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In October 2023, two important astrological occurrences are noticed. There are two eclipses during the month and also by the end of the month rahu and ketu change their positions. This happens once in one and half years. This is the transit across 3rd and 9th houses from rasi of Independence Chart.
Rasi wise forecast for October, 2023

There are two eclipses that bother you - one on your rasi and another in the 6th sign from your rasi. Your prestige is at stake; you may be falsely accused of a wrong doing. There are stomach problems and sudden upsets in health due to food habits. Loans cause some element of discomfort. Some caution is required as above effects are mild and spread over next six months. Bad results become more intensified if your birth star is Ashwini.

Professional progress is excellent till 19th of the month. Marital strains are seen from the start of the month and they become more intensified in the second half. Financial position is very great; you are going to purchase all the things you cherished. There are pleasure trips, birth of children, adoption of pets and religious functions. At times, you are more bothered to keep your name clear - the more you try, it becomes muddled. Just ignore any accusations. There is good progress in children and also you are able to make some investments for them. It is not possible to purchase immovable properties, though you have ready cash.

Good luck dawns but no heart to celebrate as something distressing will also arrives. Students have very bad time as they make mistakes that reflect on future life. They may make the faculty angry and suffer in turn. It is better not to venture into property matter. If you are not careful, you may land in purchasing disputed property with an unfriendly poltergeist - there is solar eclipse in 4th from your sign.

Relationship with close relatives particularly mother is tarnished. You have sufficient funds to purchase plots, agricultural lands and for investments but it is not possible for purchase of house or flat. You will purchase gold, vehicles etc., and there is lot of enjoyment in life.

Relationship with elders and peers is not bad but is more demanding. There is new friendship with people you least expect. You should be careful in financial transactions as there is an eclipse in 11th from your rasi.

A mixed month of good and bad results. There are rifts with children and disappointments due to them till 19th of the month. Professional progress is excellent particularly for those who are in armed forces, railways and post. A promotion is announced but it takes time to see this in print. You are likely to over do the act of generosity at a cost.

Though you have ready money, it is not possible to purchase whatever you want - they are not available now or the deals get postponed. There are fears of redundancy, pink slip or closure. Though these may be on the cards, nobody is sure the game goes ahead. Under any circumstances, you should not quit the job, unless you have a clear appointment order on hand. Loans and advances are available as and when, if needed.

The eclipses occur in 12th and 5th from you rasi. You need to be careful in financial matters and investments. You can not expect any impressive headway from your children.

A new life is forced on you but you not sure how it unfolds. The present situation is quite discouraging. You are timid and various thoughts run against you. Yet, you have raw courage, anger and challenging nature. Just do not think of all the other possibilities, or parallel universes but act wisely as and when the situation demands. This restores you courage and moral sense.

A very good month with minor spoilers. There are financial constrains due to mounting dues. You will loose your temper with family member due to this during first half. There is also income from various sources, thanks to budha. Small drops make a good stream of water. There are religious functions, pilgrimages and success in higher studies. Many people of this sign may get married, if it is overdue since many years.

This month which is lopsided will toss you topsy turvy. Professional progress is excellent, you are able to consolidate your position with fierce competitors. Your promotion may seem to be significant for the time being but it is the stepping stone for top. Financial position is excellent. You are able to spend and spend for all the things you need and also save more and more, thanks to shukra.

There is considerable amount of success in profession and also in wealth matters in the first half of the month. The remaining parts of life just go on. During second half, there will be lot of tensions and anxiety that keep sleep at a distance. You should reduce your activities, bright light and ideas towards night fall. First of all there is not enough to make investments. Even if you want to make small investments, this is not the time.

Kuja, budha and ketu are adverse as well as ravi. Added to this, eclipse has occurred in the 11th from your rasi. Expected amount many not come in time as budha is under check in 11th. Heavy work in the office and frequent as well as prolonged absence from home may get on your nerve. In the second half, you should learn to be calm and patient. Take proper care, if you have head related problems like migraine as there is eclipse in 6th from your rasi.

A good time for purchase of properties like lands. You should be careful while making investments as eclipse occurs in 12th from your rasi. Do not listen to all the people but trust in some. Marital life is excellent though eclipse has occurred in the 7th from rasi.

The marriage reaches the brink of collapse, suddenly and as if nothing great has happened comes back to normalcy, quickly. Due to various thoughts and plans you feel restless all the time. There are problems related to children like heavy expenditure but you are assured of their success. Short tempered arguments with children. Pimples, acnes and black spots bother you again and again.

A fabulous month that promises many things in abundance. Only one rider - strained relationship with children. You should have patience to deal with the situation. But this also is under sufficient control due to benefic guru in 5th.

You may not be able to expand your business as shani is retrograde. There is good progress in profession, particularly in the first half. Peers and guides just talk a lot but do not extend a helping hand. You may feel some humiliations in the office due to eclipse in the 10th from rasi. There are constant worries regarding children due to eclipse in 5th.

Good professional achievements from 20th of the month but this does not help in financial matters for now. Physical strains are more in the office. There are severe misgivings with relatives and also property related problems.

Father's health has serious concerns, the eclipse occurs in 9th. There are constant concerns about mother's health due to eclipse in 4th. You may get inheritance, arbitration award or pay arrears which is considerable, thanks to benefic shukra in 8th.

An atrocious month where every thing seems to have gone to a worst state. Peers, elders and your officers have problems with you. Expected dues do not come in time. Friends desert you and you have to discover your own source of courage. Marital problems too surface. With all these, your confidence levels are down and out.

You are prone to cuts and wounds due to eclipses in the 8th and 3rd. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimym 21 times during this month.

The days are truly bad for meena rasi persons except for first two days of the month! Expected amounts are not realized. Domestic problems surface and there will be repeated fiasco with your spouse. At times, it seems as if the marital life has collapsed forever.
During the month of October, ravi in kanya till 17th and is debilitated in tula rasi from 18th. Combust Kuja in kanya for first three days of the month and then transits in tula for the rest of the month. Budha in simha only on the first day of the month; he transits in own sign kanya from 2nd to 19th of October and moves into tula on 20th. Budha is combust for the whole month except for the first day. Guru and shani are both retrograde and transit in mesha and kumbha respectively. Shukra is in kataka for first two days and then enters simha on 3rd October. Rahu and ketu move into meena and kanya rasis on 30th of the month.
The eclipses during the month cause uttermost problems in respect of persons born under mesha and kanya rasis. Persons born in vrishabha, tula, vrischika and kumbha rasis too suffer some setbacks. The effect is very marginal for the remaining signs of zodiac. The possibility of religious conflicts are more from 30th October when rahu and ketu transit into meena-kanya axis. Solar eclipse 14/15.10.2023 will result in friction with neighboring countries. There will be lot of hot bytes; media will go gong with warnings, fear and scarcity of cloth, paper and peas.

Yet, no big harm will come, it is only fear.  If the eclipse has occurred in your rasi or in 6th, 8th or 12th from your rasi or in your star, then you should recite mantras (any simple mantra will do) for ravi or chandra, depending on whether it is Solar or Lunar eclipse. You may also recite mantra for your favorite God (Istadaiva), Ravi or Chandra as the case may be or use any mantra, instead. Eclipses have effect on your mind and moods than physical body - suppose you eat, drink and dance, you may not find any noticeable effect, immediately. The effects of eclipses are very short lived, that will not override the influences of your natal chart. We can also use this time for mantra siddhi (perfection), take a mantra and recite during eclipse.

There are severe rifts with main family but after 20th there is some improvement. You may be falsely accused of a wrong doing or all the dirty old work is thrown on you, as you are the new 11th player. You will enjoy excellent health.

There is lot of money for all the expenditure, fancy and investments. thanks to shukra. This does not throw you overboard; you are prudent to save and save, as shani is in his own sign in 8th. There may be a minor hurt due to electric shock, hot objects or minor fire mishap. Caution is required in this regard. You should not loose your cool in the office.
To some people, marriage is on the cards but the progress stalled due to retrograde shani. The time is good to take up further studies in computer related subjects or ancient languages like Sanskrit. There are friends picnics, trekking and venture sports. Relationship with higher officer and your father is slightly strained. At times your mind is clouded with financial fears due to eclipse in 2nd from your rasi.
The other areas of life are similarly muddy. There may be occasions when you are insulted or accused of a wrong doing due to solar eclipse over your sign. You will feel terribly let down. More than this, the lunar eclipse occurs in the worst place, the 8th from your rasi. You are prone to cuts and wounds. The intensity if more if your star is chitra. Thanks to guru who is also in 8th, nothing goes too bad. You should exercise caution while driving and handling high-risk tools. It is better to recite any mantras of your choice for chandra during the eclipse on 28/29th of this month.
To top it all, you are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents. There is a sense of futility of life; Do not get agitated and drive fast. Ravi, kuja, budha and ketu are bad. Added to this the eclipses occur in 2nd and 7th from your rasi, resulting in financial crunch and domestic problems inclusive of marital problems. You have a tendency to do countless shopping escapades landing you in deep troubled waters. You should take care of your health - you may be given to excesses and may suffer health problems due to this. You are somehow able to save few coins - it is not exactly saving but repaying the amount you withdrew from your savings funds. 
However, this is a good time to take up a tantrik sadhana, if you are lion-hearted. If you are fainted try yoga, meditation or spiritual texts. It is wise not to panic, just sleep well in hibernation and let the bad time pass this month (and the next one too!). You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day during this month.
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