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Evidently there are influences of other galactic bodies on the life of earth, for instance sun causes seasons and moon, the tides - be whatever the names one refers to them like planets or stars. In scientific terms, the solar or lunar effects are SAME for all and unlike in astrology, they do not handpick certain people. Thrice in history attempts were made to study the effects of lunar phenomenon on lunatics. All the three studies have not yielded any conclusive result to end the controversy. Cold wind effects everybody uniformly. But my friend does not take this argument. While I go for a morning stroll, he avoids cold days - he is asthmatic. Not all suffer sunstroke but only few. This means there are certain other factors involved and just because we all breath oxygen, we can not be termed as the 'same'. We can extend the same argument to other planets also. But unfortunately, we do not have any precision instruments to measure effects on individuals like radiation, magnetism etc, that fall on earth. Earlier people did not believe in the existence of astral body (body light) until Kirilian photographs were taken! Perhaps, one-day science will advance much more than it is today. Almost all the cosmic rays from outside (including sun's) are filtered by the atmosphere. The photographs by whatever the way it is taken of black holes or planets show that some light or otherwise is coming out or going into. So, the earth can not be isolated by that phenomenon.

As the present day science does not have resources to measure infinitesimally small individual effects, no such study has taken place. It is said that gravitational attraction is the cause of the planetary influences. Every thing that has weight is subjected to this influence. The gravitational influence on the newborn caused by nurse, the hospital building is much more than the gravitational force from the planets! Perhaps, though infinitesimally small they effect the individual behavior. When asked, "Do you believe in the existence of God?" Bhagwan Buddha said, "I do not know". Until we know for sure, let's not talk about the method of influence. Let's behave like intellectuals who want impartial and well thought view point - and not like rationalists of India, bent upon biting every age-old belief. Classical texts do not mention about the radiation (vikirana) being the cause of planetary effect on individuals. If I talk about radiation effect or gravitational attraction, I do not have ANY SANCTION from the classical works. Yet, we find references to 'dristi' (aspect) in all most all classical texts on astrology which implies that the angle of incidence of the rays from the planets would cause the effect on life. Pending investigations, for such ultra-minute forces of galactic influence, we have to shelf these arguments. Position of planets in the heaven are used like the pointers on clock dial. Mind you Maharaj, astrologers do not use any measuring instruments to read a janmapatri. The non-living watch does not give out any force whatsoever on the body. Yet, we have scheduled ourselves by the clock without our knowledge. Every activity in the world is governed by the time. Exceptions are also subjected to certain other rules.
Painting is perfect science having its own rules of perspective, methods, technique and equipments. An artist is free to present his individuality when he masters the science of painting. He creates a master piece of art!
The ancients correlated the planetary movements to the individual happenings on earth. In scientific terms mere correlations between two configurations DO NOT give validity, as they are not having a CAUSATIVE relationship. This means according to science, there could be some other event, which has caused both - planetary movements and supposed changes in behavior of humans, by a force unknown to man so far. As such, astrology cannot be termed as science - not at all (in terms of what we call as science of the day).

For that matter, Ayurveda and Homeopathy are also not science as the correlation of disease and cure is not causative. As any scientist knows microbes cause the diseases. In Ayurveda, the causes of diseases are put forth as the imbalance of kapha, vata and pitta - body fluids. The cause is wrongly postulated in this case. As the potency of a homeopathy drug goes up, the particles of medicinal substance comes down and the process of cure can not be explained by the present day scientist and so both Ayurveda and Homeopathy do not deserve to be called as science. Yet, we have subjects like Political Science. God only knows who coined the word, when we see how politicians behave!

Just because we do not know how ayurveda, homeopathy or astrology work, calling these subjects as mere humbug would be unwise and thereby the knowledge acquired through generations and generations would not come to use. In such subjects individual studies, experiences, own analysis etc, would help to discover the new things in the world. Yet until the end, the argument - whether astrology is a science a mystic art or a mere humbug formed by some Zionists to exploit the society - will go on and on. As science does not take into account the individual experiences, individuals also do not bother much about the scientists' opinions but do depend on their own individual experiences. As per science, there is no difference between you, Mahatma Gandhi, Nathuram Ghudse or I. We all have same chemical and physical characteristics!

"There are two kinds of forecasters: those who don’t know and those who don’t know they don’t know" said John Galbraith, US Ambassador to India 1961 - 1963. It is easy to make amusing statements. Socrates says, "It has become a fashion to adopt my methods, the rich and useless show off this way!" No wonder, it was Nehru epoch and perhaps the stand of Pt. Nehru prompted the ambassador to heave an attractive statement. Nehru was a man of letters, I mean, he went on writing letters - 'you ask me, I know it all' kind of. Nehru "hated many of the things which most Hindus hold dear-cow worship, subordinate status for women, temples, sadhus, astrology and caste" - Walter Crocker, the former Australian High Commissioner to India (Nehru : A Contemporary’s Estimate). No wonder like Nehru, the US ambassador thought, India is a bunch of people who are foolish and the rest who do not know they are foolish. When we write so many letters, we make slip of tongue (of finger, most appropriately). "Nehru says that he had written to his daughter Indira to make a proper horoscope of his grandson by a competent person" (letter numbered 74, written on 29.8.1944 - Krishna Hutheesing in Nehru’s Letters to His Sister).