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At the start of the month, ravi is in mithuna rasi and on 17th of the month he enters kataka rasi. Kuja is in his own sign mesha till 12th and thereafter he enters vrishabha.  Budha is in kataka at the start of the month, till 19th. Thereafter he transits into simha rasi. Guru continues his transit in vrishabha rasi while retrograde shani continues his sojourn in his own sign, kumbha. Shukra is in mithuna rasi till 7th and thereafter in kataka rasi. Shukra is combust till 10th of July. Rahu and ketu transit in meena and kanya rasi respectively.
Rasi wise forecast for July, 2024

Sun shines bright on you for the first half of the month. You are full of energy, bright ideas and catch the lime light. Quite successful professional growth in first half. But keep an eye on somebody of opposite gender who tries stall your progress, shukra is under check in 3rd.

During the first half there is considerable pressure on you to excel yourself. There is greater desire to do well in professional matters. Stage performers, lawyers and journalists have this more. Yet, there is considerable success and associated financial gains too.

For a change, you are very friendly and fond of meeting people, travelling and you may take to water sports. Some people get interested in fine arts and music also.

This month is all about professional advancement, carving an important positon in society, wholesome success and awards. These are witnessed during the first half of the month itself. Financial position is excellent in th entire month. Consider purchase of gold/gold bonds/ central government funds during the first half.

Excellent month for professional growth and you will enjoy the best results also. There are some problems caused by somebody influential and affluent person during the first week only. There may be some cuts and wounds which can be easily avoided; kuja though in worst 8th transits in his own sign. You may inherit some assets or receive old written off dues. A good for investments in funds and banks.

You have excellent progress in professional field from 13th of the month. From 17th of July, you are given due importance in your area and it is not surprising if you received awards and appreciations. It rains gold for the first week and you be wise to collect them in huge vessels so at you do not seek coins at temples by the end of the month. You may receive some inheritance or long forgotten amounts due to guru in adverse 8th. There may not be any significant achievements during this month.

The consolation for your rewarding life is in a very happy marital situation. Many people of this sign gets married or settle in life due to benefic guru in 7th. Insults, problems of various kinds, disappointments in first half of the month are due to adverse ravi in 8th.

Nuggets of gold and raw courage are great assets to you. You are very courageous and patient to face any horrid situations. You are not mentally deterred by the jolts! There is lot of enjoyment of life like purchase of costly things that was being postponed for a long time.

You do not have gold nuggets to fortify you. Nevertheless, you are lot of courage till 19th of the month. Do not be impulsive and violent in the name of courage. You may loose such courage in a minute. Do not count on this. Have patience and the friends are also with you.

Wit, wisdom and diplomatic skills will save you a lot. Financial position is excellent during first week only and with whatever income during this time, you should pull through the month. There are ebbs and tides in financial matters due to rahu in 2nd.

Money, money and money, you yearned for few months in the past, is here. Ensure, you to clear outstanding dues. It does not rain always. Whatever you get during first week should be preserved for the rest of the month. There is good news from children after first week. Despite this, you are not happy with them due to your uncompromising nature.

A month that has more challenges than pleasures. However, second half of the month is far better. In the second half, there is professional happenings, achievements and elevations.
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Doctor takes precautions for his sickness; likewise, astrologer will also conduct remedial measures in time. Yet, astrologer is no God! He is only a stenographer!

There is going to be horrible disputes at home, involving your mother or close relatives. Government policies will change the purchase of dwelling house/flat turns out to be a bit costly. Purchase of costly articles, house, vehicle etc., is possible only after 8th of the month. You have excellent income but at times there are imbalances due to kuja in adverse 2nd from 13th of July. Sports persons will do well till 12th of the month. There will be some strains in relationship with your children.
You are not able to focus on your priorities after 20th of the month. Expected amounts many not come in time, guru in benefic 2nd yields to vedha. However, benefic shukra in 4th from 8th will take care of the situation. Long terms loans are available at per your terms. Purchase of assets becomes easy due to this. You live under constant fear of unexpected diseases, loans or an enemy action. This causes disturbed sleep at times.
Friends are there to appreciate you, to put confidence in you. First half has some predicaments in the close family circles. Financial conditions is not bad but it is excellent during the first week. You will be able to purchase the objects you cherished, despite constraints.

Due to increased physical activities, you are able to sleep well till 12th of the month and for the same reason, sleep evades you thereafter. Purchase of shares, bonds and funds is not possible. You are more bothered about what people around think of you. Professional challenges are there; you are not able to change the job even if you want to. It is not needed, people are not bad; your boss is an ideal teacher stubborn as a mule! Do not be tempted by quick returns in dubious investments. There are certain minor disappointments with children.
During the second half of the month, there are some rifts with close family members. Most of the people of this sign get married or settle in well paying jobs, thanks to benefic shukra in the entire month. There is no dearth of money; but you have no desire to purchase costly things. You better invest in banks, mutual funds and such paper valuables. You have budha in 2nd who gives extensive skills in this regard.

Yet, there are ideas to purchase agricultural land or sports tools or agricultural tools till 12th of the month. There is also desire to donate to social causes. You are more spiritual and engrossed in spiritual journey by meditation, kundalini etc., than rituals. The profession has tensions and you should not loose cool. Relationship with mother and close relatives is distressing. Either you are worried about properties or there is wholesome repairs to properties. Students should focus on their assignments than thinking about placements. You are easily discouraged due to ketu in 4th.
You may receive long expected ancestral properties. Due to various tensions, you are not able to sleep and relax well. Ravi is adverse in the entire month. Profession takes lot of your energy in the first half. Relationship with your father, peers and guides is not good. There is lot of interest in futurology and religion.
Consider purchase of immovable properties from 13th of the month. Sports persons have bright sun. Expenditures go on mounting; expected amount does not come in time. Yet, due to shani 8th in own sign, you are able to save few coin, that grow well in future. Financial strains ease out after 20th due to benefic budha in 2nd.
You are going to purchase costly items like dwelling house, vehicle, gold etc., There is no shortage of money for anything you want, as if you have a well that does not go dry! Despite this, you tend be more concerned of great need of money at a fictitious point of time due to adverse ketu in 2nd house.

A heavy task master troubles you in the entire month. You will catch his eye, he will appreciate you in the first half and in the second he throws lot of work on you. These will help you in a long run. You are called on to help others in the office. Marital life has some strains but these friction will help in building a firm relationship. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to rahu in 8th. Extreme caution is required. However, there is no grater danger as kuja in kona and kendra during this month.
In your worry about children, you will build a strong support base for them. Expected loans do not arrive in time. There is always some tabulations that deprive sleep and relaxation. A person of opposite gender may stand in your way to quell your progress in profession. Marital life is little bit annoying but these will bring new understanding. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse kuja in 8th during the second half. Some caution is required. Due to guru also in 8th you need not be afraid of any unfortunate incidents.
You will not be successful in purchase of land property or any costly things despite ready cash. In the entire month, there is promotions, parties in your appreciation, award ceremonies. You will enjoy every day and every minute of the month!

There are concerns about health of relatives from 14th of the month. You are given a long term loan but the amount is awaited, there will be some technical snags beyond your control. There is short tempered arguments with your spouse for no reason at all. You are afraid in your subconscious self that you may loose all the prestige you have. There is no reason for such fears. You need to exercise restraint.
The sukta is about a dog trying to attack Vasishta Rishi and his reproach. This sukta is recited when a person has danger from attacks by snakes and other animals, diseases, horrible dreams, when the enemy is ferocious.

There will be some misgivings with elders and your higher officers. However, there are always people around to help you out. Rest assured of this.

Guru in kendra does not let you down. Financial strains are another botheration. Expected benefits do not arrived in time. Some persons of this sign are subjected to misgivings with your children. And some are deep into property investments and find financial strains along with satisfaction that the property is coming up well. Despite obstacles, students do well in their studies.
You are able to realize written off dues, pay arrears or arbitration awards. For small time commission agents, there is income from various sources. Loans are easily available for expansion of business from 13th of July. Electronic gadgets in the house will breakdown causing lot of expenditure. Mother's health and relationship with close family members has gone from bad to worse.

There is mild amount professional frustration too. You are bothered by enemies and competitors. Marital problems are due to your short tempered nature. You should avoid any arguments with your spouse in the first half. You are prone to cuts and wound in the second half. A bit of caution is required to avoid such events. Shani in beneficial 3rd in own sign protects you from any mishap.
There will be support from unexpected corner, in case needed. Professional growth, particularly for those in service sector is excellent in the first week of the month. Marital discard is seen due to some long standing resentments. You should control your temper during second half of the month.

Financial situation is stable but not too engouraging, shani is in 2nd in own house but this is adverse position. There will be some misgivings with your peers due to ketu in 9th. There is lot of interest in occult sciences. It is difficult t acquire land properties but you can still do it, kuja is in his own sign till12th of July. There is good progress of children. Many people of this sign are blessed with children.
There is good news about children like placement, admission in prestigious college or marriage. You are unnecessarily strict with your children, particularly during the first half. This high handedness causes some revulsion in relationship. Profession goes on well due to benefic budha and ravi. You may expect recognition and promotions.
It is not possible to purchase domestic articles. It is difficult though not impossible to acquire properties, due to guru in adverse 4th. There is good health and stability in life. Despite all these, you have a tendency to envision dooms day that may end everybody's life - due to a nuclear holocaust or an asteroid collusion or Martians invading earth, which may be any day any time!
The strains show up during the second half. Relationship with mother and close relatives is very bad during the first half.

You are able to save few coins by the end of the month, thanks to shani in 12th in own sign. Avoid all kinds of arguments with your souse, ketu in 7th causes displeasure for small reasons. Friends like TV spectators watch from a distance, do not expect anybody to help you in any way. Be focused on your hobbies and on fitness, you will reap a good harvest.
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Due to general elections, I selected to blackout political predictions and many pages were redesigned removing references to politics. Since two months, I am not giving any mundane forecast. That takes lot of time to draw up and I am running short of time.  Also, I have lost interest in making mundane predictions. The world goes on with me or without me!