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My Library
Garga Hora
In my younger years,
accidentally I found this book in the attics. In those days ( I was 13 by then), I was finding it difficult to give predictions as many ideas would clog my mind at the same time. I was happy to find this 'made easy' sort of book which describes the effect of up to seven planets in various houses. Just look at the horoscope and go to the relevant line! I devoured the lines faithfully day in and out and within 4-5 months found that the descriptions do not give a complete picture. At times it runs off tangent. For example a line regarding planets in the 10th house does not speak about profession but tells something else. With due respects to Gargacharya, I should say that the more number of planets, the accuracy of description reduces.

Laghu Parasara Siddhanta
Dasha Nath gives
his own Dashaphal (effects of his Dasha) in the Antar of those planets who are (Sambandha Karta) related to him or are of like nature (the 9th) and give similar phal as that of the Dasha Nath. Those Planets who give results contrary to the Atmasvabhava of the Dasha Nath the effects in their Antar are by adjustment between the two (Lords of the ruling period and those of the sub-period). (An admixture of good and bad effects is seen in the Antar of the Lord of Trishdai during the main ruling period of the Dasha Nath if they are unrelated).

Madhya Parasari
All those planets which associate with
the Lords of the 9th and the 5th or are aspected by them bring happiness; and those which associate with the Lords of the 8th, 6th, 12th, 2nd and the 7th or are aspected by them give sorrow. 3. Dhana Yoga should be computed after assessing the malefic-benefic nature of the planets, their effects by position and association. 4. When Jupiter is in his own sign (3-6) and Mars and Moon occupy the 11th, the native is blessed with a lot of wealth. 5. When Mercury is in the 5th house in his own sign (3-6) and Mars and Moon occupy the 11th, the native is blessed with a lot of wealth. 6. If Venus with Mercury is in the 5th house with (2-7) sign and Saturn in the 11th, the native will be a very rich man. 7. If the Sun is in the 5th in his own sign (5) and Jupiter occupies the 11th, the native will be a very rich man. 8. If Saturn occupies the 5th house in Capricorn or Aquarius (Virgo or Libra Lagna) and Moon and the Sun are in the 11th, the native will be a very wealthy person.

Sanketa Nidhi
Sloka 34:
In similar way in birth charts also full effects prevail if planets are possessed with adequate strength. Benefics in 4th bring happiness to parents of the native, native well behaved (sadwi) and has devotion to God. If malefics, reverse of the above. Note: Benefics in 4th give a happy childhood, education and support from the family. Thereby indirectly the parents may be happy. Whether mother or father is happy depends on 4th houses in their horoscopes. Though the sloka says devotion in 'Sripathi' (Vishnu), guru in the 4th would make him worship Lord Shiva. The inner meaning is that he will be devoted to God he worships. In actual practice, his mentality or devotion was not at all indicated by the 4th. Yet, budha in own sign in 4th house made a native always seek riches from God, though he had no spiritual aspirations.

When I was 11 years' old
I had found a book of subhashita s in my grandfather's attic. This pre-independence book was the complete word to word translation of Bhartrihari. I very much enjoyed the poetic similes as well as out dated kannada language used in the book. In course of time I lost this book - one of my respectable teachers did not bother to return! I am yet to find such an useful book. Bhartihari is most popular for his work subhashitatrisati. He is said to be a brother of king Vikramaditya who ruled Ujjain. Subhasita s means the words of advice. Neeti sloka s also go under the name of subhashita s. The subhashita s describe code of conduct and ethics. These stanzas teach, comment, criticize, guide and warn man when he is faltering. The subhashita s given below are easy to read and one will also enjoy rich poetry of Sanskrit. I present assorted subhathita s, compiled from various sources for your enlightenment and enjoyment.