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Study of the charts of nations is called Mundane astrology. Very little research has been done in this field. As such, hardly we come across an astrologer who has correctly predicted two or more earthquakes, disasters, national calamities. For the preparation of the national charts and of political parties is most tricky as the birth times would not be available. Also, there will be confusion on the date of formation. In case of India, we have three separate dates i.e. independence day, republic day (on which the states formed the Indian Republic) and the date on which the colony was transferred to British Empire by the East India Company. A man's longevity is reasonably taken as 120 years where as the country or a political group may live beyond that. Some repeat the vimshottari dashas after a lapse of 120 years. I have not found much trust worthy results by applying any dasha-bhukti be it Vimshottari, Asttottari etc.,
A good method will be to cast the chart at the time of lunation for a particular lunar month (masa) for the capital of the country. Extra saturnine planets would serve good purpose in predicting military, nuclear and ultra-modern discoveries, strange diseases, subversive activities etc., As the extra saturnine planets are very slow moving the effects are not felt on the individual charts. Even in the case of countries also, the results produced by these planets would be lingering for a long time.
On 13.10.1999, the acting head of Pakistan, Nawaz Sheriff was ousted by Gen. Parwez Mushrraf.  Lunation occurred in the 8th house.  Whenever lunation is in the 8th, some horrible incidents like assassinations, massacres, violent overthrows, macabre accidents occur.  Kuja is in the 10th in own house but not in own sign. There were no external disturbances like war on the country and government was stable. Budha is in the 8th own house but not in own sign. Financial position was comfortable, though the country heavily depended on borrowings. There was not much blood shed.  Budha in the 8th has curtailed press freedom. Malefics  in the 11th cause hurdles in democratic rule.  Coups, secrets are represented by rahu in the 6th and also malefics in the 12th.  Pluto in the 10th implies sudden turn of events.
In ancient India mundane matters were deciphered using lunation, sankramana (solar ingress into different signs, eclipses in different stars and signs, general characters of the 60 years cycle etc., Sankranti purusha's description drawn on makara sankramana was considered for giving predictions; Similarly different lordships over clouds, winds, oil seeds and such portfolios were decided by specific rules. There are several authorities and Ratta mata Siddanta followed in north Karnataka is one of them. The country was classified into different geographical regions like Vidharbha, Sourashtra, Gandhara, Kishkinda or Hastinapura etc., These classification have become thin now to identify. So, when the classical says, "heavy rains in Kishkinda and no rains in Sourashtra" we will not be knowing the exact boundaries. The fate of the country in those days depended on the king's decision and so importance was given to the royal horoscope. Tippu Sultan, a brave king in south India who fought the British would consult his astrologers to know his fate every day. The astrologers had advised not to go to the war field on the day he was betrayed and killed. He was the first person to introduce Gazettes of his Government proceedings. Also, he was the first person who launched land to land missile. These things have been officially recorded in his Gazettes. When the classics say," There would be serious health problems to the King" we do not know whether it is the Governor of the State ( a representative of the President of the country ) or the active person who runs the state, the Chief Minister! The set up of the governance has changed so much. Lot of research material lays here. I have prepared hundreds of charts for earthquakes, changes of democratic governments to military ruler ship and vice versa, assassinations, macabre accidents etc., This filed is where lot of time, efforts are involved and also it is only for academic interest as these predictions are not used in individual levels. In his free time an astrologer may prepare this charts for fun of it! For his bread and butter - (most of Indian astrologers should be satisfied with one of them; they can not ask for both!) - he will have to depend on consultations to individuals.

Now, let take up year 2008 as an example. Ugadi is the new beginning of year in the Hindu Chandramana Calendar. Unlike the Gregorian calendar, this event is related to cumulative movement of Sun and Moon. This month is called Chitra masa because the full moon happens in the star Chitra.  The pratipat of this phase is known as Ugadi. Tamil Nadu and some portion of Konkan celebrate new year depending on the movement of Sun. Solar New Year, popularly known as Mesha Sankramana happens after about fifteen days when Sun enters the sign Aries. Gregorian calendar is mere division of time and is not related to the entry of Sun to different zodiac signs. Ugadi called for a balanced mind to take the good and bad events with equal tranquility.  On this day a mixture of neem leaves, lemon juice, jaggery etc, is prepared is taken as prasad with this mantra:
शतायुर्वज्रदेहाय सर्वसंपत्कराय च। सर्वारिष्ट विनाशाय निंबकं दलभक्षणम्॥ "Let this prasad bring longevity, a strong body, wealth and let there be no obstacles during this year" Like the Chinese years, the Chandraman Calendar is divided into 60 parts. This year is named as Sarvadhari.  Like the Chinese years  events to come during this year are also described in ancient texts. Sarvadhari Samvat brings," Good rains, happiness and the kings would be busy serving the citizens". The planetary king of the year is decided on the lord of the day.  This time Ugadi falling on Sunday, makes Sun as the King of the year.  The effect of a dry and cruel planet being the king is that, "the food grains (except the black and red coloured ones) become scarce.  Less yield of flowers and fruits are seen. Scanty rainfall and troubles to cattle, human beings.  Liars, thieves trouble the society.  Fire accidents also occur.  The year is not good for kings and leaders".

In astrology, planets and signs play  major role. The derivatives like astakavarga, bharana harana, sahams etc., should be considered with deliberation. Some work and some do not.  Here the year Sarvadhari is described based on numerical cyclical pattern. It is no good than the Chinese classification of the years! Sunday is the day when sun's hora rises first.  Hora is mere division of the nocturnal and diurnal time of the locality and is not related to planets! Since these years rotate once in 60 years, Sarvadhari year began on these dates: 18.03.1768 21.14hrs; 16.03.1828 03.01hrs; 11.04.1888 14.29hrs; 09.04.1948 18.46hrs. No comparison of events in earlier Sarvadhari years is possible for want of data. So, the above description should be taken with a pinch of salt!
Shani transits throughout this year in the sign Leo.  The transit results of Saturn in Leo is descried here:

"Food grains yield well.  More rains.  Business will flourish in Malava desha (Madhya Pradesh).  Sorrow due to misunderstandings. Infighting among villages. Good trading transactions in jageery (sugar), wheat, Bengal gram, rice, maize, ghee, pepper and ginger. The eastern provinces are happy while infectious diseases, worries bother rest of the country. Prices for copper, bronze, ghee and oil seeds go up.  Abundant production of grass and cattle feed in Konkana desha (Costal region of Karnantaka, Goa and Maharastra).  Rebellions in the centre of Malava desha and happiness in other parts of the country.  In the eastern provinces good trade of clothes.  All the prices escalate". Jupiter transits in Sagittarius till 09.12.2008. This  results in "rise of wheat price during rainy season. Till, Groundnuts and jaggery (sugar) become cheaper".  From 10.12.2008 Jupiter transits in the sign Capricorn in debilitation. This implies "conflicts among the kings (rulers) and famine." Such predictions based on planets and signs are more specific and the accuracy is still refined. It is worthwhile to see when Saturn transited in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius and Capricorn  and the resultant events.