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IIफलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः। को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना॥        - फलदीपिक        
"With the help of planetary movements, mortals can only give indications of what is to happen; who else other than BRAHMA can tell with certainty as to what will definitely happen" - Phladeepika.

Only God almighty knows for certain and astrological analysis is mere human effort to understand infinitesimally huge uncertainty. Remedial measures help us to improvise on the given birth but will not altogether change the life.
Your family doctor can explain monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats. But will he is not the master of his art. He can not talk about brown fat, metabolism or rate of energy release by carbs and fats. Nevertheless, he is a successful doctor!

i am an ordinary astrologer like anyone else. My fame = several thousands divided by whole population of the world. Fortunately, it is not a negative integer, though near to zero! "If I can do that, anybody in the world can do it, perhaps even better" said the teacher to David Dorian Ross, famous Thai Chi Master in US. Like your family doctor, I can talk about mundane affairs in general but not with expertise in that field. Despite this, I am able to pass on as an astrologer since last 44 years!
सूर्यशौर्यंथेंदुरिंद्रपदवीं सन्मंगळं मंगळः।  सद्बुद्धिं च बुधो गुरुश्च गुरुतां शुक्रः शुभं शं शनिः॥
राहुर्बाहुबलं करोतु विजयं केतुः कुलस्योन्नतिं।  नित्यं प्रीतिकरा भवंतु सततं सर्वेनुकूल ग्रहाः॥
Oxytocin (known as hug hormone) causes social bonding, empathy and joy in social behavior. Distancing, face masks, closure of cinema halls and tourist spots can not go on forever. It is against evolutionary principles. These are purely temporary necessities.  I am a die hard optimist - oxytocin can not be put down. Earlier influenza epidemic began in February 1918 but ended in April 1920.  We had forgotten of Spanish flu till his brother came up on the scene. Some of the lung material were extracted from the bodies of victims of Spanish flu - the virus was but dead wood!  Some experiments were done to bring them back to life for research purposes.  There is no life in them (if Wuhan has not made a copy of DNA!) Recovery of permanent kind without sanitizers and masks begins with the transit of guru into meena rasi (14-Apr-2022). Virus looses the venomous teeth and effective procedures are established during late July to early September, 2021. By the time guru comes into kataka rasi (19-Oct-2025), Mr.Carona will be totally dead - kick him, pour water on him, remove your mask and spit of his face; Do not be afraid, he will not come back to life!  (say, for next hundred years!).

In the foundation chart, chandra dasha - Shukra bhukti from 11.07.2023 to 11.03.2025 is the best period for the country. This bhukti implies considerable business activities, wealth and growth in various fields. The citizens enjoy good health, wealth and happiness. Monumental movies are released. Most of the people own houses, vehicles and gold easily. The country is one more step ahead of any developed country! To cater the needs, BPO may be opened abroad! We will have our own version of AI, tools and machines to suite our Original Intelligence. People do not relish foreign jobs when the life is so peaceful and assuring in India. Country is not regarded as "religiously fundamental, patriotic, fanatic, suffocating, press-oppressed bigot". The other members of UN or whatever the international bodies, think twice before they say anything. Of course in India these claims surface now and then but they will churn the public opinion for those who were neutral. Milk boilers are great, they do not over burn milk but you need to tolerate unendurable whistles. Loose statements about pettiness or eminence of sanatana dharma ignite galvanic arguments, at times fierce but helps to towards nationalism!  No body is much bothered about religious supremacy as in previous years and are busy making money. Religious feelings, patriotism, culture and such lofty notions are not in circulation. The BJP gets another feather of unity, economic develop and welfare.
Annoyances keep going on - shukra is placed in the star Aslesha and is combust. Intellectuals make confusing statements that are hurtful and make situations difficult to control. There will be increase in health problems like obesity, life style disorders, skin problems and mental problems. Press may create disorientation and unease. After I found Deccan Herald, I gave up Al Jazira. They are going a great job!

Solar eclipse on 08.04.2024 and lunar eclipse on 18.09.2024 take place in the 9th (meena) from while another solar eclipse on 03.10.2024 and lunar eclipse on 25.03.2024 occur in 3rd (kanya) from rasi of Independence chart. None of these eclipses are visible in Bhaarat.  When the eclipses are in 9th the country's dalits, SCs, OBCs, Neo, modern or ultra Buddhists and others who desire a fair share in governance. All the organizations are in competition to make these as their ornamental heads (utsava murthy s) to the disgust of others - across the religious lines! A stream of thought that disdains any reservation based on birth, location is not palatable. There is a tilt towards reservation only on economic grounds. The eclipses in kanya rasi cause relationship problems with neighbors and extremism will go up.
If the eclipse occurs in your rasi or in 6th, 8th or 12th from your rasi or in your star, then you should recite mantras (any simple mantra will do) for ravi or chandra, depending on whether it is Solar or Lunar eclipse. You may also recite mantra for your favorite God (Istadaiva), Ravi or Chandra as the case may be or use any mantra, instead. Eclipses have effect on your mind and moods than physical body - suppose you eat, drink and dance, you may not find any noticeable effect, immediately. The effects of eclipses are very short lived, that will not override the influences of your natal chart.

Retrogression merely causes status quo  - it freezes the scenario while result of combustion varies, depending on the role of ravi in the chart.  Auspicious events are not conduced when guru and shukra suffer combustion. Budha suffers combustion more frequently. Combustion of chandra is nothing but Amavasya.  The results  transit, retrogression, combustion are  dealt with in monthly predictions (provide link). Guru is retrograde from 09.10.2024 to 04.02.2025 while shani is retrograde from 30.06.2024 to 15.11.2024. Shukrasta (moudhya) starts from 25.04.2024 and ends on 29.06.2024 during which time no auspicious functions are performed.
In the entire year, shani transits in kumbha rasi, his own sign which is astama shani transit for the nation. Who is panauti, pappu or astama shani depends on what side you are in. One thing is certain - the dry and stale politics becomes lively show of stupidity of bighead due to some infamous gaffes. This transit which could have been worst, will turn to benefit the nation. The fault lines from the past history comes to surface that we can make a rethinking of the stand. Yes, there will be problems associated with astama shani in the areas of religion, ideology and governance. As shani is the yoga karaka in the foundation chart, this transit makes the nation dig into past to discover inheritance, heritage, tradition and culture. There will always be sufficient warnings to avoid the snags, thanks to own sign transit. Even if there are difficulties, they are not punishments but lessons learnt the hardest way, as shani is an obstinate teacher. 
Rahu and ketu transit in 9th and 3rd houses from rasi. This will result in some misunderstandings with judiciary, misunderstandings within higher leadership and increased hold of oppressed classes, minorities and also foreign governments. That is to say, before anything is said, the foreign minister should look towards west and middle east. There is also possibility of misguidance from nations in disguised as friends. Ketu in 3rd causes uncertain fear that holds back any daring actions within and beyond the country.

At the start of the year, guru transits in mesha in 10th from the rasi. in foundation chart. There is greater role for the country in international scenario. The stance Bhaarat takes stands as an example to other big and strong countries. This does not bring any greater fortune but adverse impact of rahu is contained. The government is able to persuade the judiciary and international institutions to see the point. This transit also indicates the the ruling party will return to power for another spell of full five years.
Transit of guru in vrishabha from 02.05.2024, is 11th rasi. This transit assures success in all areas to a good measure. The financial position improves considerably. People - meaning pundits in colleges and in temples, in social organizations and animals in shelter houses - are happy. Long pending dreams like social welfare schemes, educational policies and public health policies. Long term investments in the form of properties, gold and foreign reserves are made.
General election to loksabha is due in March or April 2024. The chart made at the start of the year krodhi nama samvat shows that the ruling party will return to power for one more term. 10th lord budha is in 4th but is retrograde. Ketu is in the 10th. The surprise element is that BJP need to depend on other parties and it is not thumping majority. Ketu in 10th implies frustration and strains within the party due to this. BJP comes to power as no other party is able to outsmart. The lone survivor in the worthless village automatically becomes police patel! If the elections are held in phalguna maasa (10.03.2024 to 07.04.2024) the ruling party will have a bit hard time. If the elections are held chaitra maasa (08.04.2024 to 07.05.2024) the BJP will return to power. And if the election are in vaishakha maasa (08.05.2024 to 06.06.2024) the ruling party is subjected to harrowing experiences.
It should be noted here that the planet which represents the opposition parties is also budha. It has the same fate as of ruling party! As there are multiple parties, ideology and focus in the ruling party; the opposition has varied people of different interest. They will improve the performance but their focus (happiness) is multiple and so they are not able to unseat the ruling party. Budha as 7th lord is not aspecting the 10th while as 10th lord he is aspecting the 10th house. Bhaarat is able to affirm its status among neighbors. It grows big in proportion like china, Russia or US, surpassing UK, France and other countries. There is nothing in name - India is the same as Bhaarat. I have difficulty with names; I listen to several podcasts but when it comes to those western names, I can not remember. Take native names - Chiranjeevi, Hemamalini, Sweshtambar, Bedekar - I never get mixed up!
There is stability and growth, people are happy. Education, hobbies, intellectual pursuits increase. There is increased concern about children, cows, animals and agriculture. Financial growth increases loans as well as assets. 8th lord chandra in 4th is not good. There will be tragedies involving water, sea voyage and cyclone. The year is not good to infants and women. Government is very strict with anti-social elements. Even courts will support stern action, ravi 9th lord is in 4th. Certain news papers and fringe groups - far left of the left who are supporters of unbridled democratic liberal values cry foul. A law abiding man need not be afraid of Pegasus (Winged Horse) but should be concerned about braying bigw
This is only a cursory glance on possible and probable trends on national and international scene. One does not have any control over the affairs of the country, he is merely a valued voter! One is more concerned about his life, wife, bonus, bangings, bouquets and brickbats.  Explore what is in store for you in 2024.....