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फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः। को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना॥    - फलदीपिक
"With the help of planetary movements, mortals can only give indications of what is to happen; who else other than BRAHMA can tell with certainty as to what will definitely happen"  - Phladeepika.
The forecasts are based on the transit of major planets during Krodhi nama samat.  Well, I do not subscribe to aya - vyaya-raja kopa-raja preeti or the results of nava nayaks and upanayaka or of sankranti purusha you find in all the panchangas. In my humble opinion, these do not hold much water. It is more worthy to consider the lunation charts.
During krodhi nama samvat, Shani is in kumbha his own sign while Rahu and Ketu transit in meena  and kanya rasis respectively. Guru transits in mesha for less than a month and on 2nd May, enters vrishabha rasi.

I have considered transits to arrive at the forecast. Well, I do not subscribe to aya - vyaya-raja kopa-raja preeti or the results of nava nayaks and upanayaka or of sankranti purusha you find in all the panchangas. In my humble opinion, these do not hold much water. It is more worthy to consider the lunation charts. Shani transits in kumbha rasi, his own sign which is astama shani transit for the nation. Who is panauti, pappu or astama shani depends on what side you are in. One thing is certain - the dry and stale politics becomes lively show of stupidity of bighead due to some infamous gaffes. This transit which could have been worst, will turn to benefit the nation. The fault lines from the past history comes to surface that we can make a rethinking of the stand. Yes, there will be problems associated with astama shani in the areas of religion, ideology and governance. As shani is the yoga karaka in the foundation chart, this transit makes the nation dig into past to discover inheritance, heritage, tradition and culture. There will always be sufficient warnings to avoid the snags, thanks to own sign transit. Even if there are difficulties, they are not punishments but lessons learnt the hardest way, as shani is an obstinate teacher.
[08.04.2024 to 29.03.2025]
Solar eclipse on 08.04.2024 and lunar eclipse on 18.09.2024 take place in the 9th (meena) from while another solar eclipse on 03.10.2024 occurs in 3rd (kanya) from rasi of Independence chart. Total Lunar Eclipse  on 14.03.2025 occurs in moola star dhanur rasi (6th from rasi) and partial solar eclipse on 29.03.2025 is seen in pushya star, kataka rasi (over rasi). None of these eclipses are visible in Bhaarat.
If the eclipse has occurred in your rasi or in 6th, 8th or 12th from your rasi or in your star, then you should recite mantras (any simple mantra will do) for ravi or chandra, depending on whether it is Solar or Lunar eclipse. You may also recite mantra for your favorite God (Istadaiva), Ravi or Chandra as the case may be or use any mantra, instead. Eclipses have effect on your mind and moods than physical body - suppose you eat, drink and dance, you may not find any noticeable effect, immediately. महारुद्र महाकाळ कालभैरव राहु तथा केतुग्रस्त ग्रहण विपत्विमोचन सकलश्रेष्ठ होम (or whatever homa with an impressive and fanciful name!) is not needed at all. I sincerely hope you are not carried away by TV forecasts on eclipse days.  The effects of eclipses are very short lived, that will not override the influences of your natal chart.
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The Navanayaka phala, Aya, vyaya, raja koopa, pujyata are mere numbers without description and differ from panchanga to panchanga, depending on vimshottari or asttottari methods. However, panchanga shravana gets great deal of interest in astrology! In Andhra and Telangana, ugadi is state sponsored event with panchanga shravana, ugadi pachadi et al. Kannada people - when will they ever learn? Panchangas are basics but they are not whole of astrology.
Rahu and ketu transit in 9th and 3rd houses from rasi. This will result in some misunderstandings with judiciary, misunderstandings within higher leadership and increased hold of oppressed classes, minorities and also foreign governments. That is to say, before anything is said, the foreign minister should look towards west and middle east. There is also possibility of misguidance from nations in disguised as friends. Ketu in 3rd causes uncertain fear that holds back any daring actions within and beyond the country.

Transit of guru in vrishabha is 11th rasi. This transit assures success in all areas to a good measure. The financial position improves considerably. People - meaning pundits in colleges and in temples, in social organizations and animals in shelter houses - are happy. Long pending dreams like social welfare schemes, educational policies and public health policies. Long term investments in the form of properties, gold and foreign reserves are made.