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This zodiac sign is also know as "karkataka". He is out form the nursery rhyme 'chubby cheeks, dimple chin'. He has a double chin. He is very imaginative and rarely tries to make his dreams come true. The imagination would be in form of a hypothetical situation. In happy mood, he imagines good situations and enjoys like what he could do with a million rupees if he chances upon a lottery. When in bad mood, he imagines the worst circumstances like being harassed by the employer, suffering dire poverty etc., His mood always changes. He has a vivid imagination and narration skill and so, is a successful story teller. His talent comes to surface in early childhood. A young man was attracted by a beautiful kataka fine arts student. Within 3 months, he realized that it could be difficult to spend rest of his life with her. Even then, infatuated by her beauty, he married her and now repents his choice. The cancer born (particularly girl) should be inculcated with a habit of controlling her moods. Of course, with proper grooming, the problems disappear to considerable extent. In a cinema hall you come across a cancer (kataka) wiping out his tears. May be he is middle aged, it does not mean he should not cry. Since his childhood, he is ready to cry - whenever and wherever he wants! When he meets his old uncle, there are tears of joy. When his pet dog is sick, tears are ready again!
One cancer attended a marriage of his neighbor's daughter. He happened to stand close by the crying ladies when the bride was about to go with her husband. He kept company for the crying ladies! As any one laughs for the company's sake (even without catching the joke), this man gives company to criers (even without knowing them). As he grows older, he resists to cry in public. It is better to cry for other's difficulties than burn ourselves with jealousy of a neighbor. He is full of sympathy for others - he does liberal donations to poor, has good and kind words to them. He does not hurt others. He is the one who prays for the release of captives in a far away land. He is fond of pets, flower plants and cool drinks. He is very shy but likes appreciations. He does not show his collections of poems and paintings easily. It would be a great collection, I promise. There is his first lover (he marries someone else - love disappointment is quite common for kataka borns), his trip to beach, a mountain, biography of an ant, aliens landing, blood thirsty hounds, beasts and devils - a strange panorama. He can capture the glittering eyes of an young girl and also wrinkles on the face of an old woman on his canvas.

He is very cultured person. He does not have courage but has patience to over come the difficulties. He is god fearing. He does not fancy reading any religious books. Just like his changing interaction with outside world, he easily connects himself with God for few moments. One kataka born would loose his senses when 'Arati' (a ritual at the culmination of Hindu pooja) was conducted in the temple. It was an impressive and beautiful sight to see this non discrepant kataka turn into something else! This man was mentally alright and had no problems in life.
Kataka born has intuitive power. One school teacher right after his bath would not in a state to recognize his own people. Then on, or half an hour or so, he would answer the questions by people gathered around. When he regains himself, he would not know what all he said or did! He had a good name for his honesty, simplicity and devotion to duty. He never went to temples nor prayed. He was never interested in astrology, palmistry or in any occult sciences to acquire supernatural powers. He felt mental and physical strains due to these experiences. Then the family forced him to stop. Kataka born is very sensitive in his body and mind. He has delicate health. Though there could not be any serious health problem, he is prone to disorders of lungs and water transmitted diseases.

As an employer, he shows good leadership qualities. Since he is timid, he should not be challenged. He is afraid of physical violence. The kataka employee is a good assistant. He is soft spoken and does not cause harm to others. Only you should take care, he is not hurt - so helpless he is! A negative cancer does not agree with any one and is cynic. The married life of kataka born is not so happy, unless there are good influences. The professions that suit kataka born are: judiciary, wet agriculture, mining, factories, teaching, dramatics and fine arts. He shines well as novelist, script writer or poet.

The description above would be prominent if moon is in the middle of the sign. For complete analysis of character, future trends, suitable gem stones a personalized approach based on horoscope is desirable.