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During January 2024 ravi in dhanus at the start of the month and moves to makara rasi (which is called makara sankaramana) on 15th of the month. Ravi changes his declination to uttarayana, heading towards summer. Kuja, guru, shani, rahu and ketu  continue their journeys in dhanur, mesha, kumbha, meena and kanya rasis. Budha is retrograde only for first two days of the month. Budha enters into dhanur rasi on 8th January. Shukra transits in vrischika till 18th and on 19th enters dhanur rasi.
Rasi wise forecast for January, 2024

The brighter side of life is that you have ample funds to go on safari to a shopping map for days! You will purchase domestic things which are very costly like cots, beds, costly wall hangings, home theatre etc., till 18th of the month. There is a religious functions after 19th and you get worried whether you can attend so you will stop spending! You are likely to purchase immovable properties of high value. You are friendly even with your enemies and competitors which limits the damage they can cause.

Professional growth is seen the second half - you will get all good comments from your bosses. But, relationship with elders, your parents, gurus and peers is not good. You are too much bothered of what others think of you. You are aware of your social role and you will get into any social service organization -meaningful or not is not the criteria. At times, you have horrible dreams of snakes, magicians and crooks due to rahu in 12th.

Sudden increase in monthly income and wealth and also sudden expenditure. You should monitor income and expenditure strictly, otherwise you will run into problems. You will get some written amounts of substantial nature after 8th of the month. This could be your salary dues, inheritance of accumulated money. If any amount is due to you from concerns like BDA (Bangalore Development Authority), Tax refund or LIC, this is the time to try for it.

Due to adverse positions of ravi and kuja, you are prone to cuts and wounds, particularly in the first half of the month. The possibility and intensity is less in second half. There could be humiliations and insults in public. It is better to avoid any public appearances, functions, tours, travels and risky sports during this month. You should recite ravi and kuja gayatri mantras, minimum 21 times during this month.

The main feature of the month is wealth matters go on well. There is abundance income and you are wise to make good investments or purchase immovable properties. This trend is not for the full month but till 11th of the month; you should have to plan accordingly.  After 12th Jan, things do not go wrong but they do not go anywhere at all. Better we speak less of other things of life. Health problems due to excesses in eating and drinking. Marital life is terrible in the entire month - ravi, kuja and budha are bad. You are prone to cuts and wounds in the second half of the month.

Professional life has sudden upheavals. Frustrations in professional as well as personal area bother you a lot. You should be always calm and cool. Relationship with father, elders in the family and peers is not good. If you are purchasing a dwelling house, check up the antecedents of the property and the seller. It is better to recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day during this month to bring the month to normalcy.

A month of mixed influences. Professional life is excellent in the first half of the month, while ravi in adverse 7th in second half of the month causes marital problems. These are largely due to ego centric feelings. You are at the centre stage in the office.

Students excel in studies and in all competitive examinations for securing employment. You should exercise calm when you talk to your children. The situation may become highly inflammable. Admission to prestigious colleges, a good job and higher studies are guaranteed. You will purchase dwelling house, gold and vehicles are certain, thanks to shukra. Marriage will take place, if it is already delayed.

A mixed period of good and bad where the element of bad is slightly more!  You will do well in all the examinations and projects in the office. Loans are easily available to purchase properties.  Sports persons have good day ahead. Expected friends do not show up.

Great days ahead. This is the time to open branches of your firm.  Take up membership with prestigious clubs to boost your business. Students have problems during the second half of the month. The faculty is very strict and you feel suffocating.
In Karnataka, the festival is marked by visiting one's friends and relatives to exchange Ellu (mixture of  sesame seeds, small coconuts pieces, jiggery pieces etc). Farmers decorate their cattle with ornamental items and Pongal - a sweet delicacy of rice is prepared in every household. In my porvashrama (past life) i.e. before diabetes caught hold of me firmly, this was my favourite dish. A hotel in Pavagada was preparing this dish all round the year; My father and I were regular visitors. My dad would say, "ಇವನು Wren & Martin ಗ್ರಾಮರ್ ಕಲಿತಿದಾನಯ್ಯಾ" (He is learning Wren & Martin Grammar). English was royal language, very difficult to master and learning English was ajinomoto of every student life. The hotel owner being anglabhimani, would serve me another liberal scoop of pongal. Those were the happy days!!

Prayers are offered to surya bhagawan and as thanks giving that we survived the bitter winter, donations (like blanket) are given away. Tarpana to forefathers are given on this day.  In the evening, the cattle are taken in a procession. A night a bonfire is lit in the neighborhood to celebrate the change of season.

It starts like dipoles but by the month end, there is downpour of gold coins! You will purchase whatever come to your mind. You can afford more - some in two as spare, in case of urgent need!  Property matters are going on well but they still go on and on. There is delay but not disappointment.

This month you will take up only the routine activities. You should not embark on any special projects. Maintain the way you are, forget a long term future but think of near future only. The only planets favorable to you - guru shukra and shani are under vedha while the others are against you.

Both shukra and shani are favorable. You will regain your confidence and there is torrents of income. You are able to  purchase what all you want and you will enjoy the life. Friends come calling in. You do not have any dearth of funds to procure anything you want under the sun. This trend continues till 19th of the month. However, as you have earmarked the funds for purchase of costly things, there is little scope to spend on day to day needs. This causes some concern, it is good, you will be minimizing the expenditure.

Excellent professional growth in the first weak of the month.  You will achieve targets and are assured of promotions. This does not come easy, there are opposing forces also till 18th of the month. Entire month has great amount of wealth, success and fulfillment of your desires. This is more so during the first half when ravi also contributes. You will receive awards and appreciations. It is certain that you will purchase properties of high value, agricultural land and make good investments. However, it is not possible to acquire vehicles, gold or dwelling house.

In the entire month, you hare excellent image; you are at the centre stage in the office. You are noticed and your talents, services and honesty are recognized. Wealth comes calling on you.  You feel satisfied and happy, the way life is going on. There is lot of work and due to that physical strains.
You should not take it seriously to drain your sap in helping others till you faint. There is interest in sports but the plans will not take off. Sports persons have all kinds of obstacles. Financial position is comfortable.

There some disappointments due to children in the first weak of the month. You are able to save large sums and also you may get some inheritance. You feel isolated and friendless soul at times.
Due to some teething problems the couple will have some misgivings but this will fasten them firmly. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse rahu.  You should be careful while driving. You should recite rahu kavacha once a day during this month. There is always some concern about financial situation, though you have plenty.
Students have setbacks in education due to adverse ravi and kuja. Your attempts to purchase properties will not go well. Short tempered behavior with your spouse. Success rate in any area of life is very less due to guru in 8th from your rasi. It is better to recite any mantra/stotra of your choice for guru.
Financial situation is very deceptive - the amounts you expect does not come in time.  Good health and finding solutions to your prolonged problems. Some times you are terrified by dreadful dreams due to ketu in12th.
Do not loose your tempered with your children. You should be careful in financial matters. You are likely to make bad investments. When you need, there is always help from unexpected quarter. Loans are available as the when you need.
Well, there is a ray of hope - from 20th of the month both shukra and shani are favorable. You will regain your confidence and there is torrents of income. You are able to  purchase what all you want and you will enjoy the life. Friends come calling in. Only you should keep floating till 20th!  You are prone to tensions and physical strains in the entire month, particularly in first half. Second half causes strains in financial situation. You should be careful in financial matters - you may take loans for no specific reason or spend for no great cause.

This lands you in trouble. Do not feel insecure to take a loan foreseeing a dreaded scenario. Expected good news from children is not received. If you are about to purchase a car or any electronic gadget look at the return window and warrantee. If you are purchasing a dwelling house, check the ownership documents and incidents when previous occupants were using the house. There is mild amount of professional frustration in the entire month.
Financially, there is no shortage but you refuse to spend and to save. You are more interested in spirituality and may take a trip to holly place. Restlessness and demand to do more in the office tax your patience. Do not talk more than needed, you may land up loosing what you have. Keep away from insurance agents or bank reps.  You will be tempted to make huge deposits you can not sustain for a longer time. It is difficult to purchase domestic house but not impossible, guru in 4th causes some obstacles.
Relationship with brothers/sisters and friends is not good. Well, you do not want to mix with many people and do not mind bad relationships. You are contented and focused, appreciations and depreciations are not cared about! Sudden ebbs and tides in monthly finances. Due to ketu in adverse 8th, there is constant interest in occult sciences and mystic things. If you like, (and naturally you do!), you can take up study of astrology, yoga or kundalini. There are horrible dreams and mysterious fears.
Do not talk more, this will bring your image down.  Budha though in benefic 10th is under vedha. There is so much surplus funds, every you visit market place for new arrivals. You are searching for naval gadgets like a wifi speaker that can walk around or tune up when your spouse is speaking. You are ready to pay a million for anything that gleams! Take care you do not spend all your money on fanciful ways. You have lot of energy and eager to do something you have not done so far. Marital life is not up to the mark, there is some weariness in marriage.
“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”                -J.P. Morgan
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ಹೊಸ ವರುಷಕೆ ಹೊಸ ಹರುಷವ ಹೊಸತು ಹೊಸತು ತರುತಿದೆ||

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