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Rasi wise forecast for June, 2024
Oxytocin (known as hug hormone) causes social bonding, empathy and joy in social behavior. Distancing, face masks, closure of cinema halls and tourist spots can not go on forever. It is against evolutionary principles. These are purely temporary necessities.  I am a die hard optimist - oxytocin can not be put down. Earlier influenza epidemic began in February 1918 but ended in April 1920.  We had forgotten of Spanish flu till his brother came up on the scene. Some of the lung material were extracted from the bodies of victims of Spanish flu - the virus was but dead wood!  Some experiments were done to bring them back to life for research purposes.  There is no life in them (if Wuhan has not made a copy of DNA!).

Recovery of permanent kind without sanitizers and masks begins with the transit of guru into meena rasi (14-Apr-2022). Virus looses the venomous teeth and effective procedures are established during late July to early September, 2021. By the time guru comes into kataka rasi (19-Oct-2025), Mr.Carona will be totally dead - kick him, pour water on him, remove your mask and spit of his face; Do not be afraid, he will not come back to life!  (say, for next hundred years!)
At the start of the month, ravi is in vrishabha rasi and enters mithuna on 16th June. From the second day of the month, kuja transits in his own sign, mesha for the entire month. Budha is in vrishabha till 14th and from 15th June he is in his own sign, mithuna. In the mean time, he is combust from 3rd to 26th of the month.

Guru, rahu and ketu transit in vrishabha, meena and kanya rasis respectively. Shukra is in his own sign, vrishabha till 12th and thereafter he enters mithuna rasi. Shukra is combust entire month (till 10th of next month). Shani continues his travel in kumbha rasi, his own sign.

An excellent financial condition in the entire month due to favorable budha and shukra. Till 12th of the month, there is income from various sources. You will visit market places frequently and thee is purchase of high value. There is purchase of gold, vehicle and pleasure trips. If you are under favorable dasha/bhukti then purchase of immovable properties like house/flat  or land is possible. Despite this, there are some sudden strains in finances in the first half due to adverse ravi. There are strains in familial relationship. Agriculturists and sports persons have good days ahead due to kuja in his own sign. Also, you are subjected to physical strains but there no health issues due to this. You will shine well in public speaking, acting and signing.

Despite this, it is possible that you may make some enemies due to slip of tongue. Be careful while you talk; do not be carried away by gossips; You may be misquoted and your own friend may spread ill will against you. Do not spend more by throwing parties to please your friends.  Expansion of family like adopting a pet is not possible, it gets postponed. Horrible dreams, undefined fears and sleep related problems are due to rahu in 12th. There are some friends who want to help you but such help will go against you. Polite refuse to take such obligations.

During this month, you are likely to make large investments in land properties. Due to favorable budha and shukra, you can be sure of large financial gains. Some promised moneys do not come in time, as budha is under vedha. You are able to purchase all the things you desire and still some money is left. There are some strains in family matters as ravi is adverse in 2nd during second half. Anxiety and sleeplessness are common due to various events happening at great speed. You should learn to relax by the end of the day. Be careful while talking to others as you may land in trouble during first half.

There is always a curiosity of what people around think of you. Forget that, as it may cause gloominess. You are undergoing a hard time in profession. You may be thinking of changing the job, quitting altogether or you have fear of job loss. The experiences now pave a good future, there is no need to change the job. Shani in own sign does not impose penalties but teaches you hard lessons. The banker who promised a fabulous loan will turn down your application at the last moment. There is always constant worries about children.

Good trends in property matters. Many people of this sign have success in various fields. Some get good placements, some get properties and some get good titles. Sports persons and agriculturists have great accomplishments, that to kuja in his own sign in favorable 11th. Mental tension will increase during second half due to various multi tasking activities. Nothing goes wrong, budha is in his own sign; you may put on some weight due to this. You have all the money in the world to enjoy life; purchase of costly things, gold and vehicles is assured due to shukra in benefit 12th placement identical to own sign.

In the second half, same trend will continue to limited extent. Relationship with father and higher authorities is not strained but upsets you some times. A hard boss is breathing on the back of your neck all the time. He does not means bad, but he is very hard to please. Suddenly ugly scenes may surface in the office.  You should exercise patience and control your temper. Mother's health will cause concern.  Students are not able to concentrate on their studies.

AMost of the events during this month are related to profession. You are at the centre stage and you are given due importance, promotion or a good post which comes with t&c to bring about changes in the situation. Not an easy job but surely you can do it. There is greater demand from your higher authorities to enhance your capabilities. At times, you will find the go very taxing. But, this will help you in a long run. You are being heated and cooled to get into a right shape! But, when it comes to knowledge transfer, have some secrets up your sleeves. Do not become redundant, like a spent beer can. There is somebody of opposite gender who stands your way in the office. However, such episodes will elevate your status, do not despair. There is stability if marital life, despite some misgivings. If you are in the middle of some negotiations, seek an amicable settlement. 

Second half will see excellent finances, particularly from 13th, thanks to shukra. In the entire month, you have money power and desire to accumulate the costly, cozy things you desire. If you have to deliver a guest lecture or make a big investment, schedule it after 15th. There is always some nagging worry about financial needs say after 20 years. You get worried for no reason. As you are prone to cuts and wounds due to rahu in 8th, you should be careful while handling hazardous objects and while driving. You should recite rahu kavacha once a day during this month

It rains gold coins and you are able to make use of the resources. It will not just flow away like the rain water on a road. You are conferred titles and promotions await you. There is considerable amount of success in all walks of life, particularly in first half. Lot of professional tensions and hard work but this will bring you laurels, kuja is in his own sign. You are very strict, hard working and honest; you will get noticed for these qualities. There is income from various sources, particularly in the first half. You will make good investments in the second half.

You will exceed your limits but it does not hurt, budha is in his own sign though it is adverse 12th. There are minor health problems related to bones and digestive system. These will teach you importance of fitness and good food. Avoid arguments with your father and higher officers. You will come across people from various culture and geographical localities. Short distance pleasure trips are in the air.

There is inheritance or a favorable court judgment. Yes, you get some amount and it is not up to your expectations. If you do not take care to invest in time, all the amount will just evaporate.

There are times when marital discords peak to such a level, you doubt whether you made a proper choice. However, such events only pave a way for better understandings, marital life is safe and sound. There are good developments regarding your children.

This is the time to take loans and advances for further development. This should be used specially to acquire properties like land and building and not for purchase of a car! It is difficult to purchase immovable properties the process riddled with inordinate delays.

Unstoppable charge, surge of unmatched courage coupled with timely help and advice by relatives, friends and brothers will keep you going. There are severe misgivings with your children; you are as cruel as Kams and they find it difficult even to talk to you.

You can not depend on your relatives and friends for any kind of advice and support. You are not a destitute, help comes from unexpected corners through a stranger, a foreigner or through a man you never bothered to wish! There are friction in the family regarding property matters. You are deeply hurt how some close relatives or your mother took a stance against you. You are likely to purchase large patch of land but it is not easy, the patch is full of disorder. There will be some misunderstandings with your children in first half. Heavy expenditure is seen due to children like admission to prestigious schools. You are not happy about these trends as you have not seen encouraging implications.

Happy days are here again! Friends calling on you; there are long distance tours and travels. This is the time to expand your influence. Take memberships of prestigious clubs and open branches, affrications and franchises. Sports persons, journalists and stage artists have excellent time ahead. You will see stability in life; at times it seems that you are stuck up and future seems to be dull. It takes time for flowers to become ripe mangoes. There is purchase of high value properties like house or flat. It is better to buy a flat than a costly car. If you have a house, buy another one!

A dreadful month and that feeling lingers in your mind. Thanks to kuja in own sign but unfavorable 2nd, you will get money as and when the the need arises. But there is great fear of onset of a wreck. You are fond of sports and you will buy trekking shoes for all and insist that your little grand child to grand mother should take a long walk with you! In the name of frankness you may hurt others and you should learn to be polite. In the fear of a rainy day, you are on saving mode. Well, surely it will help you. This is good time to make long term investments.
You are prone to cuts and wounds involving machines and vehicles. Such events can be completely avoided with some caution, thanks to kuja who is in his own sign. There is great interest in occult sciences like astrology. You will clear long outstanding loans as well as you can avail long term loans for purchase of immovable properties. Shukra is favorable in 9th in own sign; go on, purchase properties as you wish.

However, the process is held up for technical reasons, as shani is under vedha. There is good professional progress in second half but there are setbacks also as budha is checked. During first half, you are pitted against a hard to please boss. The situation will improve in second half, the same person will appreciate you. Religious trips are possible till 12th and thereafter such plans are put into cold stooge. Sudden friction is possible with your spouse and it does not affect relationship. Pimples, acne, boils, insect bites are possible.
You are not completely happy with them but you are able to see their assured future. You may have to increase your savings/investments for them. You are keen to assume opposite side of argument with your boss, religious teacher or father. This is just friendly fire that does not harm but gives you good insight. Relationship with them seems to be strained but it is solid. You have lot of money to purchase some this you cherished - a special item or investment.

But you are not able to purchase that because it is not readily available. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to ravi in adverse 8th in the first half. Caution is required in this regard. Income from various sources are seen till 13th as budha is favorable in 8th.
Students in higher education do not see much success. Health is excellent, you will purchase modern fitness equipments, tools or gardening implements.  Due to boredom and confusion at the end of the day, you are not able to sleep well. Go to bed in time, than reading a horror story.
You can do it, if you just have patience and do not call off the plan. Students receive solid foundation in their studies. You are going to receive inheritance or arrears of some due during second half. It is considerable amount and you will surely stash it aside for future needs. Despite having a rebounding financial condition, you are not inclined to purchase any consumer durables, not even a pair of shoes! However, with great reluctance you are forced to buy some cloth or gold to please your spouse, as the relationship has become sour these days.

Marital life is bad during first half and it is not good thereafter! You are prone to cuts and wounds in the second half due to adverse ravi. Caution is required, nothing to worry as shukra and budha in 8th protect you. Many people of this sign taste success in many walks of life. Many will get married and/or settle in life, thanks to favorable guru. You should control your anger with your children; you tend to be displeased all the times. Strange opportunities come your way like a small patch of land on moon or a magic potion Chiranjiva uses to live long! Do not fall head over heals.
Kuja is in his own sign, there is good foundation of understandings and the present tendency is merely temporary. You should cool down when you deal with your children. You will acquire large patch of land or at least positive efforts are made towards this. There are positive indications but delay and reversals are not ruled out as rahu transits in adverse 4th. Relationship with family members particularly mother is not good. There are minor strains in marital life but as budha is in his own sign, these will not escalate to unacceptable levels.
Life seems to be a boredom and to beat this, you will indulge in purchase of things that shine (though you do not require). Rahu in 4th is a tempter to purchase such modern gadgets.  Profession goes on well particularly during first half of the month. There is always some professional misgivings and frustrations beyond your control. Somehow, you do not like the ambience, air and aura. However, you are not able to locate the root cause for this. You have  temptation to seek loans against anticipated earnings. If you do not exercise control, in one year debt collectors will be at your doorstep! It is but a disease to avail loans for flimsy reasons. 
Loans are available subject to t&c for development purposes. However, the amount is not realized during this month, benefic budha in own sign is under vedha. There is no shortage of funds but you feel you may require hefty sums at a future point. This causes self imposed pecuniary inadequacy. You are argumentative in religious matters and you are not able to put your thoughts into words. It is better to avoid such discussions. Only two people can change your life - you and God. Do not fall a pray to those babas who cover their upper bodies with shawls due to shyness. This is the time to learn astrology, palmistry or any such futurology.
Due to guru in 4th, it is not easy to purchase immovable properties. First, you have to overcome your inertia. Do make wise investments than fanciful items. A time will come to purchase a car and another! There is considerable expenditure due to children but you are sure they are wise siblings. Many people of this sign get married or have great jobs or blessed with children. There is always some concern about monthly finances. Horrible dreams, stomach problems, infections are due to adverse ketu. You should stay away from undomesticated canines, insects and honeybees. It is better to recite ketu kavacha once a day.
In the mean time, rest assured there are no unfortunate events in financial matters. Due to heavy expenditure since last 3-4 months, you are suffering aftereffects. Your charisma grows even beyond your imagination during first half. Do not be on cloud nine! It just disappears after 16th! Avoid any arguments with family members. Minor displeasures in marital life is possible due to adverse ketu in 7th.