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As per Hindu philosophy, nothing happens just by coincidence, be it getting a lottery, birth or death. Death can strike at any stage in life. There is no seniority list at all! Very rarely I have come across clients who put the question of death. Also, it is awkward to answer when the question is posed by a young person, on humanitarian grounds( please see questions I decline to answer). I would forewarn deliberately and prescribe remedial measures, in case death lurks somewhere. Further, when there is a question of life and death of a close relative, I have relieved the agony of the client assuring him of the longevity. In case longevity is not guaranteed (doubtful) I would simply say, " Be prepared for the worst as the possibilities of survival are not much". I strongly dislike pronouncing the possible death.
The significators of death are 3rd, 8th lords, 2nd & 7th lords, planets in these houses and associates. Further, a weak planet in the chart and enemy of the 8th lord can also cause end of life. Just because one has such a period he need not jump into conclusions, there are combinations that mitigate these evil significators, for instance association of benefic guru. There are many methods to determine longevity like Bharana- harana method, transit of shani on the point obtained by adding the longitudes of luminaries to guru and shani or its trines, astakavarga system etc., But honestly speaking there is no common method that gives reliable results in all the horoscopes. For example, Bharana-harana method fails if there is a cluster of planets in a single house.

I have noticed that during the period of above significators, the native (if he does not die) will have many accidents, poverty, humiliation, imprisonment, terrible diseases, widowhood and many have confessed later on that they felt death would be better that those sufferings!

Death may strike any time.  Have not we heard of young just married couple killed in accidents? 2nd and 7th significators are capable of giving marriage but being negative houses to life governing houses, they can also cause death. If the lifespan is less, then death takes away them. All the houses indicate end of life in one way or the other as the matter ends there. Similarly, all the houses in the horoscope indicate thriving life.  If you observe the balarista yogas (combinations for death in infancy and childhood), your grandfather aged 80 has several of these yogas! Such win over Yama are due to association of death causing planets and houses with benefics like guru and shukra. Good food, timely medical facility and good life style enhance life span.

One gentleman found that his aunt's horoscope was same as the one of a dead man given as an example in certain astrology book. He wrote the reputed author who also owned a successful astrological magazine in 1980,"My aunt did not die but at the same age when the native of the example chart in your book died, she suffered severe nervous problems and ever since her mental state is dull and she leads a vegetable sort of life".

The criticism of astrology (death can not be foretold) stems from the argument that astrology is deterministic. On the contrary, one can prolong his longevity by healthy habits, timely medical consultations, graha shanties etc.,
Very rarely, the astrologer is asked this question. Personally, I too do not like to answer such questions wherein nobody is benefited.  Instead I would ask the client, the purpose behind his question. If only I am satisfied with his planning, if I find that he is not an emotional type, then only I will discuss this topic.  If someone wants to know the probable period of death of a close relative, I will be even more on my guard.  I would think in all possible ways before I answer such questions. My predictions regarding death have come true in more than 30 cases, but I could not predict death of my close friend, perhaps, because his chart looked like mine.  We had too many things in common. The strange thing is that, I had foreseen end of life at the same time, in another chart and it came true with unmistakable timing and accurate description.

A doctor wished to know about his end of life.  He has vast knowledge in the subject and himself had seen many deaths.  Yet, he was not clear what he would do, if he knew the period of death. He was a chatter box, he would not make a will, he would not take care of himself, but he will make loud howls at all.  I bluntly refused to answer his question.

After taking up the horoscopes concerning timing of death, horoscope of dire poverty, suffering beyond human tolerance and forbidden relationships,  I would not take any more consultations nor work any other horoscope on that day.  I will take a lone walk, have a head bath, change yagnopaveeta,  conduct pooja next day and then only I will be mentally fit to take up the another horoscope. The study of horoscope of that strange boy who ate live insects, the horoscope of that man jailed in a Fareast country who cleaned his own excrement  with left hand in in 4x4 room, the horoscope of the young and beautiful girl with blood cancer, the horoscope of son in law of a elite family who became husband to his wife as well as her mother - are horrible  by any human standard. Though the astrologer is neutral, he does not wish that all bad things should happen to the client.  Though the journalist is neutral, unawares he takes sides with social concerns.