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Other than ravi, none of the other planets step into next signs during the months of September. At the start of the month ravi is in his own sign simha and moves to kanya on 18th.  Budha too is in simha rasi for the entire span of the month and is retrograde from 1st to 16th September. During the month of September, kuja transits in kanya rasi. In the entire moth shukra stays in kataka rasi and is retrograde for the first four days of the month. Guru continues his sojourn in mesha and is retrograde from 5th September till the last day of the year. Rahu and ketu continue their passages in mesha and tula rasis. Shani transits in his own sign, kumbha and is retrograde till 4th November.
Rasi wise forecast for September, 2023

There are lot of good things - buying cherished objects, gold, house and also selling the old ones for a fabulous profit. Education particularly in financial subjects or fine arts is excellent. You may feel exhausted, when you have few more steps to reach ultimate goal. But from 23rd of the month, the process becomes loathsome. However, investments in land properties is difficult. However, loans are available for agriculturists on favorable terms, easily. Sports persons have good time.

Financially an excellent month. Well, expenditure is also considerable. This month is for enjoyment and not for savings or investments. Just in case you require some more coins, there is help from unexpected corner. Many friends come calling. There are many happy events, magic shows, theatre shows, sports or a perfect out to a pleasant place.

A very good month indeed. All your wishes will come true. There are good trends in profession, though your boss does not agree with you most of the time. In the second half, you will purchase gold or make fabulous investments.

A mixed month of good and bad. You have lot of funds flowing in - in various forms, in various streams. However, during the first half, there is lot of expenditure. You are a party person in the entire month, particularly during the second half. This will increase you position in society.

A blend of good and bad where bad is in good measure! However, there is help in all walks of life from your peers and well wishers. God and Godly people around are ready to help you. It is also possible that you will run into durgurus as rahu is in adverse 9th. Time tested methods and well established thoughts are far more worthier that cult- thoughts of modernistic wise or otherwise owls.

Pilgrimage to some holly place is possible during this month. You have money to invest but it does not transpire to reality, shukra though benefic is under check. Marital life has cold war like situation. If you are considering separation or divorce as option, hold back. This will improve surely. There is travel in air but you can not plan - your desire to travel is half hearted; you may cancel or cut short any time.

You are full of courage and conviction. And these go a long way to help you. Finance is not so great but loans are available as and when needed. With a bit of planning, you can sail through during this month. You are prone to cuts and wounds. However, there is no danger to life, guru is in 8th.

There is good amount of money to spend and save. This is more in the first half. Conjugal life is excellent despite brief heated exchanges now and then, due to adverse rahu. Many people of this sign are victorious in many areas of life. 

By and large a good month in many respects. Professionally a great month of promotions and recognition in the first half. Quickly in the second half, this will transcribe to elevated income and perks. You are very methodical. This will strike a cord with higher officers. You have enormous diplomatic skills. Many unsolved issues see logical conclusions.

You have to face professional obstacles while an angry boss takes on you and nobody to redeem you. Those bystanders have hearty laughs at your cost! But you know you are right but you are not able to barricade and contest. Then wait a fortnight, the same boss regrets and openly seeks your pardon. Your ideas are appreciate and your are recommended for a raise! Hard work and patience has brought you to a place where you are well placed financial.

Nevertheless, there are lot of work involving physical strains mechanics or machines are not so friendly to you. There is much envy in the office but just do not recognize, it will die down. There are good events related to children. Despite this, are short tempered with them, due to rahu in 5th. You are not able to purchase anything though you have money. There is no time for shopping. You are keen on being in good shape sans size! It is a good time to kick start your attempts. Personal friends read your success story and coming calling. In case you want to make investments go for only conventional ways. Do not invest in dubious schemes like spider farm project that makes thin, strong and soft bed linen for moon travelers! (urgently needed on next Chandrayana 4.h mission).

A month where there are problems from every side. However, you can rejoice due to excellent financial condition. There are lot of pleasure travels, purchase of costly things and true enjoyment of life.

You are prone to cuts and wounds involving sharp objects and glass pieces. A bit of caution is enough. Do not brush on wrong side of your boss. Relationship with close relatives is not good. There is always mild amount of professional frustration.

All the planets are against you except rahu. Further, benefic rahu in 3rd is also checked. A bad month and you feel it is never ending, stretching to 300 days. There are good things and events too. Only take care you do not damage the opportunities given to you.

Marital life is good, provided you do not argue. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse ravi and kuja. You should recite maha mrutyunja mantra, minimum 21 times a day. Take care of your health and do not expect any help from others. Just relax during this month and do not do any thing of importance.

This is your time to shine as for your accomplishment are recognized. Your relatives and friends are inspired. Quite suddenly you will become hero in their eyes. However, this is of no practical use at all! You are in good health, you will increase daily steps and there is still energy left in the evening. This is a good time to take loans for developmental purposes, if needed. You are very logical and resourceful.
There are always some worries regarding your appearance like baldness, acne scars etc., You are more bothered of what people think of you. There is some desire to be respected by others. Relationship with your spouse is not satisfactory. You tend to find fault for small lapses. Relationship with your children is very bad in the entire month due to budha in adverse 5th, mainly in first half. You should exercise patience with them.
There are some kind of domestic problems, rifts with you mother or close relatives. In the second half, the relationship with children is a bit strained. There could be a bad scenario with children as both ravi and kuja are bad during this month. There are professional problems and you are annoyed by a fear that profession may end up, half way. You should be careful regarding your profession. If there are any conflicts with your boss/department, time is given to you to think and take a suitable action. There are some sleepless nights due to uncertainties in life and apprehensions If the health was not good, you will see considerable improvement in this month.
However, a portion of this is to paid to government; otherwise you may land in trouble. Relationship with close relatives turns sour. Friends are on your side in the first half but do not depend on them, they will disappear in the second half. You are heading to make land properties of considerable worth. Students have great success in examinations and also get admission to good schools. The more you spend, you will be more!
Professional life is good but ensure you do not take all the work load in the name of tutoring others! There are some domestic problems and some people may be forced to start a new life which comes as a painful blow. But in a long turn, you will realize it was a blessing in disguise! Students are confused and easily discouraged. You should not yield to your impulsive behavior in the office. 
There is great pressure on your to excel your own records during second half of the month. You have great ideas for making investments and you are expecting some cash chest. It is good to keep a plan in place but inheritance, arrears or arbitration awards do not happen during this month. 
Cherished dreams, marriage and settlement in life happen during this month. There is hope for expecting couple but it takes time. Professional life is not up to the mark - the job is well paying but there is no professional satisfaction; peers behave strange and are not helpful. Do not shy away to assert your individuality. If you do not safeguard your interests, then nobody will. Be practical while making professional decisions. There is lot of physical strains; be in limits in gym. Relationship with children is at times worrisome but promising.
Though there is good lot of money, there is no time for outings or enjoyment, shukra is under vedha. There is a fear of health problem and this makes you serious to visit health shops and gyms. Loans and advances are not available and you do not need them. There is always some restlessness and sense of isolation due to ketu in 12th.
You are able to outsmart your competitors. Marital life is cast with dark shadows due to adverse ravi and kuja. This is more pronounced in second half. Financial position is not impressive but all the wind falls are diverted to e-markets as and when they fall.  Though you are keen on saving more, to beat the boredom of life, you are inclined to purchase the things that you do not need! Be prudent in your purchases. Suddenly the pangs of futility of life grips you. Read a couple of old books you did not finish; learn an uncommon language like swahili or hieroglyphics for the fun of it.
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