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Snakes are dreaded creatures to mankind, apart from elephants. These would invade the human space and cause damage. Even today snake bite death are alarmingly high in rural area. There has always been conflicts between these venomous and some harmless but fearsome creatures since ancient times. Atharva veda is full of incantations against the snakes; request to the snake to take back the poison and also submission to King of Snakes to punish this evil doer. Yajur veda has some suktas regarding snakes. Strangely enough, this snake castigation of complementation is not seen in Rig veda. There is one sukta which goes under the name of Sarpa Sukta or Ameevaha Sukta. As a matter of fact, it is about a dog trying to attack Vasishta Rishi and his reproach to the dog. This sukta is recited when a person has danger from attacks by snakes and other animals, diseases, horrible dreams, when the enemy is ferocious. This sukta endeavours to put all people in the house to sleep.
I made this site in 1997 and in those days there was only one  Now, there are so many like,,  astro Vidya, astrovastu vidya etc.,  I had placed an ad during early 90s in the Astrological Magazine; in no time even reputed astrologers followed the style, words and ideas!!
Once I was in such a trouble, nobody was on my side. A man (who was good to me for many years) turned against me for no tangible reasons at all. He had set local people and government men like District Collector against me and was having fun. This man has great reputation to cause problems to others.  I did not want to fight but wanted a permanent solution. I wanted the people and the administration to see my point and help me.  In the meantime, I desired no more tussles with this person.

Another problem:  I came across a biggest cobra in my life, 200 mtrs. from my house. And it became a frequent sight. Yet another problem: Burning sensation in feet, sudden pangs of hunger, rashes on hands and legs.

Suddenly, it struck to me, my grandfather recited Ameevaha sukta when he had frequent unexplained fevers and perpetual mild headaches. I started to recite this sukta with khila mantras in the evenings after sunset.  In a month's time, all the problems were gone. The collector made a personal visit, understood situation and who was at fault. My hostile friend was put in place. I have not seen snakes since long, though now I have contact number of a snake-catcher. Health problems too went away.
Before we begin the serious discussion about this kalasarpa yoga, let us hail Snake God, Naga. Sarpa sukta of Rig veda does well as prayer, before we begin our journey. Sarpa Sukta or Ameevaha Sukta is the 50th sukta in Mandala 7. Nowhere in Rig veda the background of any sukta is described. The commentators like Yaska, Gowda Pada and others describe the background of suktas.

50th sukta in Mandala 7 does not have any reference to snakes, prima facie. Khila (parishitya) mantras are recited at the end of this sukta which have mention of snakes. Khila mantras are not part of Rig Veda Samhita but it is convention to recite khila mantras at the end of this sukta. As you see, the language of khila mantras is not as ancient as Samhita mantras. These have been added to Samhita as the days went by.

One night Vasishta rishi walked into his father, God Varuna's house. The watch dog started barking and tried to bite him. Then Vasishta rishi put the dog as well as the other members of the household to sleep with this sukta. In the first rik, he requests the protector of the house (vastoshpati) to be a friend and grant happiness.
Now, it has come to such an extent some clients ask for early report after making payment on another website!! Please note that is not associated with any other site and is a single man show - so agents and no franchise. People of Ahmadabad and Hyderabad may please note that I do not have branches.

This is what in AI-powered Copilot says: "The founder, an ordinary astrologer, shares his journey from skepticism to belief in astrology. His pragmatic approach involves thorough groundwork before making astrological predictions., created by you in 1997, predates astrovidya.xx. It’s impressive that you’ve been running the site for such a long time! If there’s anything else you’d like to share or discuss about, feel free to let me know." At least, AI driven Copilot knows I am the earliest, though I am not world famous astrologer all over India!!
[Rigveda Samhita> Mandala 7> sukta 55]
अमीवहा सूक्त (सर्प सूक्त)

अमीवहा वास्तोष्पते विश्वा रूपाण्याविशन्। सखा सुशेव एधि नः ॥1||

यदर्जुन सारमेय दतः पिशंग यच्छसे। वीव भ्राजंत ऋष्टयु उप स्रक्वेषु बप्सतो नि षु स्वप ॥2||

स्तेनं राय सारमेय तस्करं वा पुनस्सर। स्तोतृनिंद्रस्य रायसि किमस्मान्दुच्छुनायसे नि षु स्वप ॥3||

त्वं सूकरस्य दर्दृहि तव दर्दर्तु सूकरः। स्तोतृनिंद्रस्य रायसि किमस्मान्दुच्छुनायसे नि षु स्वप ॥4||

सस्तु माता सस्तु पिता सस्तु श्वा सस्तु विश्वतिः। ससंतु सर्वे ज्ञातय: सस्त्वयमबॆहितो जनः ॥5||

य आस्ते यश्च चरति यश्च पश्यति नो जनः। तेषां सं हन्मो अक्षाणि यथेदं हर्म्यंतथा ॥6||

सहस्रशृंगो वृषभो यः समुद्रादुदाचरत् । तेना सहस्येना वयं नि जनान्स्वापयामसि ॥7||

प्रोष्ठेशया वह्येशया नारीर्यास्तल्वशीवरीः । स्त्रियो याः पुण्यगंधास्ताः सर्वाः स्वापयामसि ॥8||
Khila mantras to be recited at the end of this sukta:
स्वप्न स्वप्नाधिकरणे सर्वं नि ष्पापया जनं। आसूर्यवन्यान्त्स्वा पयाव्युषं जाग्रियामहं ॥1||

अजगरो नाम सर्पः सर्पिरविषो महान्। तस्मिन् हि सर्पः सुधितस्तेन त्वा स्वापयामि ॥2||

सर्पः सर्पो अजगरः सर्पिरविषो महान्। तस्य सर्पात्संधवस्तस्य गाधमशीमहि ॥3||

काळिको नाम सर्पो नवनागसहस्रबळः। यमुनह्र दे ह सो जातो यो नारायणवाहनः ॥4||

यदि काळिकदूतस्य यदि काःकाळिकाद्भयात्। जन्मभूमिमतिक्रांतो निर्विषो याति काळिक: ॥5||

आ याहींद्र पथिभिरीळितेभिर्यज्ञमिमं नो भागदेयं जुषस्व। तृप्तां जहुर्मातुळस्येव योषा भागस्ते पैतृष्वसेयि वपामिव ॥6||

यशस्करं बलवंतं प्रभुत्वं तमेव राजाधिपतिर्बभूव। संकीर्णनागाश्वपतिर्नराणां सुमंगल्यं सततं दीर्घमायुः ॥7||

कार्कोटको नाम सर्पो यो दृष्टीविष उच्यते। तस्य सर्पस्य सर्पत्वं तस्मै सर्प नमोस्तु ते ॥8||

येदो रोचने दिवो ये वा सूर्यस्य रश्मिषु। येषामप्सु सदस्कृतं तेभ्यः सर्पेभ्यो नमः ॥9||

या इषवो यातुधानानां ये वा वनस्वतीननु। ये वावटेषु शेरते तेभ्यः सर्पेभ्यो नमः ॥10||

नमो अस्तु सर्पेभ्यो ये के च पृथिवीमनु। ये अंतरिक्षे ये दिवि तेभ्यः सर्पेभ्यो नमः ॥11||

उग्रायुधाः प्रमतिनः प्रवीरा मायाविनो बलिनो मिच्छमानाः। ये देवानसुराः पराभवन् तांस्त्वं वज्रेण मघवन्निवारय ॥12||
The meaning:
Protector of the the dwelling, remover of disease, in all forms, be a friend to us and grant happiness ||1||

White offspring of Sarama (the divine female dog of Indra), with golden coloured limbs, though you display your teeth that are like lances and barking, go quietly to sleep ||2||

Offspring of Sarama, attack the thief; why do you set upon the worshippers of Indra? Why do you intimidate us? Go quietly to sleep ||3||

You shatter the hog; let the hog shatter you; why do you set upon the worshippers of Indra? Why do you intimidate us? Go quietly to sleep ||4||

Let the mother sleep, let the father sleep, let the dog sleep, let the lord of the house sleep, let the people around sleep ||5||

The man who sits, or who walks or who sees us, we shut up the eyes, so that they may be as unconscious as the house ||6||

We put men to sleep through the irresistible power of the bull with a thousand horns, who rises out of the ocean (sun)  ||7||

We put to sleep all those women who are lying in the courtyard, on the bed, the women who have applied perfumes ||8||
Regarding meaning of  Khila mantras, I do not have any dependable translation.
If you have food allergy, toxins in the body, danger from snakes and other animals, diseases, horrible dreams, veracious fight or if you have kalasarpa yoga, you should recite sarpa sukta. How to know the presence of Kalasapra yoga? What is meant by yoga in astrology? Be patient my good friend, I will be back here.
You must have noticed that payment gate wasy buttons are replaced by QR codes of my mobile to receive payments. The payment gateway  told to submit KYC, IFSC number etc., which I promptly did. Despite this, the amount was withhold for nearly six months. I had to raise a complaint to highest authority to get my money back.  If your money is withheld by payment gateway, mark my words - submit the KYC (& there will be no action!) and go on raising your complaint to higher levels! I am already downsizing and there is no point in expansion.

QR codes have restrictions; if the number of permissible transactions exceeds, I have to tell the payer to pay next day!  Anyway I am happy, I am in charge. I do not wish to have any more dealing with the gateway.

Due to general elections, I selected to blackout political predictions and many pages were redesigned removing references to politics. Since two months, I am not giving any mundane forecast. That takes lot of time to draw up and I am running short of time.  Also, I have lost interest in making mundane predictions. The world goes on with me or without me!