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During December, 2023 at the start of the month, ravi in vrischika till 16th and from 17th in dhanur rasi. Kuja is in his own sign, vrischika till 28th dec and enters dhanur rasi on 29th of December. At the start of the month budha is in dhanus and moves into vrischika on 29th. Budha is retrograde from 14th December to 2nd January, 2024.

That means in retrogression he traces back into vrischika. Guru is in mesha rasi and is retrograde in the entire month. Shukra transit in his own sign tula till 25th and from 26th in vrischika. Shani, rahu and ketu transit in kumbha, meena and kanya respectivel
Adika maasa is when number of days in the month are more and shunya maasa is the month when the number of days are less, in a lunar calendar. The months in lunar calendar are chitra, vaishakha...... which are based on the star where full moon (poornima takes place). That means there is no shuna maasa in solar calendar. The solar calendar is based on the months occupied by ravi.

There are no adhika or shuna, as ravi takes nearly 30 days, appx. to traverse in a zodiac sign. Solar calendar is followed in Assam, Bengal, Kerala, Orissa, Punjab and Tamil Nadu.  Well, not in Karnataka or Telangana. People have become more wise and they are not conducting any auspicious functions, marriages and grihapravesha when ravi is in dhanur rasi. To be precise, this is called Mārgaḻi maasa in solar  calendar.
Rasi wise forecast for December, 2023

The brighter side of life is in property matters. You are able to purchase immovable properties or you can make investments in this regard. Many of your dreams will come true. Loans are available as and when you need. It does not mean you have financial strains but it may be required in property purchases. You will consolidate your position in office. You are able to keep your competitors at bay.

You are prone to cuts and wounds in the entire month, particularly during the first half.  Extreme caution is is needed while you handle sharp objects, electrical gadgets and hot liquids. Marital life is not up to the mark. You are always bothered what people are speaking about you - to a paranoid person. Stop listening to gossips and do not bother about your status in society - it is always changing.

Excellent financial position. You can expect inheritance of substantial amounts. Arbitration awards or arrears of pay etc., are sure to happen. You are prone to cuts and wounds during second half of the month but there is no serious concern, a bit of caution is required. Marital life suffers as you have lot patience for small things.

You are always have anxious moments due to professional hazards. You should be careful in office; do not quit the job unless and until you have another appointment order on hand. Relationship with children is not good. Before making any investments, think twice. 

Good professional progress in the first half. Not that everything is fine in the office, you have misunderstandings with your subordinates. Marital life is not up to the mark in the entire month, particularly in second half.

Financial position is excellent. Expected good news from children does not come up quickly, it takes time. There are certain issues with higher officials. You should be polite and diplomatic is the office, than loosing your temper. Be careful to verify the documents before you make any purchases.

Professional life is very good in second half. Loans and advances are available if need be. Minor friction with co-workers and subordinates. You have mixed feelings with your children - you are happy for some reason while feel let down for some others. Do not overstrain yourself while giving a helping hand to others.

Do not yield to sycophancy even if they adore you saying, Daivasahayam is always there to help you. Some turmoil is going on in your life and it is heart breaking to reestablish yourself. This is not a curse but God's way to make you stronger. Relationship with peers and guides not forthcoming.

Two things that are noteworthy are religious mentality, help from elders and well wishers whenever you need. Whenever there is a problem, somebody will rescue you. Relationship with brothers, sisters and friends is outstanding. There are problems related to properties.

Education is not good and you always feel unhappy and restless. Not a good time for investments. There is stability in marital life and also some unhappy moments too. You are prone to cuts and wounds as adverse rahu is in 8th. Caution is required in this regard; it is better to recite rahu kavacha once a day.

A mixed period, indeed. Excellent relationship with friends, bosses and co-workers in the entire month. You are at the centre stage of whatever is happening. In the second half there are some issues related to close relatives and properties. Property matters do not work well during this month. The success in any venture is elusive due to guru in 8th. Though there are no faults on your side, the success is less or postponed.

Students have quite a taxing period. Financial matters are not encouraging. There are no financial problems and any surplus cash is evading and you feel suffocated. There is no need for extra cash but you just wanted to keep some to feel secure in life! Professional life is excellent for those in lower and middle levels. Sudden anger with your spouse but it does not stay for a long time.

You will purchase many things you need and many you do not need during this month. But nothing goes useless, it rises the feeling of comfort in your life. You have sufficient money for that and if there is a shortage, you do not mind to make arrangements, the impulse is such that! Professional life is very good. There may be promotions, elevations or favourable postings. You look impressive, rich and cultured. There is much attraction for fun, frolic and theatre.

Many people of this sign will get married. There is some botheration about monthly finances particularly in first half. There is fear of loosing something. If you do not sleep in time, you will not sleep.

A blend of good and bad during this month. Purchase of many things for a good living in on cards. Your popularity in a far off place increases and you feel joyful to learn about that. Students have to put good efforts and they will do. The efforts are slow but firm. The relationship with children is bad.

Hyperactivity and a demanding boss cause lot of physical strains, overtime work and pressure to seek name and fame. Financial position is not much encouraging. Not a good period for purchase of properties or investments.

A successful month for purchase of costly things, immovable properties, and to make investments. A small investment in agriculture sector like land, fertilizer or agriculture tool companies will go a long way. There is always some incident that make you feel low and insignificant. Lack of sleep and relaxation. Friends who promised to visit, do not turn up. Of course, you are not waiting for somebody to help you and you do not need.

Planned journeys are either cancelled or postponed. There is deep frustration in professional life. You are fond of electronic gadgets and you will visit online markets everyday for something new and exciting product! A good time to start gardening or jogging. Be in limit and do not overstrain that you land in bed with terrible tiredness.

Great progress in property matters. A successful month, particularly in first half. You will receive promotions, awards and such recognition. You will purchase land of high value. Sports persons have great success. Marital life is good but there is bit of boredom. Religious mentality will hurt as you come across with many people you do not agree with. You do not know what you are searching for but there is quest for answers.

Financial is not bad but stable. A bit more efforts are needed to acquire dwelling house. Students should concentrate more on academics and give a break from their pastimes and social concerns. Too many thoughts at bed time cause more but unsatisfactory sleep.

Entire month has great professional success. You can expect a monumental promotion during this month. Second half sees the monetary benefits and increase of status. A good time for investments in paper wealth - shares, debentures, mutual funds etc.,. Lot of work in the office and lot of work has to be repeated, the boss is not happy with work but has confidence in you.

You are called on to help your friends and colleagues but there is no thanks for this. Pilgrimages and religious functions are postponed. There is slowness in life and you enjoy the phase. You have horrible dreams and fear of strangers and foreign places due to ketu in 8th. Be careful if you come across insects, canines and cats.

December is better that what you in previous month. Lot of funds are at your disposal and you want to spend 'em all on decorative things! By the end of the month, you are looking at the sky for some more coins to rain! Have a control over your expenditure.

Small amount of saving will go a long way to shield you in future, shani in 12th is in his own sign. Minor skirmishes in marital life. Good tides in profession in the second half. You have strong feelings about religion and spirituality. It is better not do discuss such sensitive matters.
I relocated to a small village in interior karnataka after retirement. Somehow the concept of undesirable 'dhanur maasa' has crept here too as well as in Telangana. When I conducted grihapravesha on 20th December, few years ago, the eyebrows were raised by the wise men of the village. They wondered the credibility of the astrologer who does not know the basics of muhurta! Even my old relative had suggested a different date in January. The concept has become deep rooted even my contemporaries are in the list.  Suppose one says, his date of birth is Panchami in Āṉi maasa 1960, he does not know the concept of calendar! What do we get by adding 3 ltr water + 3kgs pepper+1 acre of land?  There is no logic in mixing chaitra, vaishakha maasa to Ani, Adi, Mārgaḻi (aka dhanur) maasas. That means, people in Telangana and Karnataka can conduct auspicious functions during margasira - pushya maasa when ravi transits in dhanur rasi.
As a matter of fact, it is mere custom not to conduct certain functions in adhika, shunya, dhanur maasa or pitru paksha. Astrology is focused on zodiac signs, planets and stars. It is not concerned whether you follow solar, lunar or Gregorian calendar! It does not know the boundaries of Kerala,  Karnataka or Kremlin. A calendar of your choice  is superimposed on the basic principles of
muhurta dependent on custom, location and astrological snippets passed on by elders in the family. Most of us know astrology and vastu by snippets printed on back side of Bangalore Press Calendar or Venktrama & Co calendar. Not bad, we begin our journeys in mathematics through ಮಗ್ಗಿಪುಸ್ತಕ but we should not get cemented there forever.