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Modern Physicists hold that  the sub atomic particles have information of their previous status and that is how oxygen and other elements 'know' how to behave! Reputed physicist Stephen Hawking propounded that the information would be lost when particles enter black hole. That means black holes literally turn the universe into nothingness, no more conversion of energy to mass and vice versa.  This created ripples in the scientific world, as the very idea is against established view of continuance of creation with the information is stored elsewhere. Leonard Susskind and others proved mathematically that the information is retained. For nearly 25 years Stephen Hawking held on to his theory but finally accepted that Leonard's populations are right. If there is no reincarnation in one or the other form, the creation will cease to exist, creation is largely recycling of existing elements.  No new subatomic particles come into existence every day - they came only once, 10-23 seconds earlier to Big Bang.  New stars formed everyday. All religions agree ' As you sow, so you reap'. Christianity and Islam do not believe in reincarnation. The perpetual birth concept is postulated only in Hinduism.. Hindu scriptures profess immortality of soul.  वासांसि जीर्णानि यथा विहाय नवानि गृह्णाति नरोपराणि। तथा शरीराणि विहाय जीर्णान्यन्यानि संयाति नवानि देही॥ ---- श्लोक २२, सांख्यायोग, श्रीमद्भगवद्गीत  "Like a man who changes his torn clothes, the soul in the body changes into several bodies".  -Sloka 22, Sankya yoga, Srimadbhagawad Geeta.
Edgar Kecee, a US para normal hypnotist while diagnosing the causes of diseases, had mentioned reasons as karma of past life, in several cases. His readings have been authentically recorded. Also, we have come across such cases of reincarnation several times in News Papers also. The reincarnation case of Shanta Devi created much interest in Mahatma Gandhi and he delegated an investigating team to unearth the mysteries.  Shanta Devi was quizzed even in the intimate matters that were known to her and her husband (who was still living) in the previous birth.  Harijan, the newspaper run by Gandhiji had carried detailed reports about this. Not only in the East, in the western world many cases of reincarnation have been reported. Ian Stevenson, a qualified psychologist who did intensive research in reincarnation, has published well over 300 research papers and 14 books. When the funds for research was not forthcoming, Chester Carlson (the founder of photo copier machine, Xerox) supported the research and even today a big chunk from Xerox goes to research in this field. Also Satwant Pasricha has contributed a lot in this field.  Such information does not reach South Pole and rationalists in Kerala, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Ostrich digs his head into sand, when he does not want to see!

The mooladhara chakra contains vasanas (smells- attachments) from previous births. If one meditates on this chakra with proper guidance of a guru, he realizes his previous births. Also, it may cause many fold problems to the present life, as you would have seen in the movie "Reincarnation of Peter Proud". So, one has to master Agna chakra before he proceeds to invoke mooladhara. Hindu doctrine is that all the living beings have souls and take rebirth. For Christians, accepting Jesus Christ will only save on the Judgment day. This means mankind earlier to Jesus (including many prophets in Old Testaments who were even praised by Jesus himself!) is deprived of salvation. Islam recognizes the existence of Islamic doctrine even earlier to Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alyhi Wasallam) and so in Islam, the prophets earlier to the Great One (s.a.w) also attained salvation. Reincarnation and salvation as perceived by the Hindus yields to reasoning. Further, there are several instances where the facts have been verified. Present life is merely a link in the ever continuous chain of births and deaths. This gives a meaning to life and also explains many of our inborn traits.