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Rasi wise forecast for May, 2023
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is on 5/6.05.2023 (5 May, 20:44:08 IST to 6 May, 01:01:40 IST) in the stars swathi and vishakha, tula rasi. Unless the eclipse is visible to the naked eye, it is of no religious significance. No religious activities related to grahana need be followed. Penumbral lunar eclipses are not visible to the naked eye hence no rituals are observed. If Lunar eclipse is visible during umbral position then only religious duties are performed. Nevertheless, the eclipses have large impact on mundane affairs than individuals.
At the start of the month, Ravi exalted in mesha and moves into vrishabha on 16th May. At the start of the month, kuja is in mithuna rasi and moves to his debilitation sign kataka on 11th. Budha transits in mesha and is retrograde till 15h and combust till 10th May. Shukra in vrishabha for first two days; from 3rd to 30th in mithuna and on last day in kataka. Guru transits in mesha rasi and shani in kumbha rasi, his own sign. Rahu and ketu continue to stay in mesha and tula respectively.

For the first half of the month, there is lot of work in the office and important events that boost your personality. This causes lot of pressure to do your best. You are able to take along many people and get the work done on dot.  However, you are more bothered about what others say about you in the entire month. This makes you touchy at times. You will go heads down to rescue others and get caught! Do not bother what others are talking. There are happy events till 10th of the month. Expected visits from your friends do not happen. Marital life is so-so only.

You are prone to cuts, wounds and infections. A bit of caution is required. In second half of the month, I there are some element of financial stains. You feel there is hope in air. There are indications of coming good days regarding wealth matters. There is excellent progress in wealth and property matters. This goes on well but there is always protracted. If you are about to purchase immovable properties, it should be done before 10th May.

A mixed month of fabulous income as well as lot of expenditure. During the first half of the month, you are investing in gold and assured mutual funds. If you are not cautious in your dealings, you will have to pay heavy taxes and penalties. In the second half, there is lot of tension for no reasons. You have become an idealist as well as superfast train driver! Family members become irritated due to your stubborn nature and consequently you loose peace of mind. Do not impose all your ideas on others. Sudden financial problems are expedited till 10th of the month. Before going bed (do not hit the bed but slide into your bed!) empty your thoughts, otherwise you are robbed off your sleep. The excitement of what you are going to do next day kills this night's sleep. Fortunately, guru is also in 12th along with budha. Some prayers, light bhajans are going to help you. Professional life is stable rather with lot of boredom.  You are not able to change you job, even if you try  hard. You should not submit your papers, unless and until you find another assured job. Expected loan is not sanctioned for some insignificant reasons. This is the time for purchase of all the items you wanted to since a long time. Shukra is favorable in the entire month. This is a good month other than in professional matters.

Lunar eclipse on 5th/6th of the month occurs in 6th from your rasi. You may suffer minor health problems but difficult to diagnose. Do not lend money to unknown persons; it may not come back. During this eclipse you should recite mantras for chandra or your favourite God (Istadaiva).

A great month indeed, highlight being wealth, properties, gold and consumer durables of high value. There is mild amount of dissatisfaction with children spread over entire month. Love and hate relationship with elders and higher officers. They are very strict and you feel suffocation. But this foundry life shapes you well.

You are likely to be cheated in financial matters or somebody has misguided in such matters.  Flight tickets to moon are not available at Moonlight Theatre! Property matters do not go as per your plans.  Restlessness and anxiety bother you in second half. For no substantial reasons, you are angry with your family members. You should spend your extra energy in the gym that you are quite alright inside your house. There are no financial strains; instead you are in the market place always buying so many things, shukra is well placed. A good month for investments. Many people of this sign are blessed with birth in the family.

A mixed month of good and bad. There are always one or the other issue with close relatives, particularly your mother. Professional progress is upbeat but you will not get noticed in the first half. In second half, all praises are on you. A time for promotions on long distance transfers. A good time for investments. You are likely to be strained more due to frequent travels. You have to help all others in the office; you are required to set up training camps, design modules etc.,

Take care that you do not disclose all your trump cards in the name of knowledge transfer! Before you take others' workload, ensure your goodness is not taken for granted. The relationship with close relatives go so sour that you wish to go away either to north pole or south to start a new life. You are never understood and banished by your own trusted people. But this opens a new prosperous and successful life for you. The experience is painful but not coming days!

This is going to be an excellent month for financial growth, investments and acquiring properties. There will also be outstanding professional growth in the second half of the month. You will be able to purchase anything and everything under the sun. Land properties, houses/flats are purchased during this month, particularly till 10th May. Restlessness and lack of sleep mark the days due to hyper activities. There is love and hate relationship with peers and well wishers. The problem is that there are several gurus you like to follow and inadvertently you will be putting one against the other. And finally you will suffer revulsion from all of them. Hold your tongue tight and think before you speak. Marital life is very bad but there is no volatility. There is always a battery of friends around your and there is lot of fun and frolic in the air.

You believe in fairness and justice in all things and your are appreciated for this. In the second half of the month, you will endorse a contract that proves beneficial to you. If you are in some litigation or facing enquiry, you are absolved and you will feel justice prevailed.

The month has more bad events than good, rather bad is slightly more. You will received some huge arrears or inheritance and if you are not careful in your plans, most of this will be lost. Profession does not go on well but if you are just a job goers (having no big role but just orders do it like office assistant), you will get a good promotion. The promotion is same as the old one but there is increase of monthly income. There is always some fear in financial matters. You will purchase agricultural land, properties, plots with loan backing in second half of the month. As the month runs on extremes, you have disappointments and fatalistic attitude.

You are prone to cuts and wounds in the entire month, particularly in the first half. You should be careful while handling electric tools and hot objects. There is no grave danger, guru in 8th acts as insurance. A bit of caution is required. You need to balance quite opposites and have patience, peace will be restored in due course.

You do not now where you are heading and wonder whether you are going back to square one. It is hard to balance the extreme hot and cold situations in the same field of life. For instance, marital life is excellent at times and very bad at other times. Ravi (in the first half), budha and rahu cast a shadow on marital life while guru in 7th bestows good. Finance is no problem at all, you will be able to purchase whatever you need and some money is still left! Better talk less in the office, lest you get into a squabble. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to ravi in 8th as well as eclipse. There is constant worry regarding children.  You will cease all the opportunities to make deposits for their future use. You feel everything is a constant battle. Expect some good news by the end of the month.

Lunar eclipse on 05th/6th of May occurs in stars swathi and vishakha stars over your rasi. Due to this eclipse, you are prone to insults, humiliations and health problems. There are little possibilities of cuts and wounds. During this eclipse you should recite mantras for chandra your favourite God (Istadaiva). Persons born in the stars Swathi and Vishakha should be extremely careful while handling sharp objects and water containers.       

You will get loans and advances as per your terms to procure properties, vehicles and gold. There will also be inheritance of realization of old dues. Added to this, you are likely to have a promotion. If you are not careful, you may spend all the wealth on worthless causes, budha is in 8th and 9th. If you are in audit/accounts, journalism or marketing, you are heading for a promotion. There are some rifts with close relatives and you have locked horns in a dispute.  Do not expect easy or early solutions for this. If you are inclined to avail loans and advances, take time to read small print.

Lunar eclipse on 05/06.05.2023 occurs in 12th your rasi. Due to this eclipse, you are prone to insults, humiliations and minor health problems. There are minor possibilities of cuts and wounds. During this eclipse you should recite mantras for chandra your favourite God (Istadaiva).

There is a promotion during the second half of the month. Marital life is always riddled with some minor friction. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse kuja in the entire month. You should be careful while handling sharp objects and in sports field. Relationship with your children is excellent though there are some episodes of disagreement.

Do not try to sermonize you talks, be brief and up the point. Some investments work well and some do not work. Friends are always helpful and you have enterprising mentality.  A good time open branches and take subscription of elite clubs. During this month, you are heading from turmoil to victory.

Happy events at home; very good progress in education.  You will get qualified in all the examinations. Some short tempered arguments with children. You are not able to purchase land and buildings but purchase of flat is possible.  There will not be any help from government or your employer. There is mild frustration in professional matters.

There is no financial problem but money does not come easily or in time. You are likely to take more loans than your potential and such misadventures should be altogether avoided. You are fond of modern electronic gadgets and most of them do not work well. This is a time for material and domestic comfort, a feeling of abundance and homely. You are caring a lot for the house and your family.

Sudden courage and sudden cowardice! Lot of interest in religious matters. There are some strains in relationship with mother side relatives. Purchase of anything you wish, is not possible. A month when nothing of importance happens and if something happens, it may be against you! You need to exercise lot of patience.

This is a time for spiritual development. You need to try and look at things from a different perspective. Do not worry, eat well and sleep and fill the remaining hours with classical literature!  You can do it!

Excellent financial situation in the entire month. There is income from various sources.  You are able to save more as expenditure element goes down. Many of relatives become closer.  Long lost relationship will be improved. Friends visit you in the second half.  Avoid arguments with family members. There is purchase of various things you require and repair of the house in this month. Despite all these, you fear you may loose something or may get hurt. Subconsciously you are aware of good luck knocking the door!

Lunar eclipse on 5th/6th May occurs in 8th your rasi. This eclipse predisposes you to cuts, wounds and accidents. Extreme caution is required in this regard. There will be unexpected expenditure and disappointments in life. If you are under rahu or ketu bhukti then shanti for ketu is required. During this eclipse, you should recite mantras for chandra. You may also recite mantra for your favourite God (Istadaiva).