola' (I said). He will be known as 'Maine bola sahib' in the office!

The description above would be prominent if moon is in the middle of the sign. For complete analysis of character, future trends, suitable gem stones a personalized approach based on horoscope is desirable.