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When you visit a temple, you wondered who donated to those bells and fluorescent lamps. Also, you wondered how rich he could be to give such a large donation. Meet my friend Capricorn (Makara) - who has done such a great deed! Not only here, even to his old school he has given some colorful momentous. He has made sure his name is displayed on them prominently. So, if you want a donation or a personal loan praise the Capricorn for his generosity. He is very calculative and does donations only if it helps to improve his good will. But once you take a loan or help, do not turn against him as he looks quite harmless. Believe me, he is a venomous cobra. He does not tolerate such back biting and if he sets his eyes on you - you are finished. A distant relative of me worked in Police in pre independence era. One dangerous criminal had become a pain to the Police Department and also the criminal had the audacity to challenge the Law to catch him. My relative went in disguise of an insane man, giving up his pooja, trikala sandhya (religious duties), lived literally on morsels, searched and killed him when the criminal resisted to give up. The Capricorn has an 'eagle's eye' for making the profits also. They can easily judge the areas where he can make good profit.
In any gathering you can see a man with prominent jaw bones, square, big face and head, medium height. He looks a bit  fat above torso while down torso he is thin. He makes jokes, is quick to react, talks very suitably in the gathering. He is considerate to seek others' views. If he does not like anything, he will say so - no hide and seek. He knows many things like music arts, literature, philosophy and do not be surprised if he says he is in Army and is also a PhD in literature. He has a strong body. He likes to talk much, but knows with whom he should talk. He moves only in selected circles. It is possible that he does not like to be associated with you in any other forum. So, if you meet him in a library try to meet him again in some literary function but do not go to his house as a Capricorn thinks it is breach of privacy. He talks about many eating joints in the city and also how they cook a dish in Kolkotta or Casa Blanca. He eats a lot and likes to eat more and unfortunately digests very little. That's why, an elderly Capricorn eats very little. The aged Capricorn looks younger than his age. In parties he has another important task to accomplish. He has to talk to good lot of ladies! He is not a womanizer but a devoted husband. He talks to young girls, his cousins, his elderly aunt, his mother's friend and others. There is nothing confidential about it - he wants to know their well being. And going too frequently to loo will prevent him from a prolonged talk!

Just like eating, he is a bit greedy to make money. At times he goes off board and behaves very stingy. He may run into problems due to this with the government also. But this happens only at times. Though he is handsome, he looks like a well shaven bear as the hair on his body is rough and coarse. The moustache seems to vibrate like the antenna of a cockroach when he talks. He is methodical, patient and also steady in his life. As such, quite early in his life, he decides to 'be something' and achieves it. He is very religious, but makes a show off in everything he does.

Capricorn (Makara) man will not go on his own to help others. Once approached for any help, he will not let you down. Despite his organizing capacity, at least once in his professional life he will suffer most humiliation due to vindictive attitudes of his superiors for no fault of his. Or there could be some dispute with the tax authorities, the government. So, he knows ho much one suffers if a wrong judgment is taken. When he wishes to inflict revengeful acts on others, he will think twice. He takes revenge only in deserving cases and not with all he comes across.

He has great organizing capacity and he heads the engineering sectors, scientific or research facilities or at least a government department. He is hard worker and also is know to take a nap or skip office after hard work. This way he achieves a balance between mind and body. His married life is good, achieves great success in financial matters, will amass a lot of wealth. He is secretive in his plans and actions. He gets good children. He is lucky in investments. A Capricorn generally dies rich. He is a self made man who strikes a balance between philosophy and worldly pleasures. He is not given to emotions easily. Yet, he is a specialist actor, director.
If you have a Capricorn boss, you must be extremely careful not to provoke him. Always stand by his side or you can stand neutral. If you stand against him, you are rolled down, mauled, kicked around for rest of your life. But, he takes to this extent rarely. When he picks up a new hobby (say, playing golf) he will let the complete staff know about it and also how well he played opposite the official coach. If you want a pay rise, invite him to your house and let your aged mother or even grandmother welcome your boss. He would prostrate to the elderly lady. While the conversation picks up, she could hint for your pay rise. Your wife, sister or your daughter can also do the same but you should be careful - he should not think that all these were stage managed. He respects womenfolk and is easily defeated by them. If he is the MD of you competitor company you can plant a beautiful woman as his secretary to know how his coming is doing. Don't be surprised if the Capricorn has already done the same to you - as he is famous for meticulous planning and has foresight!

Makara born subordinate is a good assistant. He keeps your secrets and also shows you a way to beat your competitors. At the same time, he will take liberty to help poor needy people and you can not refuse his request. He is not a backbiter. Capricorn has a lot of moral courage. He has a lot of physical activity and is very industries like a farmer. He will be most benefited in trades related to earth. He worships too many Gods and is the encyclopaedia of temples vratas, traditions. He knows how ancient dishes were prepared and is equally a good cook. He looks after his wife and children very well. But he does not laugh or spend much of his time with family members. Like a bear, he protects his family. If his wife has tooth pain, he rings her up three times a day and tells the whole staff about this. Do sympathies, if he is your boss and I believe the boss in always right! Capricorn sets up family late ( due to delayed marriage), he has still some family duties to perform in old age also. He eats more than he can digest - be it a rasagulla or government funds!

The description above would be prominent if moon is in the middle of the sign. For complete analysis of character, future trends, suitable gem stones a personalized approach based on horoscope is desirable.