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Penumbral lunar eclipse on 25th March occurs in kanya rasi, hasta nakshatra. There are no religious rituals associated with this eclipse as it is not visible in Bharat. This eclipse causes problems mainly to kumbha rasi, mesha and kanya rasi (particularly hasta nakshatra) persons. They should recite any chandra related mantras during the eclipse.
At the start of the month, ravi is in kumbha, his enemy sign and thereafter transits in meena rasi. Kuja is exalted in makara till 15th of the month and thereafter he is in kumbha rasi. Budha is in kumbha rasi at the start of the month; Budha is neecha in meena rasi from 7th to 26th of the month.  From 27th he transits in mesha rasi. Budha is combust till 15th March. Guru, shani, rahu and ketu continue their transits in mesha, kumbha, meena and kanya rasis respectively. Shukra is in makara rasi till 7th march and thereafter in kumbha rasi.
Rasi wise forecast for March 2024

Excellent month for wealth and property transactions. In the second half there are some anxiety issues that cause fear and sleeplessness. Professional front has all kinds of tensions and challenges in the first half of the month. There may be sudden health problems affecting stomach and infections due to eclipse in the 6th from your rasi. During the eclipse you should recite any mantra of your choice for chandra. However, if you are under chandra dasha or bhukti and such a chandra is in the 8th in your horoscope, it is better to do shanti for chandra.

If you are contemplating purchase of immovable property or agricultural tools or land, this is a good time, due to ravi, kuja and shani on your side. Reduce your hobby activities and focus whatever you need to do in time. It is possible, you get carried away and land in trouble at the eleventh hour. At times, you are unnecessarily of what other people think of you. There is a rumor in the mill of a possible promotion but nothing of that kind on cards for now.

A good professional growth and wealth are good during this month. Property matters have some delays. Relationship with your father, elders and higher officers is not up to the mark due to kuja in adverse 9th. You should be cautious not to make them angry and show restraint when they are angry!

A promotion is possible during the first half of the month. But entire month throws one or the other professional challenges which mounts tensions and anxiety. You are not happy about progress of your children. You should be careful in financial matters as ketu is in adverse 5th and there lurks an eclipse.

A desirable month. You should concentrate of professional advancement and it is very easy and that is what you can do. There are also sudden professional problems like time bound targets. Not happy in domestic front. There are some minor problems about house, inheritance and mother's health causes concern. Relationship with your father and higher officers is not good.

Due to adverse kuja in 8th, you are prone to cuts and wounds.  However, shukra and budha in good position avert any dangers. Be careful while purchasing any electronic gadgets, eclipse occurs in the 4th from your rasi.

You will realize some fabulous dues, inheritance or arbitration awards. But that also brings out some misgivings with other stake holders. However, this become a great source for future investments. Your influence and charisma are at the bottom during the first half of the month. There are martial problems in the first half of the month.

You are made to shoulder additional responsibilities by cajolement but this does not bring any benefits. So, in the name of knowledge sharing do not just open your heart wide! Keep some trade secrets under your sleeves, that you are not dispensed! New friends come - some are good and some are bad. There is eclipse in 3rd from your rasi. Be cautious in your dealings with them.

There are religious functions and pilgrimages during this month. Many people in higher studies receive awards and doctorates. Even a mountain of problems suddenly dissolve and lead to happiness. Long cherished dreams come true. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse transit of rahu and ravi. Due to benefic budha, nothing bad happens. It is likely that you get considerable amount through inheritance or gifts. Due to your fondness for gossips, you may land in trouble, eclipse occurs in 2nd from your rasi.

You should plan the investments well in time, otherwise the amount will be lost to purchase some worthless electronic things or gold or vehicle to prop up false prestige. Marital life is not going well from 16th of March, though since the beginning of the month, there are one or the other issues. These do not threaten permanent relationship. You should curtail luxury habits like sugary drinks and junk food. Finance is a bit  botheration in the entire month.
Kanya :

This month marks promotions, hike in salary particularly for those in service sector. Old loans are cleared and also new long term loans are easily procured for purchase of high end properties. Marital life has some problems. Your immunity is down and you are prone to infections. Professional life goes on well. You can expect some good developments regarding your children.

Success in any field is hard to come by, guru is in adverse 8th. Partnerships may fall apart due to some misunderstandings. Eclipse on 25th occurs in your rasi. You should recite any mantra of your choice for chandra during eclipse, particularly if your birth star is Hasta.

A very happy marital life; many people of this sign get married and settle in life.  There are promotions and hike in monthly income. Relationship with children is not up to the mark at times. Love and hate relationship with them. There are good developments regarding children and also there are some reasons to be sad. Since both the feelings are intense, it is difficult to even out.

The strange thing is that the adversities at the time will work for good. If they miss admission to a prestigious college, it works for their benefit!  Deep in your heart, you are aware of this.  Long terms loans are readily available to meet all your needs.  Yet, purchase of properties and land does not occur despite your best efforts. Due to ellipse in 12th, you feel your ground slippery and hence have difficulty in sleep and relaxation.

Not a desirable month; you should hold together and hope for good in future. You are in joyous mood most the times and hence the heat is not felt! There are silver linings too. The financial position is excellent. There are purchases of various costly articles, pleasure trips and all kinds of enjoyment. Students have to put lot of efforts.

Purchase of properties will not come through. You should launch on schemes to save more for purchase of properties. This works good for you now.  There are some constant worries regarding children. Relationship with your brothers, sisters and friends is excellent.

No amount of challenges and discomforts can remove smile on your face. You are full of courage and frisky nature of life. Either you are visiting your friends or they are visiting you. You should be careful with them in the first week. A slip of tongue may damage the relationship. There are so many trekking, picnics and tours. Sports persons have jolly good days ahead. Domestic problems are seen in the entire month. Relationship with mother and close relatives is on the rocks.

If you still insist on property purchases, ensure proper documents and also that the government does not have a claim on that. In the entire month, financial position is excellent but in the first half there is increased expenditure. Eclipse in the 10th makes some dormant problems to surface. Your planning and skills are required

Ebbs and tides in finances during this month. There is lot of income from various sources in the entire month but during the first half there is expenditure that beats any income. You are able to enjoy life with purchase of whatever you want and also you are able to save few coins, thanks to shani in own sign in 2nd. Physical strains and pressure to keep yourself upbeat results in muscular pain, headache and anger.

There is progress in property matters but it has some setbacks also, guru in 4th is not entirely good. There are jolly good trips and tours. Friends coming calling. There may be some friction with peers and higher officers.

The good part is that you have lot of income from various sauces after 8th of the month. Due to physical strains you are not able to sleep well. There is no help from your own people in whatever way you want and this hurts. Despite all these bad trends, you are focused on physical fitness as well as your savings plans for the future. You have clear idea where you are heading. You tend to loose temper easily.

Note the eclipse has occurred in the worst 8th. There will not be any cuts, wounds, accidents or losses but it causes horrible dreams and fears you can not reason out. During eclipse, you should recite any slokas/ mantras etc., for chandra.  However, if you are under chandra dasha or bhukti and such a chandra is in the 8th in your horoscope, it is better to do shanti for chandra.

The bright side is that you will find lot of gold coins raining from the ceiling! That tops 'em all - you have been waiting for such a good torrent since many months. The other aspects of life are not encouraging. To beat boredom in life, you will visit various shopping malls and online shops eager to buy any thing that fascinates. No harm in this, you are in limits and just go out and enjoy.

Marital life is bad, there is eclipse in the 7th from your rasi. You have a feeling that you are ignored on purpose in public gatherings. No, it just happens automatically, you are as thick as thin air. Even if you shout also, nobody looks at you. Your charisma is at the lowest possible level. Just enjoy being incognito. Take this opportunity to observe others, being invisible! If you had stopped your work outs, you better start before 15th of the month. Stop ruminating of old days, it does not good.
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