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Graha japa / Pooja sankalpa
Sankalpa is the statement of commitment or oral promise made to God that on such and such a day, you are about to do a pooja / japa and you are bound by this agreement and until the intension is completed you will not get up or go away.  Until you start sankalpa, you can get up from the seat (to arrange something or attend a phone call).  Once you have recited the sankalpa, you should not get up from the seat nor talk something.  Before sankalpa there are some mantras to be recited.  All put together the sankalpa vidhi will not take 20 minutes.  But these are of utmost importance as they give you purpose, concentration and dedication.  The weight lifter rubs some powder and looks aptly at the lifting bar, then all the audience, noise, judges etc., blur out.  He and his weight all in the world - this is sankalpa!  I insist that one should recite sankalpa, even if your pooja / japa is for a short period!  But then, in 20th century, we are pressed hard for the time.  As sankalpa is not on the main course and we eat ready made mango slices preserved in a jar, we skip sankalpa. If you have time and inclination, you should recite graha japa sankalpa, which is easy to follow and is very impressive. View: Graha japa / Pooja  sankalpa