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The asanas demonstrated here, though seemingly difficult to perform, can be perfected by anybody with consistent practice. "If I can do that, anybody in the world can do it, perhaps even better"  said the teacher to David Dorian Ross, famous Thai Chi Master in US. I talk of yoga in the puritan sense, the ancient yogasans - practiced and perfected since ages and NOT about PowerYoga, Siddha, Buddha, Water, Hot, Cold or Simple Snoring Yoga.  Yoga does not go by any name and it is great sacrilege  to add such attributes. By sitting beneath a tree, I belong to the  gigantic tree  but the tree should not go by my name. It is true - if you mix yoga with mantra, music, magic or mercury, you are no less than Jagadguru Shankaracharya!  You may even consider a demo of snake venom drinking to prove your prowess as a Goodguru.
Mukta hasta shirshasana Ekapada urdhwa dhanurasana Urdhwa padmasana Marichasana Upavishta konasana Tittibhasana Bhuja peedasana Ekapada koundinyasana Ekapada uttana muyurasana Ardha baddhapadma paschimootttnasana Krounchasana Dwipada koundinyasana Bakasana Baddha konasasa Skandhasana Ruchikasana Shalabhasana Vamadevsana Urdhwa prasarita ekapadasana Parshwothanasana Kashyapasana Vashishtasana Ekapada shirshasana Ubhaya  padangusthasana Parivruthyikapada shirshasana Ekapada rajakapotasana Padmasana
Mukta hasta shirshasana
Humble servant of mankind
Performance of difficult asanas will not be sufficient - it becomes a mere monkey business, if other directives are ignored! The directives yama (abiding by divine laws), niyama (following healthy habits), pranayana (breathing exercises), pratyahara (to receive proper food and thoughts), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (a stage in dhyana when one is lost in mediation) are imperative.  Most of the people have not come across 'real yoga' due to their ignorance.  They are impressed by certain schools who adopt very easy ( rather silly, as not supported by classic postures or a classic posture over simplified).  In this page you come across only classic asanas.  One should drive the body to its limits, of course within the given environment and should not be satisfied with 'easy to do' things, in any fields of life.  Over simplified postures do not serve any purpose - just gives the satisfaction that he is doing something called 'yoga'. If your intake is 500 calories and spend only 50 in doing some asanas, can you expect any remarkable improvement in health?