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गणानां त्वा गणपतिं हवामहे कविं कवीनामुपमश्रवस्तमं। ज्येष्ठराजं ब्रह्मणां ब्रह्मणस्पत नः शृण्वन्नूतिभिः सीद सादनं॥ (Rigveda Mandala 2-Sukta 23-Rik 1). We invoke you, Brahmanaspati, chief leader of the (heavenly) bands, a sage of sages, abounding beyond measure in (every kind of) food, best lord of prayer, hearing our invocations, come with your protections and sit down in the chamber of sacrifice". The above mantra used as avahana mantra for Lord Ganesha is actually the mantra related to Brihaspati also known as Brahmanaspati. Prayers to Brihasptati, His description appear largely in Mandala 1, 2, 7 and 10.  Only one sukata (No. 50) is dedicated to Brihaspati in Mandala 4. In Mandala 5 and 3, the references to Brihaspati can be found at Sukta 43 and sukta 62 respectively.

Here are some examples:
अनर्वाणं वृषभं मंद्रजिह्वं बृहस्पतिं वर्धया नव्यमर्कैः। गाथान्यः सुरुचो यस्य देवा आशृण्वंति नवमानस्य मर्ताः॥  [1-190-1] - Priest, augment by your hymns Brihaspati, who deserts not (his worshipper); the showerer (of benefits), the pleasant tongued, the adorable; of whom resplendent, god and men (the ministers) of the institutor of the sacrifice, emulous in sacred songs, proclaim (the praise).
Guru transits in vrishabha rasi from 01.05.2024 to 14.05.2025. Guru is retrograde from 09.10.2024 to 03.02.2025 and combust from 03.05.2024 to 01.06.2024. When guru stays in vrishabha rasi, he is in kritika star from 01.05.2024 to 11.06.2024; he is in rohini satar from 12.06.2024 to 19.08.2024 and from 28.11.2024 to 09.4.2025.  From 20.08.2024 to 27.11.2024 and from 10.04.2025 to 14.05.2025 he is in the star mrigasira.  Guru is overpowered by Ravi during combustion and effects alter, depending on the role of Ravi in birth chart.
Asttottara shatanamavali is used to do floral pooja after abhisekha. Mantra, stora, kavacha and asttotttara shatanama stotra are for recitation. These mantras are at par with each other. Out of these kavacha and asttotttara shatanama stotra are easy to recite.
How does it affect me?

Guru transits in favourable 2nd house. This transit solves existing financial problems and greatly increases money power. Familial happiness is assured. Many persons of this rasi get married or settle in life. You will clear old outstanding loans. Job related problems come to an end and there are promotions on the way. During this transit, you are busy putting your house in order. There is rest, order, cleanliness and healing touch. There will be expansion of family by birth of new members, marriage or adoption of pets. The relationship with children will improve considerably.

Guru transits over your rasi and there are no vedha for this transit. Many people of this sign get married during this transit. You are ready to fall in love. You are feeling an outsider and minor money and health problems result in consternations. Transit of guru over your rasi gives great hope, calmness and confidence. As the days go on, you will be free from your apprehensions. Transit over your rasi brings popularity, good health and status. This is the period of building your character. This gives good health and stability in life.

Guru transiting in 12th from your rasi is bad transit. Adverse effects of Guru in 12th are reduced whenever a planet transits in 2nd. You can expect clearance of outstanding dues. You will learn to come out of day to day tensions. You are able to grab some peaceful moments, this way. This period comes as a boon for those recovering from diseases and problems. You will recover from sickness and will clear outstanding dues.

This is the transit in favourable 11th from your rasi. Success, full co-operation from your well wishers, teachers and elders in the family. You get quality guidance from one and all. You will get great recognition and your status in society will go up. There is good health and you are relieved of any chronic problems. You will clear all long outstanding loans. Your sphere of activity will expand. In order to achieve your dreams you should have proper action plans in time. This is the time to focus on your aims, properties and wealth. There is steady progress in profession.
Knowledge transfer is right but not handing over your head on a platter! In the beginning of this transit, you will not see the mind game played by your employer in making you a noble person.

You boss may even hint a financial reward in very evasive terms! If you put all your might and do fall headlong into the schemes of robbing your skills, it is but suicide. You are supposed to give discourses on one's duties while you want to elaborate on rights! You are put on a wild goose chase and you know it would not work. You should ensure that your dealings are honest, make a record that comes useful. The employer and the banker will readily sanction your advances with affordable terms.

You are called on to head fact finding missions as you are recognized for your wisdom and impartiality. Financial position is excellent. Good progress in education, purchase of properties and happiness of all sorts. When guru is combust, there will be lot of work pressure and you may doubt your own ability.

You will be at the center stage of happenings from 01.05.2024 to 11.06.2024; From 12.06.2024 to 19.08.2024 and from 28.11.2024 to 09.4.2025, you may yield to sycophancy and may loose your recourses. You should be careful that nobody steals your book or ideas.  From 20.08.2024 to 27.11.2024 and from 10.04.2025 to 14.05.2025, you will come into contact with notable persons. There will be pilgrimages to holly places. With a bit of difficulty, you may acquire a house.

Guru in the 8th has greater impact on your life, you will remember the bitter experiences for many years to come. This transit causes change, regeneration and failures in all walks of life. Yet, you are not give up for dead; when the water in the high seas rise to your neck level, you are sent a rescue boat. With some caution, you can sail through without any harm.

This is the benefic transit in the 7th that brings, good health, promotion and recognition during this transit. You can expect happy and successful marital life. Many people of this sign get married during this transit and some are blessed with birth of children. There is success in many areas of life. The projects that reached dead-end in last year will start to spurt with life. There is stability, prosperity and overall good luck. You have rewarding close relationships. Gifts and rewards await you. For small amount of work you get larger profits.

Transit of guru in 6th from rasi gives mixed results. The effects are concentred on job, health, loans and litigation. At the beginning of the transit you will get a job and it is not easy to stick on. There will be numerous adversaries and you find it difficult to cope. By the end of the transit, all the hostile elements put in their places! You should focus on the situation prevailing and should not bother about persons. The ones who are not on your side, may become your supporters.

This is a favourable transit in the 5th. Transit guru aspects your rasi from the 5th. This is the time to dive into realms of knowledge - be it spirituality or any subject you cherish. Your intellectual faculties are very high.  You are able to consolidate your position with your opponents. There is good progress of children during this transit;  you will be very happy with them to full measure. This time is good for students, who have opportunities to interact with eminent people.  Investments fetch good results. Financial position is excellent and you are able to save a lot.

Being transit in the 3rd from rasi, this is the period of communication, expansion and acquiring new contacts. Excellent relationship with brothers, sisters, friends and partners. Expansion of business. Lot of tours and business trips are possible. You will strive hard to excel in your life. You come across good friends who are advantageous later on. You will take up membership of elite clubs and organizations. Marriage will happen with great ease.

Guru in 4th is said to be a malefic transit. However, this transit has the potentiality to turn into an excellent transit. You will have to put considerable amount of work and desired success surely comes. You will be able to purchase vehicles, ornaments, gold etc., during this transit. Domestic life is excellent. Students have great amount of success.
Guru in Vrishabha
During moudhya (combustion) period no auspicious functions like vidyarambha are held. But guru moudhya is not given sufficient importance as shukra moudhya. Transit of Guru in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th from chandra rasi goes under the name, Gurubala which triggers good events provided there are no planets in vedha namely, in 12th, 4th, 3rd, 10th and 8th respectively from chandra rasi.

Converse of this holds good when Guru transits in adverse 12th, 4th, 3rd, 10th and 8th from chandra rasi. For instance Guru transiting in adverse 8th will not cause any evil phenomenon when a planet is transiting in 11th from rasi. The intensity of such results depend on the bindus guru has in his astakavarga for mesha rasi. More

This is the worst transit for tula rasi persons and bad transit for dhanur rasi persons; they should take up remedial measures like recitation of guru beeja mantra or gayatri mantra (any one of these, depending on time available and inclination), minimum 21 times a day. This site offers various mantras that can be used as remedial measures, in Kannada, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Oriya and English.  More
Remedial Measures
Namaskara mantra and peedahara mantra can be recited any time and any where and they do not require specific dress etc., Gayatri mantra and beeja mantras should be recited in special dress, early in the morning after bath in empty stomach. Minimum recitation may be 21 times but should not exceed 10,000 times a day. Compared to gayatri mantra, the beeja mantra is more powerful but ensure you would not go wrong in pronunciation. Avahana mantras are used to invoke the particular deity into a picture, kalasha or yantra and conduct pooja. Those people who are accustomed to do pooja procedure will find it easy. Worship of navagrahas is not black magic, you need not harbor any reservations.

This is the favourable transit in 9th from your rasi. You are on the winning horse in many fields during this transit. There is good help from friends, family members and peers. You get guidance and support from the people you value. You will receive proper recognition for your skills and integrity.  Your sphere of activity will expand. There is considerable amount of religious passion. You will be initiated into some mantras by your guru. Many people will accomplish long cherished desires like obtaining Ph.D. Research scholars see the projects go well.  Loans, sickness or any job related problems or litigations go away. You are full of new found enthusiasm.
Those who do not relish orthodox religious ways or idolatry should take up service of elements that represent Guru like feeding cows, helping orphans, reading regularly (parayana) of any religious texts like Psalms, Bhagawad geeta, Grantha Saheba, Quran or any biography of a great person you like. It is always better to visit Temples, Churches or Mosques etc., People born in tula rasi and dhanur rasis MUST visit places of worship regularly (say once a week) and also spend some time offering their manual service in temples. It is mandatory for them. People of other signs may also visit temples, surely God will not throw them out!
Education is excellent, particularly for those who are in advanced or doctorial studies. There is lot of religious mentality is more and you will take up pilgrimage to many holly places.  Those persons in consultation, lecturing have excellent oratory skills.

Fear caused by small health problems lead to quality life.  Promotions and all the benefits from the employer are sure to happen. When Guru is combust, there is heavy expenditure and dwindling income, negative thinking and self pity.

From 01.05.2024 to 11.06.2024, you have great returns on your investments. Worries related to children will settle down and also you will have good news from your children. From 12.06.2024 to 19.08.2024 and from 28.11.2024 to 09.4.2025, you have good amount of rental income. Education sees all success. There will be good progress in property matters. From 20.08.2024 to 27.11.2024 and from 10.04.2025 to 14.05.2025, you will receive some amount of inheritance of arrears of your dues. You tend to spend more during this time, without any discretion.
If there are any litigations, these are solved in your favour. There is possibility of birth of a child. Artists are blessed with enormous flashes of intuition. Religious trips and great interest in religious matters. Though this transit is not called gurubala, this is the transit of contentment, peace and happiness as well as relaxation.

From 01.05.2024 to 11.06.2024, you have great progress in education and property matters. From 12.06.2024 to 19.08.2024 and from 28.11.2024 to 09.4.2025, you need to travel a lot at short notice. You will enjoy such trips and will come across many good people.  From 20.08.2024 to 27.11.2024 and from 10.04.2025 to 14.05.2025, there is success in all your ventures. Conjugal life is superb.
When Guru is combust, you will experience losses in investments, rifts with children and disappointments. Hence, caution is required during the period of combustion. There is considerable success in the field of education but there are minor disappointments. There is change in air, you should learn to let it go and welcome the change. There is moderation in life and you are ble to balance your priorities and deprivation. You are very sensitive to others problems; you have kindness to others and ready to help. Hence, God gives you all these - as and when needed - in abundance.

For one or the other reason, you are forced to spend some more amounts for properties or investments. During this transit you will fall in love with life - anything with life seems beautiful and belonging, yet there is no selfishness. Sheer enjoyment of creation without being covetous. Good progress of children and a good time for investments. Some inheritance is also expected. There is considerable interest in occult sciences like astrology and tantra. Relaxation, sense of security, discipline and increase of your knowledge enhances your life span.

There is change in air, you should learn to let it go and welcome the change. There is moderation in life and you are able to balance your priorities and deprivation. You are very sensitive to others problems; you have kindness to others and ready to help. Hence, God gives you all these - as and when needed - in abundance.

From 01.05.2024 to 11.06.2024 you are overcome by your supposed duties towards your friends, brothers and sisters. This will make you help them financially to large extent and your should consider such amount as written off!
From 12.06.2024 to 19.08.2024 and from 28.11.2024 to 09.4.2025 you feel more need for money. If you do not save at the beginning of the month, complete earnings will just evaporate. From 20.08.2024 to 27.11.2024 and from 10.04.2025 to 14.05.2025, you have excellent conjugal life. It is worth to listen to your spouse regarding investments.
There is contentment for which you worked hard during previous transit in meena. You have concern for others and you will share your richness, knowledge and happiness with others. Similarly, you will get a fair share of these from others! This transit gives you lot of confidence- you will start doing multi tasking. There are numerous accomplishments by the end of this transit!

Journalists, lawyers, social workers and sports people have excellent days ahead. You will come across many reliable friends and you have lot of moral courage. You are able to cultivate good hobbies and bring good changes into your lifestyle. Many people of this sign fall in love and are happily married. They are blessed with lovable and affectionate child. There is love in the air towards animals, birds and plants. Good progress in property matters. You will acquire gold, wealth and properties with ease. There are good events related to children. The benefic results described above are withheld when a planet transits in the 8th from your rasi.

There is fabulous increase in your financial capacity from 01.05.2024 to 11.06.2024; From 12.06.2024 to 19.08.2024 and from 28.11.2024 to 09.4.2025, there are parties, functions and important happenings that bring you to limelight. From 20.08.2024 to 27.11.2024 and from 10.04.2025 to 14.05.2025, you are able to bring long-lasting lifestyle changes and there is good progress in your profession.

This is the time for promotion for those who were working as assistants. Guru in 10th does not give you pay rise but makes you important in the office. You will have to work hard, organize events, conduct workshops and you will have see till end of it, all alone. Ensure you are not carried out by sycophancy.
You have a clear mind to contemplate further aims and assessment of how far you have come in life. This is the time for reaping rewards for your good work. There is enjoyment of quality life with good food, quality time spent in leisure and financial security. This will lead you to contentment and spiritual progress.

Journalists, sports persons, lawyers, social workers and sports persons have good days ahead. This transit brings good opportunities for further studies. Many people of this sign fall in love and are happily married. There is progress in property matters. There are good events related to children. You will get rewards and recognition in society. There is addition of new members in the family, by birth or adoption.

During the period 01.05.2024 to 11.06.2024, you should be careful in your spending habits. You are likely to spend more (than your capacity) on religious functions, trips or in helping others. Of course, you do not desire to display your benevolent acts but you should not land in trouble due to such acts! The period from 12.06.2024 to 19.08.2024 and from 28.11.2024 to 09.4.2025 is very suitable for property transactions, they go on well and with ease. During these periods, you will receive promotions and fabulous allowances. During the periods from 20.08.2024 to 27.11.2024 and from 10.04.2025 to 14.05.2025 you may have some problems with your teachers and well wishers. Proposed religious trip will not take place. Either there will be rifts with your father or that you are more bothered about his health.
Financial position is very bad. You may get some inheritance and income or a financial support from other sources. Disposal of properties, gold or taking a high rate loan bores hole into your heart. The financial help comes unexpected and without strings as you feel you can never rise again in life! Whatever gold and grain you have may simply evaporate. There is spiritual retrospection and this leads to firm faith in God. There is increased interest in occult sciences. Many people are banished by their family and seek to flourish far far away. There is lot of pain in the heart as you are misunderstood by your own mother and close relatives.

Even if you do not believe in God, intuition and spiritual awareness guides in the form of enigmatic dreams, which restore your faith in God. You may be afflicted by a strange health condition which evades diagnosis by many  tests and doctors. Have patience, meet a seasoned and experienced doctor - the cure is easy and at hand. It would turn out to be a worm in the stomach and surely it is not Ebola's elder brother! This is the time when a non-believer in you leaves and a firm believer rises. The faith you discover is everlasting. Many people revert from gyms, ball dance and jeans to yoga, bharatanatyam and dhoti!
As a matter of fact, you were more willing to change your life - to start a new life somewhere near horizon. There is emotional fulfilment and joy that it is happening now. Also, you have lost hop and self-esteem as you feel oppressed. You are exhausted with too many problems. There is new beginning, optimism and trust in yourself and God by the end of the transit.

From 01.05.2024 to 11.06.2024, you are able to consolidate your financial position by disposal of old assets or taking small term loans. The bad effects of the transit has not yet started.

From 12.06.2024 to 19.08.2024 and from 28.11.2024 to 09.4.2025, there are lot of activities to rediscover yourself, to reinvest your intelligence and resources. You should be more focuses, otherwise you will land up with various hobbies or ventures with no success in any. All your worries, concerns and fears are for short term as you mood goes on changing! There are lot of activities in the office and you are appreciated for your liberal attitude. From 20.08.2024 to 27.11.2024 and from 10.04.2025 to 14.05.2025, you do not have any financial strains. Conjugal life is good and you are successful as opposed to other days during this transit.

You are not going to hang your self nor your shoes but like a snake you will shed the old skin! You must recite mantras, slokas or stotras of your choice for guru and also visit temples frequently.
You feel on the top of the world - gold dust sprinkled everywhere. You have clear discretion and you can choosing a proper direction, weighing pros and cons. You are kind to others and ready to take added roles and responsibilities.

Pilgrimages to holly places are on the cards. Association with men of repute and initiation in mantras are seen. Students succeed in all their activities and there are joyful experiences in life.  Excellent relationship streams with brothers, sisters and friends. New hobbies, sporting events and trekking more frequently come your way. This transit brings contentment and improvement of health.  You feel on the top of the world - gold dust sprinkled everywhere.   You have clear discretion and you can choosing a proper direction, weighing pros and cons. You are kind to others and ready to take added roles and responsibilities.
From 01.05.2024 to 11.06.2024, you will receive recognition in the form of titles, awards and cash benefits. Your skill, competence and vision comes to the notice of others. From 12.06.2024 to 19.08.2024 and from 28.11.2024 to 09.4.2025, you are easy going.  I mean, you are going everywhere. Pilgrimages, short visits, bathing in holly rivers, happy trips to water bodies and resorts, rowing and swimming. Life goes on like a dream and if there are good combinations in your birth charts, you will have visions of divine grace. From 20.08.2024 to 27.11.2024 and from 10.04.2025 to 14.05.2025, you should not strain yourself more than your capacity. All your exercises should be in measured doses. You are likely to suffer some minor sports injury. You should be careful while handling furniture or when doing agricultural activities. Caution is required but you need not have to resort to any additional measures.
You have to put hard work and there will be lot of mental agony. All the work in the office is thrown on you and you do not know how to protest or how to pass on the buck! By the end of the transit, your skills and hard work get due recognition. Unfortunately, until you hoist your flag on the foothill, you will not find any godfather on your side!

Finance is excellent. There is no implications on your home take salary though there may be some rifts. There will be health issues, mounting expenditure and loan related problems. Some people overspend and land in trouble by the end of the transit. There could be obligatory expenditure like sister's or daughter's marriage. Ensure, you should not spend more with false prestige. Care is required in handling precious objects; you may loose them or suffer theft. Stay clear of any litigation, arguments  particularly with your boss.

If you have a problem, make a plain appeal for help without quoting from the handbook of rights and duties. Minor struggles and friction in the office seem to be big ones. You may run away in search of something better but find yourself in similar circumstance. Escapism will not solve and you should have patience. By the end of transit, the same job turns out to be better. The very same situation contributes for our future professional growth. The persons who disliked you become close associates! You must recite mantras, slokas or stotras of your choice for guru and also visit temples frequently. Despite all the problems you have certain resigned attitude, due to which you are able to relax and sleep well. You are able to save considerable amount also during this transit.

Due to your honest and upright behavior you may land in trouble from 01.05.2024 to 11.06.2024; It is good to have exemplary character but you should also have diplomatic skills. There are lot of emotional stress from 12.06.2024 to 19.08.2024 and from 28.11.2024 to 09.4.2025 due to job problems, loans and also there will be health problems related to upper chest. Though the problems do not reflect on your pay nor promotions, communication problems cause emotional distress. You should learn to be balanced and forcefully exert control on your emotions. Crying baby is not liked anywhere. From 20.08.2024 to 27.11.2024 and from 10.04.2025 to 14.05.2025, you are keen on remedial measures; yo are able to save more money. There is lot of mental and physical strength to overcome whatever problem you are in.
All your problems are solved. There will be in good health, your name and fame will spread far and wide. You will discover new areas where you can excel. Very successful and profitable business transactions are expected. There is good relationship with higher officers, parents and elders in the family.

From 01.05.2024 to 11.06.2024, there will be disappointments regarding children. Friends who were with you, may desert you for no reason.  Ensure you approach a proper, qualified and competent doctor. From 12.06.2024 to 19.08.2024 and from 28.11.2024 to 09.4.2025, you have success in all walks of life. There is good news from children. Marriage is possible for many people of this sign. Litigations if any, regarding property matters will be settled from 20.08.2024 to 27.11.2024 and from 10.04.2025 to 14.05.2025. You will have profits in all your endeavourers.
There will be triumph, victory and success in all your endeavors despite fears that somebody may rob away the fruits. You feel exalted and honored and at the same time suffer fears that you may loose the face.

Chronic health problems go away; Marital discord will just disappear and marriage may happen too. There will be some problems in professional area. You should shoulder all the responsibilities in the office and this brings promotions in future.

The period from 01.05.2024 to 11.06.2024 has some strains in marital life. To please your spouse, you will take loans. And also at her behest, you will make good investments. The period from 01.05.2024 to 11.06.2024 is good to take long term loans for development of properties. You are inclined to take up fitness exercises and new hobbies. From 20.08.2024 to 27.11.2024 and from 10.04.2025 to 14.05.2025, you can expect happy trips with friends, trekking and investment in properties.
If you have lost in a race, do not brood over failures make a fresh start. You should focus on business expansion and positive partnerships. The same people who disdained your projects, realize you are on the right path. Writers and broadcasters of travelogues and sports events have good time. When Guru is combust, the good results are withheld. There is help and guidance from friends and peers in professional matters. Excellent monthly income. You should concentrate on acquisition of wealth and properties.

There is great interest in sporting activities. You will learn rules and regulations. This transit gives confidence and zest for life. A good time to open branches and take membership in elite clubs. In the entire transit you have luxury, rest and affluence.

Sudden and heated arguments erupt with your brothers, sisters and friends rom 01.05.2024 to 11.06.2024; You regard such incidents as attacks on your personality which is unforgivable. You can expect good news from your children from 12.06.2024 to 19.08.2024 and from 28.11.2024 to 09.4.2025. This period is excellent for investments also. From 20.08.2024 to 27.11.2024 and from 10.04.2025 to 14.05.2025  shows excellent relationship with friends and relatives who come calling on you several times. You are very logical and you sharp intellect and skills in bashing the opponent such as a hostile friend is remarkable during this period.